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Tips & Tricks: How to Secure Your WhatsApp Chat?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Feb 21, 2020 11:35:31 am

Want to connect with a cousin to show off your new prom dress?... WhatsApp Video Call…Checked! Planning to expand the business by connecting directly with customers?... WhatsApp Business Account… Checked! Having spontaneous party plans?... WhatsApp Instant Chat… Checked! WhatsApp is one for all solutions when it comes to serving the daily obligations of its customers via its customer support services. Cu... Read more>>

10 Commandments to Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 26, 2019 06:40:33 pm
call centers india

In the modern world, customer service is now an integral part and an essential plus of the whole buying process. Whether a customer is purchasing a product or subscribing to a service, he/she expects the company to be backed by an effective customer care department. Since customers are the most vital asset of any company, improving this front is critical. You can ensure enhanced growth and conversions if you implement some effec... Read more>>

9 Methods to Inspire Customers to Provide Good Reviews

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 23, 2019 11:18:30 am

One bad comment or review by a customer can easily cancel out 10 good ones. And then, a company must spend time re-building its reputation. Customers post reviews everywhere, especially on social media and on review sites. It is the responsibility of a business to know anytime a comment or review is written and to access those immediately with rapid responses. Letting any negative comment hang out there without a response tells consu... Read more>>

What resources can businesses use to improve telephone customer support?

Posted by Guest Author on Nov 20, 2019 01:05:57 pm

Introduction In order to provide full-circle quality service and value to your customers, your customer support has to be top-notch, no matter which industry you’re in. Many businesses focus on departments that directly boost revenue, such as sales or marketing. Still, even though customer service is a support business activity, its importance cannot be highlighted enough. Customer support serves as a first-hand represent... Read more>>

The most Enquired Queries on Customer Support Outsourcing!

Posted by Prachi Priya on Oct 09, 2019 12:14:10 pm

Answering repetitive customer calls is very annoying and nobody wants to listen to repetitive queries simultaneously. However, these calls play a significant role in running a business. Customer calls when answered on time with adequate explanations build business brand image, strengthens the customers’ trust in the business service, and therefore is of great importance. Every organization knows the significance of maintaining ... Read more>>

5 Effective Ways AI Is Powering Data Management Success

Posted by Guest Author on Jul 30, 2019 12:31:24 pm
Effective Ways AI Is Powering Data Management Succes

Enterprises are constantly looking to maximize the potential of their data. This has led to numerous technological innovations being applied to the field of information management. In this article, we are discussing how AI is powering data management success at businesses. About 95% of organizations need assistance in handling their unstructured information. At the same time, another study suggests that 59% of business executives feel t... Read more>>

An insight into Call Center Outsourcing

Global enterprises strive to attain service excellence so that they can stay ahead in a competitive...

BSNL Augmented Business Performances with Go4customer

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) started its operation and installed...

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