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How Customer Surveys Helps Businesses Reduce Customer Churn?

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 28, 2016 10:19:47 am
Customer Surveys Helps Businesses Reduce Customer Churn

Formidable market competition and rising consumer power have undermined conventional product- and service-based point of differentiation, compelling organizations to seek innovative, more robust formulae of competitive advantage. Many business and IT frontrunners are recognizing the customer experience as an effective source of achieving competitive differentiation. Statistics show us the real picture. They divulge how prevailing tre... Read more>>

Telephone Answering Service Expectations from Third Party Service Provider

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 16, 2016 10:42:11 am
Telephone Answering Service Expectations

It’s quite difficult to imagine any business not interacting with their customers with telephone answering services in this day and age.  There might be some who must have not paid attention to this very aspect of their business, but those must have doomed to failure. One fundamental of customer support solution is to deliver a service that will leave a lasting impression on your customer. In the telephone answering domain... Read more>>

Why Outsourcing Contact Center Services is the Perfect Choice for High-Growth Companies?

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 14, 2016 11:57:57 am
Contact Center Services - Go4_customer

When you are running a start-up company, dealing with forthcoming contact center services strategy would hardly value a thought in the nascent stage of business. An entrepreneur always has to pay more heed on devising the right idea for their business, acquiring funding, producing a product and forming a strong customer base. However, they are fixated with the thought of taking their business to new heights. Now the question that ari... Read more>>

How Order Taking Call Center can help you Create Real Difference in Market?

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 05, 2016 12:52:31 pm
order taking services - go4_customer

In the present day and age, customers want to be at the wheels and make a choice. With rising globalization and infinite options virtually available on the Internet, the control has perhaps shifted from companies to customers. This transition has made it almost impossible for organizations across different industry verticals to endure polarity based purely on price range or product type. Now the only choice that left with businesses to ... Read more>>

An insight into Call Center Outsourcing

Global enterprises strive to attain service excellence so that they can stay ahead in a competitive...

BSNL Augmented Business Performances with Go4customer

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) started its operation and installed...

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