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7 compelling reasons why your business needs Online Reputation Management

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 27, 2019 06:18:45 pm

These days in the market position, of course, you've received a lot of corporate strategies on meeting clients, scrutinizing competition, and approaching with innovative product ideas. But the most important thing is to pay attention to every market is to maintain the standard of their business and managing your company's reputation. Today, reputation management has become a benchmark preparation for marketing squads in both pra... Read more>>

How to Improve Customer Service Skills

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 27, 2019 05:08:12 pm

Service is what most of us are doing and looking for. It doesn’t matter what kind of or which type of service it is. The broader category by which we can differentiate this is behind the system and the phone call. Customer service is one thing that makes or breaks a company. What we mean by saying this is if your customers are happy with your service, you can stand strong among other competitors. But on the other hand, if you anyh... Read more>>

10 Commandments to Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 26, 2019 06:40:33 pm
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In the modern world, customer service is now an integral part and an essential plus of the whole buying process. Whether a customer is purchasing a product or subscribing to a service, he/she expects the company to be backed by an effective customer care department. Since customers are the most vital asset of any company, improving this front is critical. You can ensure enhanced growth and conversions if you implement some effec... Read more>>

Online reputation management is the key to successful marketing

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 26, 2019 12:07:11 pm

Online reputation management was formed on a large scale, thanks to user communication. Today, reputation is firmly rooted in Google searches, online reviews, and social mentions. With the great potential that online sales have had, the status of your company's reputation can make it break in the modern digital climate. Cultivating the knowledge and actively managing a positive reputation helps companies compete, succeed and f... Read more>>

Best Marketing Metrics to Track for Digital Marketing Success

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 24, 2019 05:50:56 pm

Introduction When it comes to digital marketing, it’s so easy to steer into the wrong directions. You have so many opportunities, so many versatile channels to advertise on and different ways of tracking them. It’s hard to convert and monetize your leads. Because of that, it’s important to track every dollar you spend online. Every successful marketing strategy also depends on successful metrics tracking and anal... Read more>>

Best Social media marketing hacks for 2020

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 24, 2019 05:18:16 pm

Social networks became a fundamental part of people's lives and daily routines. Some are so addicted to networks that the first thing they do when they wake up is to check the feeds of their social networks. Due to the importance of social networks in the lives of consumers, marketing, and business specialists flock to social platforms with the hope of connecting with their target customers. However, there is an overload of co... Read more>>

An insight into Call Center Outsourcing

Global enterprises strive to attain service excellence so that they can stay ahead in a competitive...

BSNL Augmented Business Performances with Go4customer

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) started its operation and installed...

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