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Reliable Third-Party Verification Services

Go4customer Third-Party Verification Services: Helping Boost Transparency & Preciseness

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TPV – What’s The Purpose?

The method of verifying a customer’s credentials to ensure accuracy and confirm the credibility of the offered information for an organization is known as third-party verification. This process helps in verifying the information communicated by the customer physically or via call center services to ensure that the sales process can run smoothly thereafter.

Third-party verification is also deployed in situations wherein a customer wishes to update certain information or provide a new one but lacks the physical copy because he/she is doing so either online or on phone. Allowing businesses to refer to an interaction history that is maintained by a third-party organization that operates independently, this process is also quite helpful in ensuring that there is a record of every communication.

So, for instance, if a customer denies that a particular transaction or communication did not occur or claims that it did occur, the third-party verification service provider can offer valid proof to prove who is deceitful and who is not. TPV can be an incredible tool to check unethical activities and individuals who are trying to beguile an organization or customers. However, to accomplish the verification process on-call or online, the agents have to ask for the customer’s agreement. This legally binds both parties to allow the third-party verification service provider to check the credibility of the communication and transaction.

When a customer is offeredn a with a call center services from a sales rep of a cable channel to change the plan, verification services are required. After analyzing options and ensuring that the customer is interested to proceed and accept the contract for a specific period, a third-party agent is put on the conference by the sales rep to accomplish the final tasks. This is just one of the examples where TPV is required by organizations. There are many more types of B2C communications, wherein this process and third-party verification service provider are required along with call center outsourcing service provider.

Operating as a separate entity, yet closely monitoring sensitive data for tasks like customer data verification, the TPV provider is an essential part of numerous transactions accomplished by an organization. In fact, it is also a part of the recruitment processes for those organizations that avail employment verification services to ensure that credible candidates are hired.

Go4customer for Third-Party Verification

Go4customer renders real-time verification solutions to reduce the stress of verifying information on the sales, shipment, and order fulfilment staff of your business. With in-depth knowledge about the credentials and verification process, our experts can expeditiously gauge the customer data to help your business take rational decisions. We help you deliver exceptional services without wasting time on trivial tasks and by putting the verification process on the fast track. We have catered to a broad spectrum of industries, including banking, retail, and healthcare by formulating your online presence with online reputation management.

Third-Party Verification Services – The Process

At Go4customer, we understand that the availability of validated information plays a huge role in making operations like sales seamless. So, our TPV and call center outsourcing experts consistently work towards pruning every aspect of the verification process, making it sharp and efficient. Take a look at the process that we follow to render information verification services.

Call Script Creation

The target audience of each business is unique, and a similar script won’t work with each project that we undertake. This is why we closely work with our clients to strategize the protocols that our operators follow during the verification process. Diligently and appropriately scripting the whole conversation, we make sure that no confusion or issue surfaces in the duration of the interaction. Garnering and analyzing the unique needs and expectations of your target audience, we customize the interactions for your business. We further offer assistant via AI-based virtual assistance chatbot in verifying the identity of personnel through a pre-defined set of algorithms.


We deploy state-of-the-art tools and techniques, ensuring the security of your database by following the norms of online reputation management. Rest assured that your data and customers are in safe hands. We also constantly upgrade our systems to ensure maximum security and prevent malicious attempts of hacking and forgery.

Multilanguage Support

Eliminating the language barrier from our third-party verification services, we have deployed a team of agents who are equipped with the expertise to handle a diverse customer base, located across differed countries and continents.

These are just a few of the factors that contribute to our efficiency as a third-party verification service provider. However, they are enough to prove that we can be a perfect partner for your business’s outsourcing needs.

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