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Migrate Seamlessly to the Cloud with our Immaculate Solutions!

Go4customer cloud setup and migration services: Achieve hassle-free transition to the cloud

Adopt our strategic cloud solutions to spur innovation, agility and efficiency

Top-of-the-Line Cloud Solutions

Experience Risk-free Transition to the Cloud with Go4customer

In order to thrive in today’s unpredictable business scenario, enterprises need to demonstrate sufficient agility and responsiveness. They can achieve this by integrating their legacy applications and systems with the ubiquitous cloud technology. Such a transition demands an experienced cloud service provider who can conduct an exhaustive assessment of their existing systems and ensure a seamless migration.

As an illustrious cloud consulting services provider, we at Go4customer have helped innumerable businesses meet their cloud goals in the most hassle-free manner.

We follow a systematic approach to cloud migration that includes:

Assessment of your Existing Environment : As the initial step in the migration process, we thoroughly assess your existing applications and resources in order to identify which applications and workloads should be migrated and which ones are better left on old servers. We scrutinize your existing infrastructure to identify how to migrate the applications and optimize them for efficiency.

Choosing the Right Cloud Environment (Public/Private/Hybrid): After an exhaustive assessment of your current environment, we decide which cloud environment best suits your needs. The alternative chosen depends on your requirements with respect to data security, flexibility, scalability, control and budget.

Determining the Architecture : Once an appropriate cloud environment has been chosen, we determine the architecture, components, storage and computing power required for migration.

Planning the Migration : In the planning stage, we decide the time of migration, the order of migration of applications, deadlines and changes to end-user processes.

Deployment of Cloud Environment : We create a backup of your existing servers and data to ensure you lose nothing. Once the cloud has been deployed, we migrate your existing data to the cloud in order to maintain business continuity. After all the data has been moved, we test all the connections to ensure everything is implemented as per the plan and make appropriate changes wherever required.

Monitoring the Implementation : Once the migration has been successfully executed, we monitor, identify and fix issues that might come up with the cloud.

With a long and proven expertise in the cloud, we offer multi-cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. We have also created our own cloud platform through our world-class data centers at multiple locations across India. We have a team of over 200 cloud architects to construct cloud architectures that are aligned with the needs of your business and address your most pressing concerns.

Our state-of-the-art cloud solutions offer a myriad benefits:

Swift Deployment : With the cloud, the deployment of software and applications can be carried out in a structured manner. A cloud based system eradicates the need for setting up additional servers and operating systems.

Simplified Infrastructure : Our cloud consulting services reduce the complexity of infrastructure underlying the architecture being used to provision new machines deployed to provide the needed services.

Augmented Security : We leave no stone unturned in keeping sensitive data safeguarded from unsolicited intrusion and deploy automatic security updates to ward off vulnerabilities.

Effective Monitoring: We offer efficacious monitoring to help you identify when an application has issues or is experiencing an outage.

Automatic Backup : Automatic backup allows speedy recovery of data and workloads in case of a disaster such as power outage.

Enhanced Flexibility and Collaboration : Cloud being location-agnostic allows teams based in different locations to collaborate with the utmost ease and zero lapses.

Bolstered Returns : Our cloud consulting services offer auto-scaling i.e. you can provision more services when needed and turn them off when they aren’t. This eliminates unscheduled downtime and trims down operational expenses, resulting in amplified returns.

As a two-decade-old IT industry veteran, we boast of unparalleled domain expertise and robust migration capabilities that make for a smooth cloud migration. We also offer assistance in building cloud-native applications from scratch.

Our cutting-edge infrastructure, client-focused approach and strong partnerships with leading cloud platform providers have helped us carve an indelible name in the cloud industry. If you are seeking unmatched cloud services, Go4customer is the answer.

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We deliver tangible results that speed up innovation and drive efficiency!

Key Differentiators

Long and Proven Expertise in Cloud Technology

Top-notch Migration Capabilities

Automated Deployment of Security Updates

Effectual Monitoring of Applications

Why Us?

As a veteran in cloud technology, we adopt a methodical approach while developing a cloud solution for your enterprise. We diligently analyze your challenges and tailor solutions that fulfill your most pressing requirements.

Commitment to Excellence That Sets Go4customer Apart

  • Agile Methodology

  • Non-disruptive Migration

  • Client-Focused Approach

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Immaculate Track-Record

  • Strong Partnerships

How Go4customer Cloud Migration Services X-formed Businesses

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