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eCommerce Call Center Services

eCommerce Call Center Services

Revive selling methods with eCommerce innovations that we bring. Make it speedier to upselling and cross selling, which BPO makes way easier for merchants.

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Trusted by Multitude of eCommerce Brands

Go4customer, a Cyfuture entity, works with top eCommerce companies to help them improve customer satisfaction. We adapt to handle all aspects of the eCommerce industry with versatility.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through Certification Excellence

Elevating customer satisfaction with top-tier certification expertise for our call center services, leading the way to exceptional service quality and client contentment.

Empowering Your E-Commerce Experience: Expert Support from Our Call Center

The world is changing at a pace which was never anticipated. India has become the fastest-growing economy for the eCommerce industry with a growth rate of 60% per annum. The Indian government has allowed 100 % Foreign Direct Investment in eCommerce for business-to-business companies. This is all because of the tech-savvy generation and the increase in the use of smartphones, dependability on the internet along with the assistance of AI-based chatbot. There are many eCommerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Meesho, etc. which have become synonyms for online shopping. So, technological progression has unpredictably maneuvered the conventional models of retail and marketing. Traditional retail has morphed into eCommerce and marketing through online reputation management.

Millennials now have greater purchasing power. According to a recent survey, the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter after the oil industry, because of the mass production of clothes. There is not an actual demand as people in urban areas wear their dresses less than 8 times. So, many a national and international brand are striving for prominence on the online platform. There is no monopoly of a particular brand and rising customer’s expectations have put a lot of pressure on them.

This has made them look out for constant upgrades to last long in the realm of ‘Fast Fashion’ and opt for a major shift in operational methods. Other domains of IT sector which has sprung out like a fountain effect are Cloud, Blockchain technology, call center services and state of the art application-based software that have made every industry build IT infrastructure of its own.

Sharp and smart business plans, effective applications, economic viability and customer-centric modules are the need of the hour for E-commerce enterprises. Go4customer’s prowess in call center outsourcing by offering exemplary services and expert opinion in these domains steers the eCommerce companies towards retaining more clients by making their services more diverse and accommodating.

Go4customer helps in building a healthy customer-seller relationship through its adequate call center outsourcing practices in order to retain your place in cut-throat competition and avoid any risks which could arise due to volatility in the economy. Our eCommerce call center services reimagine your client’s experience at both online or offline platforms with our digital solutions, and also by optimizing social analytics and trends with marketing strategies and conducting surveys availing the informative call center services from time to time to have comprehensive acumen for your business to use.

Digital analytics

Go4customer has a plethora of tech products and marketing ideas that guide e-commerce and retail enterprises to have a sustainable and steady growth by making them accommodate advanced technology and uncertain customer demands. Through our digital analytics services, plans are conceptualized and executed from grassroots to the topmost level of the business hierarchy, which ensures an uninterrupted transition to evolve into a next-gen e-commerce retailer.

Application services

We have solutions which help in providing different services for varied demands. Go4customer has a team of adept and industrious engineers and management professionals who have years of refined experience in ensuring the transcendental journey of every company which has collaborated with us. Our custom made applications make complex things effortless and simple.

Digital analytics, Application services
Building IT infrastructure

Building IT infrastructure

Go4customer has been steering the way for many customers through the catacombs of the IT sector, which comes with many limitations and vulnerabilities. Optimizing your business with the most modern technological tools and techniques makes it fast and transparent, which in turns attracts customers. Our IT infrastructure solutions help e-commerce enterprises to become self-reliant, self-sufficient, customer-centric, resilient, and to guide them to provide their customers an astounding interaction which they cherish (and share on social media platforms!).

BPO services

It has become hard to carry on your business successfully without adopting contemporary strategies. It limits the growth of the company and hampers it from realizing its true potential. You could though retain your traditional and ethical values, but to make sure that you do not lag behind in the race, you have to evolve with changing times.

The need of the hour is to integrate your business with the expectations of your customers. Our Business Process Services take the growth of your business to the speed of light. Our experienced and empathetic personnel along with AI-based chatbot make sure that your customers experience exceptional services and choose services which are the best for them so that they don’t feel cheated at the end of the day. It helps them to predict probabilities which could eventually turn sour and be prepared for that. Only we can provide this stupendous risk management.

BPO services
Finance and accounts

Finance and accounts

Retail and eCommerce business is all about invoices and its management. Go4customer eCommerce call center services manage your account books and keeps your balance sheet clean in a simple yet efficient way. It streamlines your business’s economics.


It is crucial for your business to maintain all data so that it is easily accessible yet safe and secure. This could only happen with Go4customer’s cloud-based SaaS solutions. It makes you self-sufficient in handling your data remotely and designing its infrastructure for you and your customers. Go4customer is ready for the future of eCommerce. Are you?


Customized Solutions Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

Igniting Potential with Unparalleled Proficiency

We offer innovative, agile and performance-driven call center services to deliver measurable impact, and increased business value for clients.

  • 1 Million+ New Users
  • 2 Million+ Meeting Schedule
  • 200+ Trusted Enterprises
  • 40% Time Saving & 30% Cost Reduction
  • 2 Decades of Experience
  • 20+ Languages Supported
  • 25M Records Processes Annually
  • 24 Hrs Quick Turnaround Time
  • 100% Data Privacy

Outsourcing Benefits for eCommerce Businesses

Single-stop Comprehensive services guarantee the success of your online business

  • Data Security: Outsourcing ensures the safety of sensitive customer information. Trusted service providers employ robust security measures to protect your data, reducing the risk of breaches.
  • Quality Support: Access experienced professionals who specialize in eCommerce support, providing high-quality service that enhances customer satisfaction and brand reputation.
  • Time Effective: Outsourcing allows you to focus on core activities while experts handle routine tasks, saving time and boosting efficiency.
  • Save Money: Cost-effective outsourcing models can help cut operational expenses, including staffing and infrastructure costs.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Dedicated teams can improve website performance, ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for your customers.
  • Smart Partnership: Collaborate with experienced outsourcing partners who bring industry insights and best practices to the table, helping your business adapt and grow.

Our eCommerce Call Center Services Include

Check out some real eCommerce call center services you get on outsourcing bpo services your business with us

  • Product Data Entry
    Product Data Entry

    Our standout call center services for eCommerce excels in dependable product data entry. As a leading product data entry service provider for e-commerce businesses in India, we've diligently addressed the product data needs of numerous e-commerce organizations. Our dedicated team consistently updates product data across major e-commerce platforms, empowering your online presence with unwavering support.

  • eCommerce Services
    eCommerce Services

    Steering direct e-commerce businesses toward success requires a capable team. Our highly skilled team possesses the expertise to meet all your online business requirements. With a customer-centric approach, we deliver comprehensive catalog management and customer support services tailored to your venture's success. Our online shop customer support outsourcing equips online retailers with agile, personalized customer support, enhancing engagement across multiple channels with industry-specific proficiency. Our call center services for ecommerce will significantly elevate your performance in the e-commerce industry.

  • Bulk Product Upload
    Bulk Product Upload

    Rely on our agile bulk product upload service to relieve you of the burdens of uploading and showcasing thousands of products on your online storefront. We efficiently capture, format, verify, and upload bulk product data. Our experts work with CSV and Excel, creating templates customized for various marketplaces and channels. We ensure that your bulk product uploads are not just hassle-free but also optimized for maximum impact.

  • Magento Services
    Magento Services

    As a premier Magento service provider in India for years, we uphold a reputation for delivering top-notch Magento solutions to business owners worldwide. Our holistic approach involves integrating essential features, extensions, and functionalities into your Magento store, ensuring it realizes its full potential. Our skilled web team meticulously plans, develops, and maintains your desired store, aiming for excellence at every turn.

  • Web Development
    Web Development

    Consider us your one-stop solution for all your web development needs. We approach web development uniquely, offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Our ultimate business goal is to craft robust and user-friendly platforms that seamlessly handle a high volume of customer requests without delay. Our skilled web developers create websites that not only enhance the customer experience but also drive business growth and profitability.

  • Data Entry Services
    Data Entry Services

    With over two decades of expertise and a deep understanding of e-commerce data entry services, we provide high-quality, secure data management services. Our team of specialists delivers precise data entry services, empowering your business with enhanced operational efficiency. Count on us for the best quality, reliable, and cost-effective data entry solutions that will fuel your success.

Solving eCommerce Challenges through Our Process Transition Model

We aim to win your desired goals with 100% commitment. For that, our professionals developed a systematic approach that could cover all your needs to perform a great service for producing the best yields.

Free Consultation and Trial

We suggest you contact us soon if our services find suitable for you. Brief your project to us. Get a free consultation. Run a free trial to verify the quality and ability of our work to check whether it meets your demands or not.

Compilation of the final project File/Data

Once convinced with our free trial run, you could provide us with your final file and related requirement info. We are fully equipped to work for you.

Data Collection & Research

Our team begins to collect & perform research on required data from all possible sources. Then, we organize the data to work further.

Data Analysis

We analyze project demands and determine the suitable method for realizing the project. Once we get your consent, the project is assigned to the team for processing.

Project Processing

Every bpo project gets processed by maintaining the best quality. Our bpo team researches and applies the newest market trends and customer interests to the project. We make use of advanced tools and software to present a flawless output. To get & follow client opinions and ideas to move further on the project, the team sends the result of each phase to the client.

Quality Check

On completing each phase of the bpo project, the file is sent to the QC team to check the duplication errors, misplaced entries, or any other bugs. We assure to deliver a standard quality and flawless output on completing rigorous quality checks on each phase.

Final submission

After the QC, the final file is sent to the project manager (PM) for a final check. On getting final approval from PM, the final project file is sent to the client by keeping high confidentiality.

Customer satisfaction

Our eCommerce customer service representatives are responsible for responding to every query, complaint, and concern regarding eCommerce call center services. They are always available to give details about order tracking, order fulfillment, shipping, billing, refund assistance, security measures, and many more to reach the utmost customer satisfaction.

Why should you Outsource Ecommerce Call Center Services to Go4customer?

  • round the clock service
    Round the Clock Service

    Our round-the-clock service ensures your customers receive assistance and support at any time, promoting loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Helpdesk Solutions
    Helpdesk Solutions

    Helpdesk solutions by Go4customer provide expert handling of customer inquiries, resolving issues swiftly and improving overall user experience.

  • Service-Centric Approach
    Service-Centric Approach

    We believe in crafting individualized BFSI BPO solutions, designed to mirror your financial institution's distinct needs and aspirations.

  • Ensured Business Continuity
    Ensured Business Continuity

    We have robust contingency plans in place to ensure operations remain uninterrupted even during unexpected disruptions, safeguarding your business.

  • New Markets Outreach
    New Markets Outreach

    Expand your eCommerce reach and customer base by leveraging Go4customer's strategies to enter and succeed in new markets effectively.

Prefer us for transforming eCommerce industry. Upload products 20x faster with 70% saving on OC & lead generation.

  • Cutting-Edge Domain Hosting
  • 100% Feed Management
  • Custom Marketplace Design
  • Digital Marketing Assistance
  • Cloud Computing & Contact Center
  • Result-based Email Marketing

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How Go4customer BPO Services X-formed e-Commercial Customer Care


Next-gen Call Center Outsourcing at your disposal

We make call center outsourcing a viable choice for businesses to achieve growth. We deliver best call center services by maintaining high training standards, integrating AI and data driven technology and offering 360° customer support. With us, you invest in customer relations built on trust and exceptional experience.