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Choosing Customer Support Service Vs Choosing Customer Support Team

Posted by Sunny Morgan on Jun 28, 2023 11:40:24 am

When considering the concept of customer support service, your initial thoughts might gravitate toward call centers and dedicated service representatives who diligently respond to phone calls, emails, and chat messages. Essentially, every agent is pr... Read more>>

Customer Service Trends Likely to Continue This Year

Posted by Sunny Morgan on Jun 13, 2023 03:02:02 pm

As we move ahead with technological advancements, from telephones to computers to the internet and social media, the customer service industry has also evolved. Previously, interactions were limited to in-person or snail mail, but now we witness the ... Read more>>

Learning Conflict Management Skills for Effective Customer Support Service

Posted by Sunny Morgan on Nov 15, 2022 10:57:50 am

Conflict management is a skill that everybody should learn. It is one of the intrinsic parts of one’s lifecycle. For leading a successful life - personal or professional, a person is bound to learn life skills, without which it would become qui... Read more>>

Chat Support Services - A Way to Accelerate Sales and Enhance Customer Experience

Posted by Akash Jaiswal on Sep 01, 2022 05:31:27 pm

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of every company, contributing significantly to the development of a devoted clientele and the success of the enterprise. For your business and your clients, chat support services provide a lot of benefits. C... Read more>>

Six reasons why Inbound customer service is pivotal for the retail industry

Posted by Anushka on Oct 01, 2020 02:38:09 pm

One domain that witnessed an inevitable boom, even in such tough times, is the retail and e-commerce industry. With families locked indoors, the delivery network of e-commerce and retails channels ensured the sustenance and safety of everyone. Moreov... Read more>>

Customer Service Outsourcing in BFSI Industry to Transform New Way for Business

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Sep 18, 2020 12:36:41 pm

The advent of technology in each sphere of business is leaping in the forward direction with the latest set of profound technologies and tools. The industries indulge in software development, and mobile development services are seen stepping into ... Read more>>

10 Actionable Tips for Customer Service Conflict Resolution

Posted by Guest Author on Aug 26, 2019 03:54:45 pm

In any type of business, conflicts will happen. Sooner or later, but they will come. Yet, conflicts themselves don’t have to be bad for your business. Alternatively, almost always you can turn them into something good. But it’s the way... Read more>>

Why your Business needs a Cloud-Based Contact Center?

Posted by Prachi Priya on May 29, 2019 10:22:43 am

Contact centers and call centers, called synonyms for each other, generally run on old technologies even today. These old technologies cannot keep up with the expectations of customers and the requirements of various businesses in this fast-changing ... Read more>>

Customer Support Service Becoming Popular in India!

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Nov 26, 2014 06:45:09 pm

Running an organization in a third world country like India is not a cake walk. These days, it is becoming more difficult because of the growing competition in the industry. Organizations have started collaborating with call centers to avail quality ... Read more>>

Toll Free Numbers For Customer Support Service

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Nov 24, 2014 06:35:17 pm

A toll free number is a telephone number that starts with three to four digits. In a toll free number there are minimum 11 digits and it is absolutely free for the person who calls. Calling prices are been paid by the respective organization which ta... Read more>>

Call Centers And Their Uninterrupted Supports

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Aug 23, 2014 01:09:14 pm

There are several misconceptions are understandings which still float around regarding the call center services. People are not aware of the call centers working style and how these are backbones for several organizations. Call centers are basically ... Read more>>

Customer Support Service Is Compatible For Indian Marketplace

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Jul 14, 2014 05:40:36 pm

In spite of tough competition from other locations, India maintains to hold its position as the trailblazer in accommodating BPO companies to deliver customer support services to clients across the globe. A recent market research study says that the ... Read more>>

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