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Enjoy Pecuniary Benefits with Nonpareil Order Taking Services

Stomp the brakes on order cancellation rates with Go4customer’s order taking services

Make sure your customers get the best order-related assistance via our splendid order taking services

Exceptional Order Taking Services

Do Order Taking Services Help Accelerate Business Growth?

In this age of smartphones, e-commerce companies have taken the reins of the market completely, as they offer their customers the luxury to get their desired products and services at good discounts without putting in much effort.

Amazingly, customers that come under the category of ‘Generation X’ are also showing great interest in online shopping. There is high likelihood that the percentage of online shoppers will amplify in the near future, which as a repercussion, will lead to business growth.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are trying to enter in the internet world in order to save their skin. This clearly signifies that competition in the e-commerce sector is going to be spicier. From the customers’ perspective, this is good because if the number of online brands snowballs, the odds of getting the best products and services at the lowest price will proliferate.

Of course, it is not easy for new entrants to dethrone established product brands, and they have to up their ante to ensure good sales of their product.

‘Do you know when you can succeed in the e-commerce world?’

When you enable even the smallest sales prospects to place their order with ease.

Order taking and tracking is instrumental, because if potential customers face an issue and don’t get a quick resolution while placing an order, they are unlikely to checkout. Needless to mention, when the cart abandonment rate soars, business growth is bound to dwindle.

During the festive season, e-commerce companies experience a high volume of orders owing to their tempting promotions. On the off chance that even a single one gets missed, it is the brand image that takes a lot of heat. Here is where our order service helps in cooling down matters. Our agents have the requisite experience to understand call dynamics and assuage irate customers.

To stay away from the negative consequences of high order cancellation or cart abandonment rate, it is prominent to avail unimpeachable order taking services and convert every sales opportunity. This is where Go4customer’s order taking service comes into play.

We have been rendering best-in-class order taking services for years. We are proud to say that we have helped numerous clients build good brand recognition and resilient customer bases.

Is Go4customer Worthy to Be Appointed for Order Taking Services?

After being approached for order taking services, Go4customer makes sure clients don’t get a single chance to complain. Here’s how we secure seamless order taking processes:

A team of multilingual order taking agents

Customarily, customers don’t proceed to checkout after adding products in the cart due to dubiety. To clear doubts, they contact a company, but abandon the initiated service interaction as soon as they realize that the agent cannot assist them in their preferred language. This results in the cart getting abandoned, obviously.

Go4customer possesses a large team of multilingual order taking agents, who can easily communicate in the customers’ native language and ensure sales. It is pretty obvious: when you minimize CES (Customer Effort Score), the chances of benefiting from every sales opportunity multiply.

Flawless order entry

After getting satisfactory resolutions to their order-related queries over the voice channel, customers might want to place an order for the product during the interaction with support agents. They expect brands to have at least their basic information like name, shipping address, contact number, etc. from previous interactions.

However, companies running an in-house sales order service lack such proficiency and hence, often make blunders related to order entry, which as a negative corollary, leads to the delivery of wrong products or to wrong addresses. This triggers several problems including customer defection, negative WOM, dwindling sales growth, among others.

On the other hand, Go4customer ensures flawless order information and helps businesses by equipping order taking agents with the latest tools, which help to enter order-related information in a jiffy. Plus, we have an ace up our sleeve: automation, which helps us to ensure that no problem takes place with regard to order entry or order processing.

Always-on support service

If you opt for online shopping frequently, you may already be acquainted with the fact that most product sales start at midnight. During these sales, the volume of order-related service requests skyrockets, as customers confront issues related to offers, shipping, and so forth. At this point in time, it is prominent to ensure customers get reliable and faster solutions.

Here, the salience of Go4customer order service mounts, because we have all the necessary resources at our disposal for converting a potential sales prospect into a steady returning customer, by ensuring the delivery of impeccable solutions all day and night.

The prominence of always-on support service shouldn’t be taken for granted, because maximum customers reckon that if the brand can take orders after midnight, it can also offer support service after business hours. Thus, offering 24X7 solutions isn’t an option for online businesses - it’s a necessity.

We handle service requests for 24X7 ordering services and diligently offer real time solutions, and also ensure high order accuracy so that our clients don’t have to bear the loss of a single dollar.

Are Go4customer’s Order Taking Services Pocket-Friendly?

By all accounts, money matters to everyone. That’s why our first priority is making strong and long-term relationships with clients. Our order taking customer service helps businesses like yours turn up the sales volume.

From MNCs to SMBs, a vast client base trusts Go4customer regarding their order taking services, because we offer a variety of pricing options to our clients. So, just get in touch with us and share your business requirements, and then our specialists will discuss which pricing model will suit you best.

Now, you know how Go4customer handles tasks related to order taking and offers services at a pocket-friendly rate.

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Reach us now and explore what we have in store for you!}

Key Differentiators

High customer experience

Declined order cancellation rate

All day and night availability

Notable enhancement in business growth

Why Us?

If you have a strong brand image, customers are likely to place orders. Although you must be ready to deal with order-related concerns because sometimes customers have queries related to pricing, shipping, etc. Through Go4customer’s order taking services, businesses can provide customers amazing order experience.

Order Taking Call Center Services FAQ

Benefits Galore, With Our Order Taking Services

  • Access to dexterous order taking agents

  • Pared order cancellation rate

  • Better business growth via efficacious upselling and cross-selling techniques

  • Simplified order management process

How Go4customer Order Taking Services X-formed Businesses

Next-gen Call Center Outsourcing at your disposal

We make call center outsourcing a viable choice for businesses to achieve growth. We deliver best call center services by maintaining high training standards, integrating AI and data driven technology and offering 360° customer support. With us, you invest in customer relations built on trust and exceptional experience.