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Email & Mobile Platforms Marketing
Evolve Your Business Marketing into the Digital Realm

Go4customer Email & Mobile Platforms Marketing: Get closer to your customers than ever before by adopting our Mobile Platform & Email Marketing Solutions.

Make A Splendid Debut In The Digital Realm With Effective Marketing Emails

Cogent Email & Mobile Platforms Marketing Solutions

Mobile Platforms Take Off In the Marketing Domain

Former Executive Chairman at Google, Eric Schmidt, forecast in 2014 that there will be a drastic rise in the number of mobile and tablet users in the coming years. Five years down the line, we are witnessing a colossal rise in the number of smartphone and portable tab users and a significant decline in the sale of computer systems and laptops.

Millennials have everything they want: better technology, better entertainment and what not, but when it comes to time, we are always running late. 7.5 billion Homo sapiens are leading busy lives, struggling to make ends meet. While running between a hectic schedule at home and workplace, the source of staying connected and updated is majorly our smartphones.

This device that fits in our pockets and palms is a miracle for sure, because it has not just made our lives easier but has now become a crucial part of it. You can do so much with its help: read emails, shop online, listen to music, watch movies, and browse online for info on anything and everything you want.

Today, a major segment of the target audience all across the globe prefers reading emails and messages regarding promotions and offers on their mobile phones instead of a PC. Nobody gets to their workplace and is like, let’s just first go through the promotional emails fired at me by brands!

This is the reason why Email & Mobile Platform Marketing Solutions are gaining prominence in the corporate world. Customers today are more likely to check promotional emails and messages on their smartphones while traveling or waiting in a queue. The bustling millennials live life on the go, which is why expecting them to be interested in watching an advertisement while watching television is a waste of time, especially since streaming is now the fashion.

In fact, very few people today prefer spending time watching television, and in the ad breaks, you will see most of those who watch TV checking their smartphones. This is how smartphones, with a varied range of online and offline applications, are inextricably latched into our day to day lives.

Amidst it all, this habit of consumers spending so much time on their smartphones is cashed in by enterprises of diverse verticals. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics that define how email marketing on mobile platforms can be quite successful for businesses operating in various domains.

  • 69%
    of the consumers who are ready to make a buying decision or any other monetary decision, open their emails on mobile phones
  • 69%
    of promotional emails that aren’t optimized are deleted straight away by the receiver
  • 48%
    of the total emails opened are on a mobile platform instead of a PC.

Optimizing Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns

At Go4customer, we understand how a well-structured and designed email marketing strategy can make a difference for your business. Customers today are more demanding than ever and they have no time to read emails that don’t appeal to them. From the contents to the images and even the subject line, everything should be created to lure customers to click on the attached links.

However, accomplishing this task is no child’s play and requires expertise, which we certainly hold. Serving an impressive clientele across the globe, we are equipped with the knowledge to bring your mobile email marketing campaign to life. Following are the core strategies that help us excel in grabbing customer attention via mobile emails.

  • Firstly, we put customers at the heart of our marketing campaigns to make sure that the communications are relevant to them.
  • Professional and easy-to-comprehend emails that we create can help you get an edge over your competitors.
  • Data insights can be an incredible tool to impress your customers, and we use them to strategize the design that finds significance in today’s competitive landscape.
  • Customization is the key to success when it comes to outsourced solutions like mobile email marketing, which is what we are proud to offer to each of our valuable clients.

At Go4customer, we understand that a great mobile email marketing strategy can propel your business forward to keep up with the dynamic behavior and ever-changing needs of customers. This is the reason why we consistently upgrade our operations and deliver cutting edge solutions that can help you not just meet but exceed consumer expectations.

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Glean with Go4customer, escalate your business solutions for the digital realm. Go4customer caters data insights to customer with cutting edge services.

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