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It Is Time For Your Business To Break A New Dawn!

Go4customer Online Reputation Management Services: making your first impression a Big Bang in the online-verse

Let us be the platform on which to build your online prestige!

The Ace of Spades in Online Reputation Management

Avoiding Online Reputation Management Can Potentially Damage Your Brand Name

Traditionally, big corporate houses reach people on conventional platforms like television advertisements, radio, press releases and newspapers. They can afford celebrities to endorse their products. The point being, they can control the disseminated information and manipulate it to their best interests.

But, with the advent of the digitized age, everyone has access to the Internet. Everyone has cheap and feasible promotional tactics to advertise their brand on social media forums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

But, this boon comes with collateral damage to which every single business having a prominent online presence is vulnerable. Here, news spreads like wildfire and the probability of it reaching the masses becomes manifold if it is negative or derogatory. Unfortunately, it influences public opinion very quickly. Companies now don’t have control over what is being said about them.

As every cloud has a silver lining, this problem also has a solution-Online Reputation Management. Online reputation comprises of whatever is said or published about an organization on the World Wide Web.

According to research conducted by, businesses availing ORM services experienced growth 24% faster than their peers. It defines ORM as” how others see the organization when they look for it online”. It is a technique of spreading electronic Word of Mouth on the internet. Therefore, these are the following main factors that influence ORM:-

  • Online presence and reviews
  • Social media platforms
  • Surveying and analytics
  • Comparing OMR of competitors and scoring

On the basis of information control, we can divide OMR into two heads, namely:

  • Online Reputation under organizational control - it includes official correspondence platforms like the company website, social media accounts, press releases, advertisements in traditional and contemporary media that are managed and controlled by the organization.
  • O.R. outside organizational control - it includes surveys conducted by rating agencies like CIBIL, Moody’s, Fitch, etc., online review forums like Yelp, Amazon Customer Reviews, Twitter, Yahoo! Local Listings etc. and other social media platforms where consumers or frustrated competitors can express their unadulterated opinion about an organization.

ORM is invariably built online through these regulated and unregulated means, which makes a service provider vulnerable to continuous unexpected attacks and destructive criticism. That is why in ‘The System For Assessing The Online Reputation Of Banks’, P.Rajzak claims that “Organizations need to be informed about what is spread through the Internet about them.”

Need for Online Reputation Management

Kim van den Wijngaard & Peter Boermans in ‘Everything A Hotel Manager Should Know About: Online Reputation Management’ have observed that ORM is the opinion of a customer about the service provider. It is significant for three reasons:-

  • The company gets to know about public opinion.
  • They can positively react to critical reviews.
  • By indulging in a conversation about itself, the company gets an opportunity to take control of it.

How we can build a positive Online Reputation

There is no vindication to the blunder which your company can make by not going online and ignoring the importance of OMR. There are many online techniques through which a positive image of your company could be created. Here are some tactics:-

Become social media savvy - your positive and warm response to any comment on these platforms could potentially affect your brand. Start by:-

  • Advertising your brand on these forums.
  • Posting transparent and quality content more often.
  • Constant monitoring for damaging reviews.
  • Greeting visitors warmly and trying to solve their queries.

Handling negativity with patience and cool temperament - former employees, dissatisfied consumers and disgruntled competitors may post fake and ingenuine negative remarks about your organization. So, you need to look out for the following:-

  • Keep a tab on former employees- they may leak classified information.
  • Handle negative comments with patience and calm
  • Keep an eye open for satirical memes and videos for getting a picture of public opinion and anonymously try to control its dissemination.

Get hold of analytics applications

These applications tell you about the nature of traffic on your site by keeping track of the following things:-

  • From which site visitors were redirected to your site
  • The time they spend on the site
  • How deep they delved and accessed information from your site

Why do we need ORM - Monumental faux pas by negative OMR

There are many international brands that have tasted bitter gourds by ignoring the public opinions of netizens. This resulted in significant lowering of their overall prestige.

The JP Morgan Chase ORM disaster

Shaggy foresight and overconfidence regarding the brand name in the eyes of consumers led the world-leading financial services provider into deep mud in 2013. They started a Twitter Q&A session with Jimmy Lee, who is a top executive at the firm, as a bona fide attempt to increase their transparency. They were overwhelmed with Twitterati's negative responses. Next day, they aborted the exercise and declaimed it a PR blunder.

Nestle’s ORM failure

Nestle’s plan of not following the pro-environmental practices led them to face vehement criticism. They decided to ignore them. Netizens started posting satirical versions of their logo to show their disapproval. The movement turned very aggressive as it pressurized Nestle into closing their online profiles a few years ago.

Key Differentiators

Round-the-Clock Monitoring to avert Negative Publicity

Emphasis on Creating Relevant, Engaging Content

Advanced Analytics for Scrutinizing Social Channels

Agile Crisis Management Team

Why Us?

We carry out comprehensive monitoring of your brand on online and offline channels to reinforce your image and avert any crisis. With our ORM services, you fortify your online presence, bolster your credibility and remain safeguarded from negative PR attacks.

We Are Here To Take Nurturing Care of Your ORM

As an ORM provider, we deeply understand the challenges faced by the organizations in maintaining their positive reviews online. We are aware of the hurdles that come along and how quickly they can add disrepute to a well-established brand. So, we are here to take care of your online repute and save your brand name from the smudges of online attacks.

We foster great care in catering to your needs, and a vision to help you in becoming the pole star above the online zenith!

Why Go4customer ORM Is Exactly What You Need!

  • 24X7 Monitoring

  • Increase in profits

  • Boost in the level of trust

  • Best in class rating

  • Enhanced brand image

  • Attract the best talent

How Go4customer Online Reputation Management Services have X-formed Businesses