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The technological revamp witnessed by the last decade has paced up the growth of each and every industry. IT tools have crept deeply into the crevices of every facet of an enterprise in an attempt to bridge the gaps and ensure unbridled success. But, with great utility comes great responsibility for user satisfaction.

Every utility company is going on a roller coaster ride due to the changing dynamics of political, geological and societal orders and beliefs. Non-inclusion of needful tech-tools and economy-related regulations have impacted them and their customer base negatively. New inventions in the field of renewable and non-renewable resources, intractable customer behavioural patterns and economic volatility have made the energy and utility sector susceptible to constant updating and renovation. The sectors also face inevitable challenges like unrealistic customers’ expectations, superannuation of experienced workforce and decline in productivity due to the ageing workforce, long gestation period of the utility industry, old and technologically backward assets, increment in workload pressure due to the higher standards of metropolitan lifestyles etc.

These factors create an environment for the induction of relevant technological tools and a workforce which is deft in operating these. But, this opens a new Pandora’s Box, because finding a reliable and efficient source is an arduous exercise. Go4customer, an experienced provider of innovative technology and IT related ideas and services, can help each and every energy and utility company elevate the customer experience by integrating existing services deeply with the modern gifts of technologies like Cloud platforms, RPA, BPO services, Artificial Intelligence- based chatbot and IoT, etc.

Infrastructure monitoring

Remote monitoring of energy and utility infrastructure and call center services solutions could be materialized via call center outsourcing services offered by Go4customer. The amalgamation of Information Technology and operational technology, integrated and optimized with the Internet of Things (IoT),A+ website evaluation through online reputation management will offer a new range of solutions through which cost-effective and sustainable entrepreneurship could be achieved. Reduction of liabilities and increment in the productivity of assets is the key to generating profitable revenue.

Cloud-based solutions

Introducing cloud technology into a utility company could transform the process of its maintenance and management. Safety and security is another utility of the cloud that suits every utility and energy company owner. Go4customer is the leading brand in offering outstanding support and innovative ideas, in addition to offering cloud-based solutions for advanced technological problems in customer service. Remote accessing of the humongous data, which becomes nearly impossible to store conveniently physically, could act as a boon to this industry because the cloud offers unlimited space for customer data storage.

Satisfied customers

Nothing satisfies customers more than transparency. To offer this facet, Go4customer offers experienced call center agents to handle customers’ calls. The utility sector is under a constant attack from the users because they fail to understand how it works. Taking all the transactions like invitation and allotment of tenders, generation of invoices, round the clock customer support, etc. and different processes of online reputation management increases transparency manifold and also build trust in the hearts of the customers.

Digital Analytics and Artificial intelligence

To offer satisfactory and up to the mark services and assistance to customers with a distinguished call center, an able company owner must know what the client wants from the service provider. A dispute redress call center and a feedback generating call center can be used to categorize common customer queries. Standard forms offered to customers for general problems also help in gathering data and information about the efficiency and productivity of existing call center services. Go4customer offers intelligent, smart and user-friendly call center outsourcing solutions which make the whole exercise not just a formality towards existing customers but a successful effort at adding more customers.

BPO customer services

Go4customer, as an established brand in the BPO service industry, is under a constant obligation to offer the best response to customers 24X7 through customized manual support and AI-based chatbot. It is traditionally impossible to offer these services satisfactorily in the utility sector due to continually irate customers. But, this is what this industry needs. Constant and effective communication with customers is the key to reach the zenith of cost-effective solutions.

Finance and accounting

It is not at all easy to play with numbers. Ledgers and balance sheets often boggle the mind, especially when accounting for thousands of invoices from and to customers. A small inadvertent mistake could land the whole utility company into vicious legal battles and monetary frauds. To eliminate these contingencies and scope of human errors, maintaining a digital book of accounts seems a plausible and possible solution for this problem.

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