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Chatbot: All You Need To Know!

Posted by Admin

Chatbots: Mechanize your Business and Customer Service

Experiencing disruptions in customer handling? Endless queries, but no solutions? Well, the panacea for excellent business links between businesses and customers is Chatbots.

What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence based software used for conducting a conversation between two or more parties via text and audio in the desired language through the web or a mobile application.

Why is Chatbot Important for Business?

The chatbot is the conversational medium that can become responsible for scaling up the technological structure of an organization. Chatbot also offers a lucrative set of benefits such as advanced solutions, minimal errors and reduced cost input.

How Does a Chatbot Help in Transforming Your Business?

The Chatbot is designed to answer queries independently with advanced solutions, like the human brain. The chatbot works on the core technology of Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP, as a technology, is equipped to understand the spoken language by humans and perform automated reactions on the basis of the same with custom crafted solutions.

The Chatbot follows the following two steps to process the received data through designed algorithms, based on the input received from the user.

  • Analyzes the query raised by the customer:

When the customer drops the input through the web or mobile application, the chatbot analyzes the behavior of the query by understanding the processing language via NLP and understands the matter of concern. Once the chatbot completes this analysis, it goes to the next step.

  • Delivers the most appropriate response:

The cycle for completion of analysis leads to the selection of a dedicated response that can easily solve the issue raised by the customer without the intervention of a human, or with the minimal effort of an expert if the query falls in such a category.

What are Chatbots Good For?

The Chatbot is a computer program designed to be the medium to communicate through text and voice messages. The chatbot identifies the intent of the customer and follows up with the swift operations for the good of the organization in the following manner:

  • Understands the actual need and requirement with minimal input of words.
  • Targets keyword-based research.
  • Consults with different backend resources before delivering the final result.
  • Provides adequate solutions based on the analytics of previous activities and algorithms.

Provides adequate solutions based on the analytics of previous activities and algorithms.

Today, each organization seeks fast progress. Exemplary companies are rendering focus on one-to-one messenger applications rather than widespread, unfocused social media applications.

Therefore, it is a great chance to stand tall among competitors of your domain with a dedicated chatbot.

Recent trends and graphs have showcased a steep fall in social media networking in comparison to messaging apps.

The chatbot is widely being considered the best way to provide effortless solutions to customers by cutting down time of response and increasing margins for the business.

What is the purpose of a chatbot?

A chatbot is a piece of software that has been programmed to conduct a conversation. We can think of chatbots as Natural Language Processing systems that can respond to human communication. This communication can be via different modes like text, voice or a combination of the two.

What platforms can a chatbot use?

A chatbot is an AI powered software that can effectively communicate with people in a lucid and intelligent manner. A chatbot stimulates communication through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or smartphone assistants like Ok Google or Siri. Thus, a chatbot represents the closest interface of the communication between a man and a machine. However, a chatbot is criticized by many as a simple question-answering AI powered robot.

Can a chatbot learn and improve?

Yes, it can! A chatbot is a computer program that has been developed to communicate with humans through the internet. Let us look at it in a bit of detail. The first thing that comes to our mind regarding the chatbot is the method that it uses to communicate with humans. As already stated, a chatbot is powered by AI. This means that it has the ability to learn to respond over a period of time. Initially, when a chatbot is programmed, it responds by scanning words to make meaningful sentences and then delivers answers from its database.

Why chatbots are significant in today’s information age?

The world has undergone a revolution in the sphere of communication. It is pertinent to mention that in order to meet the required demands of customers, the manpower available is insufficient. This is where chatbots enter the market. By virtue of their intelligible communicating capability, they are able to deliver the customer satisfaction that would otherwise not have been possible. In this way, chatbots serve the dual benefits of customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Which chatbot application is the best?

There are various applications, tools and processes that can be used to develop a chatbot. The suitability of a chatbot application depends upon the use it is put to. Be it Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning, a chatbot may use a combination of the two depending upon the use case scenario.

Is there an example of a widely-used chatbot?

There are numerous examples of a chatbot. Siri is one of the most famous chatbots that Apple users are provided with. The best thing about Siri is that it uses voice queries to answer questions and even goes on to forward recommendations to the users related to the genre on which questions have been asked.

Swelly is one of the best Facebook messenger chatbots. In e-commerce, e-Bay has one of the earliest examples of a chatbot in action.

What is the purpose of a chatbot?

The main purpose of a chatbot is to reduce the workload that the industries are burdened with currently. When we talk about chatbots, the first picture that comes to our mind is the communication industry. However, broadly speaking, chatbots are rapidly being used in a large number of industries with the basic purpose remaining the same, which is to support business teams in their day to day relations with customers.

Do we really need a chatbot for improving customer satisfaction (CX)?

In the current times, the need of a chatbot is most vital. This is because a chatbot is available all the time irrespective of local time and geographic location. It should also be mentioned that a chatbot is less prone to errors and delivers commendable customer satisfaction round the clock.

Is a chatbot Artificially Intelligent?

When we speak of a chatbot, we are actually referring to a programmed version of Artificial Intelligence. In other words, a chatbot, by definition, is an AI powered computer program which is used for the purpose of communication without any human intervention. So, we conclude that chatbot and Artificial Intelligence are related but not the same.

How does a chatbot use AI?

Though a chatbot is devoid of any human assistance, the best thing is that it learns by interacting with humans. A chatbot can interact with a user via a communication channel and learn the art of interaction. All this becomes possible by Artificial Intelligence which can be described as the backbone of every chatbot.

Is Alexa a chatbot?

Alexa is becoming one of the most loved chatbots around the world. As Amazon continues to expand its digital services around the globe, Alexa gains popularity at the same time. With Alexa, Amazon is making its voice control technology available to all the users worldwide, bringing a chatbot into every home – which is also the name of Google’s chatbot cum voice assistant.

Can chatbots be used for repetitive tasks?

Chatbots are great when it comes to the execution of routine tasks. The best thing about chatbots is that they help in the resolution of more than 80% of various chat sessions.

How can I add a chatbot to my website?

There are numerous ways to do this, but let us briefly explain the process we follow to add a chatbot into your website. The first step is to let us know your exact requirements and analyze your customer demographics and data from customer interactions. Then we create a bot using our dedicated tools. When the bot gets ready and all set for work, we deploy it on your platforms.

Are any big companies already using chatbots for customer care?

Literally speaking, the list of companies who are using chatbots is quite long. To mention a few, Lyft, Spotify, Sephora, Staples and MasterCard are some of the prominent ones.


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