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What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is a comprehensive set of tools, apps, and cloud-hosted services for large enterprises' contact centers that require many communication channels (including phone calls and messaging), complex call routing, agent management, and analytics. Streamline complicated corporate communication with a comprehensive cloud-based call center solution to ensure a flawless customer experience with little investment. Gain deeper, more useful insights into daily customer discussions with an easy-to-integrate cloud platform.

Why is Cloud Contact Center Necessary for Your Company?

  • We'll be there for you whether you're on the internet or not.

    Go4customer integrates with a variety of telephony providers and phone bridges. With or without telephones, you can now configure, make, and receive telephone calls in Go4customer.

  • Conversations that are meaningful.

    You might pull up the customer's conversation history or their full ticket history with your firm while on the phone with them. With just a click, you may make comments and correlate calls with new or current tickets.

  • Automations that are smart.

    You may create rules to convert missed calls to tickets automatically, allocate all phone calls to a specific agent for each department, and route calls in a Round Robin fashion.

  • Voice response system that is interactive (IVR).

    In cloud based contact center solution the navigating of your customer care hotline is made easier with an effective IVR. Customers can access the appropriate support agents via the IVR choices.

  • Monitoring and recording are both necessary.

    All incoming and outgoing calls will be automatically recorded using Go4customer. To listen to phone calls later, you may save them as MP3 files and attach them to tickets.

  • Integration with the customer relationship management system

    The two-way connectivity with Go4customer CRM allows you to view customer CRM information within existing tickets, such as purchase history, planned sales calls, deal size, and other pertinent information in cloud contact centers.

Cloud Contact Center Services FAQs

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