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Collaborative Customer Support Services : A New Generation BPO Service Support


Business process outsourcing focuses on providing innovative and value-added solutions to customers. The service providers focus on building close partnerships between clients and customers. Many new generation call centers are increasingly collaborating with their clients, which helps them in improving their top-line performance along with delivering their traditional customer support services to the bottom-line. The new generation service providers have evolved as a result of changing equations of the buy and supply side businesses across the supply chain network.

As the companies are re-engineering their existing organizational structures and looking for innovating their current products and services, BPO companies are progressively shifting their focus from offering product-centric services to a customer-centric business model.

Is Customer-Centric Business Model a New Paradigm Shift for BPOs

Accelerating a trend towards call center collaboration aids businesses to continuously increase their profitability by lowering the overall overhead costs and demanding high-quality customer support services from the third-party vendors.

Companies are looking out for hiring service providers that offer more than just lowering their operational costs. They are seeking services that entirely transform their value stream by optimizing their business processes. To achieve this, organizations need to bridge communication across the entire supply chain network to improve their business performance. This is why companies are turning towards new notions like Six Sigma and business process automation.

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Outbound customer support India effectively meets this challenge by following a host of continuous improvement methods that drive client's decisions and provides end-to-end business solutions. Moreover, customer service in India complies with standard Service Level Agreements to provide their clients with round the clock customer support. This means BPO units are required to build, deploy, and expertise in the following services:

1. Developing a relationship strategy for implementing activities related to change management. This is important for effectively deploying a collaborative development program

2. Continuous training and improvement of manpower

3. Collaborative project selection, management, and infrastructure development

4. Robust project implementation strategy to facilitate continuous improvement in business operations

5. A dedicated team capable of delivering customer services. This  strengthens customer relation and improves retention ratio

Hence, by combining these efforts, call centers together with their clients can coerce the interests of each other. This, in turn, creates a win-win experience. 

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