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Supply Chain Management Emerging BPO Operations


Value chain management is considered the next wave for delivering value-added services to companies. The BPO industry is on the rebranding path, as the marketers are increasingly experiencing pressure from the competitors. Organizations are struggling for their growth and survival. Thus, businesses are re-looking at their existing processes and ways of improving their service delivery to the customers.

There is no denial of the fact that the Supply Chain, as a business function, is going through numerous fundamental changes. Looking at this shift in buyer’s needs, the supply chain BPO vendors are now coming up with comprehensive Supply Chain BPO offerings. Technology automation, compliance reporting, and analytics are being combined to transform supply chain BPO operations within the organization. In a nutshell, both buyers of supply chain BPO services and Supply Chain BPO Companies have plenty to gain from this rapidly growing market.

Competitive Advantage

Organizations can achieve competitive advantage at three levels:

1. Company Level: It means gaining a competitive advantage by providing better customer support services to the customers.

2. Industry Level: It indicates the ability of businesses at the national level to persistently provide better service as compared to foreign counterparts, without any protection from the government.

3. Country Level: It shows the ability of the country's citizens in attaining a high standard of living.

Competitiveness at each level varies and depends on customer's and shareholder's values, the financial strength of the service providers, and the technology used in implementing the required strategic changes. Also, it is vital to maintain an appropriate balance among the above factors due to their conflicting nature.

Leveraging Supply Chain BPO Companies to Gain Competitive Advantage

Using Supply Chain BPO companies can perform multiple activities to achieve an advantage over their competitors. These activities can be either primary or secondary activities and can be further modeled into a supply chain. Primary activities include marketing, servicing, production, and delivery of services to the customers, while secondary activities include human resources, technology, and other infrastructure support activities.

Supply chain management analytics also helps companies in making informed outsourcing decisions by providing them the best value from the outsourcing arrangements. The BPO value chain arrangement also supports clients in minimizing risk, reducing costs, and improving sales forecasts. The solution streamlines transformation and integrates the important value chain processes of the company. It includes planning, order management, inventory, and logistics.

It also enables businesses to reduce the cost of working capital, respond swiftly to volatile consumer demand, and leverage information to attain better performance, hence improving competitiveness and business growth. In addition to reducing overall costs, outsourcing the BPO value chain helps companies focus on their core competencies, meet the needs of customers more efficiently, and maintain a more flexible supply chain.

Thus, companies can reduce costs and increase customer loyalty by strengthening their supply chain management. By strategically partnering with a reputed supply chain BPO vendor, you can improve the brand's visibility in the market by effectively and efficiently collaborating across the entire value chain network.  

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