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Omnichannel Customer service is the need of the hour and will become the “new normal” in 2022.

Offer the best customer experience, increase user engagement and save time and resources for your agents, with Omnichannel customer service solutions.

What is Omnichannel customer service?

Omnichannel customer service acts as an umbrella center to hold customer data across all channels so your support agents can quickly access the required customer data and metrics according to their needs, across touchpoints or channels, in a singular dashboard. This enables agents to share context and notes about the customer’s concerns and actions during previous interactions with the support team across channels. As a result, customers don’t have to repeat their issues while talking to a new customer service agent.

Why is omnichannel customer support important in 2022?

Looking at the emerging trends in customer service, offering ease to the customers is the key to retaining them. With omnichannel support, clients are provided several approaches to have interaction with companies. Not simply one. An omnichannel method connects the studies throughout the channels by making the client enjoy absolutely seamless. Failing to achieve this can also additionally bring about better churn, vulnerable client relationships, and finally an exponential hit in commercial enterprise revenue. Hence, it's vital for manufacturers to make an aware desire to be gifted through extraordinary channels, be it their availability over phone calls, social media, messaging/ SMS, chatbots, or self-service.

Channel choice - Allow customers to contact via Voice, Chats, SMS, Messaging apps (eg: WhatsApp) and email.

Omnichannel experience - Provide consistency to your customers and rescue their efforts

Work-from-home-enables - Maintain critical work, even during times of emergency lockdowns or outages.

Personalised engagement - Integrate customer engagement data and CRM for delivering hyper-personalised engagement experience.

Flexible module - Add omnichannel capabilities to your existing channels of communication without any downtime.

Benefits of offering omnichannel customer service

Quick delivery of service

Today customers want efficient services, irrespective of their chosen channel of communication. With an omnichannel customer care approach, companies can quickly resolve the issues of the customers as various touchpoints for support converge into one platform. This makes it easier for the agents to enable a unified flow of information across channels and deliver quick solutions to the customer.

Consolidating the context

Customer service executives rely heavily on the context of the customer problem to deliver suitable solutions. In the legacy systems, customers needed to repeat themselves every time they were communicating with an agent, making the process cumbersome and tedious. Omnichannel customer service eradicates the need for repetition and makes the process smooth.

Better user experience

Customer service is all about enhancing the user experience and offering maximum value to the end-user. With omnichannel customer service, customers get more value than legacy systems with minimal efforts from their end. It ensures that you as a brand, care for your customer and every information they give, is of the highest value to you.

Better brand visibility

Customers talk about what they like and don’t like about a brand. Simplifying the support process for the customers is a great way to enhance your brand image and overall impressions in the eyes of the customer. That not only helps in retaining your existing customers but also helps in growing your customer base.


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