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The annual rate of growth in the US healthcare sector is 22-25%, which makes it a sector which has the potential to be exploited in terms of economic growth. The cost of surgery in US is about one-tenth of that provided in other developed countries like the US, thus promoting medical tourism and medical call center services along with AI-based chatbot and IoT. This growth is due to an increase in healthcare awareness, economic stability, and access to insurance services. Therefore, it has become crucial to modernize the healthcare sector, which is closely connected with insurance. The availability of high-tech tools and machines in hospitals and primary healthcare centers (PHCs) has opened new opportunities for employment generation.

On the other hand, the insurance sector is still underdeveloped and ignored. According to, “Overall insurance penetration (premiums as a percentage of GDP) in US reached 3.69 percent in 2017 from 2.71 percent in 2001.” It is evident from the given fact that this market could be exploited to its full potential by making it more feasible to reach the general public by availing the call center outsourcing services and connecting it with the healthcare business. The US government has tried to do the same by launching the ambitious ‘Ayushman Bharat.’

Go4customer, a pioneer enterprise which promotes and believes in providing innovative and economically feasible tech-based solutions for customers, has ingenious ideas for remodeling and connecting both the healthcare and insurance sectors. The dearth of technical and business call center services support has hindered the progress of the insurance and healthcare sectors. This is the reason why the public healthcare system has suffered miserably. At Go4customer, we encourage insurance as well as both public and private healthcare centers to make their services a hit.

Augmenting client’s participation

At Go4customer, we strive hard to join the dots between key players of the medical ecosystem, namely patients, business owners, customers, healthcare service providers, and the pharmaceutical industry. With a comprehensive framework to take everyone under one umbrella through our breakthrough tech-savvy tools like IoT, chatbot, virtual assistants, we make sure that your customers have an astounding experience while dealing with you , when your business has successfully acquired the services of online reputation management. It is has been proved by empirical evidence that enhancing customer satisfaction helps in retaining them in the long term.

Revolutionary cloud services

It has become imperative, with growing medical tourism and with rocketing lifestyle diseases, to identify and track down people in need of an ideal insurance policy and incidental healthcare services at their fingertips. This would need the collating of massive data from various sources like hospitals, clinics, pathology labs, and insurance companies: mainly those enterprises that provide life insurance and medical cover against contingencies. Go4customer’s cloud technology will prove path-breaking in the domain of processing and accessing this vast data from the abovementioned sources through its unbeatable call center outsourcing services for retrieving the customer data.

Building IT infrastructure

Worldwide, Go4customer has been providing exemplary IT and business process services since 2001, and has been decorated with many State awards. Our vehement belief in endowing and creating innovatory solutions have helped us in materializing intricate IT operations and revamping of IT setups via online reputation management with positive results for potential healthcare businesses and customers.

Application services

Our application-based business strategies have resulted in the optimization of traditional healthcare and insurance businesses with state of the art technical assistance and data support. Go4customer’s team of experienced and dexterous engineers and marketing pundits works at all levels in the system’s hierarchy to extensively monitor the symbiotic relationship between different verticals. Our aim and objectives are to reduce hurdles like high costs of healthcare and non- availability in the time of need, and to improve engagement of customers with insurance.

Digital analytics

Go4customer eases the deadlocks between customers, healthcare providers and insurance services via our incredible solutions. With our top-notch digital and analytics services, you could realize your healthcare business goals while increasing customers. Digital revamping has the potential to completely change the schematics of insurance and healthcare organizations, which adds to its credential on the economic plane.

Finance and Accounts

Maintaining monetary transactions from their provenance until their end is not without complications. The catacombs of numbers and complex nature of the capital flow makes it a humongous task for any industry to manage, and there is no scope of making mistakes, nor is there any vindication for the same. Go4customer identifies how the finances and accounts of businesses that are active in the insurance and healthcare industry could be managed in a smooth and consistent manner for stakeholders.

Conclusively, Go4customer is ready to share innovative ideas for the healthcare and insurance sector to ensure that they are strongly poised for the innately unpredictable future.

How Go4customer BPO Services X-formed Healthcare Customer Care

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