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Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security for Enterprises: Purpose & Security Stance

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Apr 01, 2020 10:52:59 am
Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

In the digital world, the medium to connect with anyone around the globe has become much easier than expected. With ease to the speed of connectivity, the threat to exposure of data leakage has grown up over time. Today, almost each business organizations have switched its move to cloud based services, where almost every data is on some another level of the virtual platform. Therefore, it becomes a topmost priority for the busi... Read more>>

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality: Technology to Rule Gaming Sector in 2020

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Mar 30, 2020 12:22:40 pm

Gaming has always been a point of fascination among young users. Previously, the gaming uses to reside in the fields and in the courts, which somehow transferred to the inches of the screen over the passage of time. Nowadays, the definition of gaming doesn’t lock itself to kill the boring time. Instead, it is has become an urge to make some career opportunities in the field. Yes, you read it right… Gaming is now a ... Read more>>

All You Need to Know About AI for Image Recognition!

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Mar 25, 2020 03:12:31 pm

In today’s era, where almost everything is settled down in the bits of 0 and 1, all we can expect is the digitalization of our daily life approach and task related to it. Similar to operations of development and codes, our view to visualize the practice of five and dime has been altercated into the easy steps via the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Generally, if you hear the word ‘Image’, the first thing a... Read more>>

Adoption of technology in social media and how they are adding productivity and value

Posted by Guest Author on Mar 23, 2020 04:35:02 pm

Thanks to the Internet’s soaring popularity, people use social media tools for connecting with each other online. Brands use these tools to connect with potential and current customers and market their products. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are changing people’s lives. Facebook’s social networking directive enables you to create personal accounts and connect with fellow users. It en... Read more>>

How to Make Your Task Easier While Working at Remote Locations?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Mar 23, 2020 11:24:17 am

Customer support service is meant to deliver the range of apt services fulfilling the need of the common man. All sort of businesses tends to approach the customer with a lucrative set of benefits in order to retain them for the longer span of time with its call center services and its other practices. Currently work from home or remote locations is one of the basic requirements to understand the need of employees to take the co-w... Read more>>

How Instagram AR Filters Can Boost the Strategy of Social Media Marketing?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Mar 19, 2020 05:27:01 pm

Indeed, when we hear the term ‘Social Media Marketing’, all we can figure is promoting the brand on different social media platforms via posting the content in form of ads like photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, etc. Progressing technologically day-by-day has raised the mediums to connect with prospect customer. One of such latest is Instagram AR filters, responsible for driving the Instagram social media marketing st... Read more>>

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