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Call Centre Services

Avail proficient call centre services for improved performance and better results

A business requires an unparalleled growth rate without the burden of high operational expense. Go4customer is one of the prominent specialized service providers in Australia that is consistently offering an unparalleled range of call centre solutions to businesses of all sizes.

What are Call Centres?

In layman language, Call Centres are the premises where professionals address and make calls to existing customers and prospects respectively. These call centres generally handle the extraneous tasks of businesses with extreme professionalism and care. Business owners contact these call centres to attain cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, and flexibility.

Typically, there are two sorts of call centres; inbound call centres and outbound call centres.

An inbound call centre is known to address incoming voice calls from existing customers. These calls are generally to enquire about the product/service related information, complain about the product/service quality, technical assistance, making bookings, etc.

On the other hand, an outbound call centre is a premise where human agents make outgoing telephonic calls to the potential customers. These calls are made with an objective to develop interest amongst the prospects, sell a product/service, conduct surveys & research, collect debts, and generate closable leads.

Call centres are also categorized on the basis of ownership. For instance, if the call centre is handling operations for its own business, it is called as in-house. Businesses usually develop in-house call centres to keep the customer interactions intact within the organization.

If the call centre is managing tasks of an external organization, it is termed as a third-party or an outsourced call centre. These call centres are quite viable for the organizations that focus on saving operational costs and attaining a superior performance rate.

Utilization of call centres by businesses is a practice that is followed for more than 60-70 years now. However, the business model of call centres has changed drastically because of swiftly transforming technology, telecommunication, and the increasing trend of globalization. Previously, the offshore and near-shore outsourcing strategies were mainly utilized by the large organizations, but today, even the SMBs are leveraging the benefits of these impeccable business tactics. Also, the call centres have now evolved from the conventional image of being a transactional service provider to more of a value renderer influencing businesses in a different manner. Therefore, contact centre services are now availed by the business sector.

Contact centres are an extension of call centres where agents tend to offer services not just only on the voice channel (telephone) but through other mediums too. Various customer service outsourcing companies have emerged since then that ensure to cover all the channels available such as social media, website, chat, email, etc.

What are Call Centre Services?

There was a time when businesses were only inclined to outsource tasks such as back-office functions, support operations, etc. The bottom line was to keep the extraneous tasks running smoothly while the businesses continue to keep their entire focus on the core competencies.

As said, things have changed now. Businesses are now looking forward to outsourcing more than just extraneous tasks. Outsourcing is now moreover emerged as an essentiality for the businesses.

Call centre services are the support and assistance outsourcing companies provide to manage various business functions effectively. In past, customer service outsourcing was one of the basic call centre service offered. Today, however, the call centre services range from lead generation, market research, technical support, order taking, customer support, chat support, appointment setting, call answering, etc.

The reason that technology has made doing business much easier and swifter has transformed the way outsourcing and call centre solutions were often perceived.

A brief history of Call Centres

A lot of industry experts believe that call centre outsourcing started in the early 1990s. However, the footprints of call centres go back to the early 1960s. Going by the recorded incidents, the Birmingham Press and Mail was the very first company to incept a call centre very similar to the modern day BPOs. The technology utilized by this company was (PABX) Private Automatic Branch Exchange that enabled the agents to manage multiple calls simultaneously by re-routing the calls to various extensions.

A few years later, in 1973, PABX technology was replaced by Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). ACD was created by an American company Rockwell. This technology eradicated the requirement of a human operator to disseminate the incoming calls to multiple extensions. The waiting time was reduced phenomenally as ACD was efficient enough to divert the multiple incoming calls to agents without any assistance from the operator. ACD was first utilized by Continental Airlines of the United States for booking tickets.

When the internet came up in the 1990s and advancements in the telecommunication boomed, the concept of remote call centres solutions providers started taking shape. With high-end technologies, it now became possible to handle call centres from a remote location at a trimmed operational expense and high process efficiency. This laid the foundation for the base of a billion dollar sector that resumes expanding even today.

Why should businesses outsource call centre services?

Today, business owners have to face a number of challenges such as uncertain customer preferences, ever-changing technology, and the pressure to sustain a handsome growth rate, and so on. In addition to this, the burden of maintaining a solid profit margin always keeps businesses on their toes.

Hence, in order to streamline the business operations without spending much to earn a competitive edge in the market, company owners route their attention towards outsourced call centre services. With outsourcing, businesses are now able to gain benefits like raised performance, trimmed operational costs, hiked profitability, and superior flexibility.

Customers hold the whip today. They have the power and liberty to choose the business that offers a stupendous level of customer experience. Thus, organizations are taking no chance whatsoever to build and garner solid customer relationships, so as to assure an uninterrupted growth rate. Customer service outsourcing companies are hence becoming more popular amongst the businesses.

Businesses also choose to outsource because of the robust infrastructure and advanced technologies that are maintained by the call centre outsourcing companies. These outsourcing firms, in order to remain a step ahead in the competition, keep a regular update on the latest advancements that are happening in the technology market. Such technology would cost businesses a fortune and that’s why hiring a competent call centres services provider is a much profitable alternative.

Along with this, outsourcing companies hire and regularly train their workforce so as to keep providing an unmatched service level to the customers. Hiring and training employees from time to time require a good amount of capital, efforts, and time from the business’s point of view. Outsourcing gives these business owners a direct access to highly qualified and skilled team of agents. This benefit makes the business owner’s vision of rendering an exceptional level of customer experience come true. A happy customer ensures that a high retention rate and better CSAT score becomes inevitable.

Why are Australian companies choosing to outsource?

As per a study, around 80% of the Australian businesses outsource their operations and a majority utilizes offshore resources. So what compels business owners in Australia to choose to outsource?

Around 70% of the businesses that choose to outsource reportedly said that the main reason apart from low operational cost is to manage scalability issue and make their in-house workforce more efficient and effective.

Countries such as India have a rich workforce of millions of technical experts who are ready to serve the businesses at a reasonable price. As per an estimate, around 10 million engineers graduate every year in India. This is a massive availability of technical professionals. In addition to this, India also has around 125 million English speaking population. This ensures that the level of service offered to customers of companies in Australia would be of top grade.

Australian companies are looking for call centres services providers who can offer an impeccable level of service along with the latest technological support. India is a tech-savvy nation. Presence of the biggest technology firms in India proves that call centres in this nation will be offering the best of service experience to the customers.

Last but not the least, companies in Australia route their outsourcing requirements to offshore nations because of more market opportunities. Business owners who are looking to expand their operations to new markets could not find better assistance than India as the best market research companies are present to smoothen the journey of Australian firms.

In a nutshell, whether Australian companies require a stupendous outbound call centre service or an unmatched inbound call centre service, outsourcing to offshore locations such as India and Malaysia is the most viable alternative.

Call Centre Services offered by Go4customer

Holding a reputable name in offering quality and timely services to Australian organizations, Go4customer offers a wide plethora of contact centre services.

The offered services are segmented into 4 kinds:

1. Outbound Call Centre services

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Information Verification
  • Soft Lead Generation
  • Customer Survey
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Third-party Verification Services

2. Inbound Call Centre services

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Inquiry Handling
  • Call Answering
  • Toll-Free Services
  • Product Information Request

3. Web Enabled Services

  • Order Taking
  • Billing Queries
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support

4. BPO Services

  • Market Research
  • Product and Service Promotion
  • Debt Collection

Why Go4customer?

There must be hundreds of call centre outsourcing companies that might be ready to offer businesses in Australia the required set of solutions, so why choose us? We are a pioneer name in not only holding an unhampered reputation as a call centre service provider in Australia but also hold the eminence in taking good care of our clients.

Some of the highlights of our offerings are:

Secure cloud back up: We ensure to deliver call centre solutions over our secure cloud telephony to offer affordability to our clients.

Data safety: Go4customer is a CMM level 5 firm with several ISO certifications. We do follow the best data security standards and guidelines to ensure that our client’s data remains untouched by any adversities and mishaps.

Proficient workforce: We hold a competent team of agents who leverage on their years of experience in the industry and possess skills to handle massive scale BPO projects without any hassle.

Tailor-made solutions: Our experts will get an in-depth knowledge of your business and will analyse the requirements to present the best-suited call centre solutions.

Affordable pricing: Companies can avail several pricing layouts from us as we do not offer any fixed plans, rather we provide nominal costs as per your business requirements.

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