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Customer Service Trends Likely to Continue This Year

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Customer Service Trends Likely to Continue This Year  Go4_customer

As we move ahead with technological advancements, from telephones to computers to the internet and social media, the customer service industry has also evolved. Previously, interactions were limited to in-person or snail mail, but now we witness the dominance of AI systems, virtual representatives, and human interactions through social media, live chat, and occasional phone calls. 


Today's customer experience has empowered customers, allowing them to dictate how, when, and where they engage with service representatives. To stay abreast of these ever-changing trends, we have compiled a list of the most significant ones all now. Our experts from BPO teams have provided us with some valuable information and we would be glad to share those information this time, to help you improve customer service. 


Before getting into recent trends, let us first check out the basic characteristics of a well-performing customer support service.


Being Responsive

Yes, good customer support service is proactive to customer needs. So, they are very quick at addressing the queries, concerns, and issues of customers. Also, they promptly take necessary actions on the corresponding problems. That is a top-notch characteristic of a reliable customer support service. 

Knowledgeable Enough

The support team always has information readily available. The customers must be able to get any product or service-related information instantly. The agents always have in-depth knowledge of customers’ usual problems. Also, they are trained enough to provide the customers with relevant information and resolution based on their queries and concern. 

Being Empathetic

The quality of being empathetic is an unspoken yet intrinsic part of good customer support service. The agents are fundamentally good at listening to customers’ pain points and doubts. Demonstrating empathy is the only way to customers’ hearts; therefore, it also manifests a positive customer experience. 

Effective Communication

The foremost requirement for becoming an excellent contact center service is to have proficient communication skills. Whether it is an agent or manager, everyone should manifest good communication skills for effective customer handling. Good communication skill is a sign that you are good at articulating your views and explaining things. 

Good Problem-Solver

A dull or mediocre customer support agent would follow the script and would do nothing beyond what he/she is assigned. However, a competent one excels in providing relevant solutions and participates in problem-solving tasks genuinely. A good contact center service always recruits skilled troubleshooters good at identifying the root cause of the problem and searching for better alternatives. 

Personalized Assistance

The difference between providing normal assistance and personalized assistance is that in personalized assistance, an agent takes genuine interest and concern in providing customer service support the customer. The agent tailors his/her efforts and approaches to suit the specific needs of the customer which eventually improves the overall customer experience twofold. A customer must feel valued during the conversation. 

Multi-Channel Support

Providing easy access to customer support service is more important than the service itself. Many customer service outsourcers know this fact so they always render their support on all the prominent channels such as phone, email and chat support, and social media too. Customers must feel easy to choose from all the available communication modes. 

Proactiveness in Support

Experts of customer support outsourcers tell customer support can be a very simple and convenient job if you are only there to follow protocols and scripts. However, if you wish to excel you need to go the extra mile in your support delivery. Good customer support services are good at anticipating potential issues and so, they always keep their respective solutions handy whenever the time comes. 

Continuous Improvement

Let us just accept the fact that no customer support company is perfect. There is always an area of improvement in every team. A good team always strives for continuous improvement and fosters dedication toward it. They always strive for providing the best customer experience and for that, they regularly analyze customer feedback and conduct training for performance enhancement. 

Manifest Positivity

Customer support outsourcers know how tedious customer support is, and it is pretty easy to lose motivation in the process of listening to countless customer inquiries, concerns, problems, and frustrations. Therefore, it is imperative that every team must maintain a positive and professional demeanor while providing support. Furthermore, you must exhibit patience, diligence, and politeness during challenging situations. 

Customer Service Trends Useful for Every Customer-Centric Company

Our business landscape is evolving at a higher pace, and staying updated on the latest trends and techniques in customer support services is crucial. The importance of keeping pace with these advancements cannot be overstated. Customers' expectations and preferences are continually changing, influenced by technological innovations, social media, and shifting market dynamics. 

By staying informed and adapting to these trends, businesses can gain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Embracing new technologies, adopting innovative strategies, and understanding emerging customer demands enables companies to provide personalized, efficient, and proactive support. 

Moreover, by staying updated, businesses can anticipate future challenges and capitalize on new opportunities, ultimately driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business success. In this dynamic era, staying current with customer support trends is not just an option; it's a necessity for organizations striving to thrive in a customer-centric environment.

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Customer Support Service Will Become Backbone of Many Companies

A majority of business leaders and experts in customer support outsourcing companies would agree to the fact, 73% to be precise, acknowledge a clear correlation between customer service and the overall performance of their organizations. Customer service is paramount for maintaining the image and reputation of every brand. 

Furthermore, 64% of these leaders affirm that customer service has a favorable influence on business growth. Consequently, businesses across the board are augmenting their investments in all aspects of customer service to guarantee customer satisfaction. In the following discussion, we will delve into the key focal points to watch out for.

Customers' Demand for Personalized Experiences will Increase

When customers reach out to your team, their desire is to be treated as individuals, not mere numbers. They seek the assurance that their case holds significance and that your representatives genuinely care about resolving their issues. Employing a standardized approach to every customer interaction creates a sense of detachment and fails to acknowledge the unique nature of each support case. 

Research indicates that customers are inclined to exclusively purchase from brands that demonstrate an understanding of their specific needs. In fact, 66% of customers expect companies to comprehend their expectations and requirements. 

This necessitates preparedness to handle unforeseen situations and minimizes the need for last-minute problem-solving. Even if a customer presents a request that falls outside your usual practices, your team should display adaptability and a willingness to accommodate their needs. Flexibility and a personalized approach are key to nurturing customer satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.

Businesses Will Prioritize Customer Experience Even More

As customers gain more influence in the buying process, an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the paramount importance of prioritizing customer experience over other acquisition strategies. In fact, a significant 63% of companies are dedicating more time and resources to prioritize enhancing the customer experience. This shift in focus has a direct impact on customer expectations, which are now reaching new heights. 

Consequently, if your business fails to prioritize customer experience, there is a risk of not meeting customer needs and potentially lagging behind competitors. To stay competitive in this dynamic market, it is crucial to proactively prioritize and invest in delivering exceptional customer experiences that align with the evolving expectations of your target audience. Experts of customer support outsourcers impress on this factor. 

Direct and Face-to-Face Video Support is Mandated

In the past, face-to-face video was primarily used as an internal tool for conducting meetings between different offices or team members in separate departments. Since COVID-19, video communication has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity as businesses were compelled to adapt to remote or hybrid work environments.

1. Nowadays, platforms like Zoom have become commonplace as organizations increasingly recognize the value of face-to-face video communication, both internally and when interacting with customers. 

2. This shift has been well-received by customers, with a significant 70% expressing a preference for using video calling in customer service interactions.

3. Furthermore, a staggering 94% of customers rate video support as a positive experience. By incorporating video into your customer service toolkit, you can offer live streaming as a support channel.

4. Also, conduct office hours or Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to address queries related to your products and services, create engaging product tutorials, and even live stream events.

Embracing video as part of your customer service strategy opens up new avenues to enhance customer satisfaction and engagement, allowing for more personalized and interactive experiences that cater to the evolving preferences of your target audience. Video customer support is highly interactive and engaging for both customers and agents. 

Automation for Non-Strategic Mundane Tasks

In the realm of customer service, it is not uncommon to find yourself performing repetitive tasks multiple times in a single day. Whether it involves resolving common issues, transferring calls to specialized departments, or sending follow-up notes to customers, certain actions can become monotonous or routine over the course of your workday. 

This is where AI in alleviating the workload for customer service personnel.

Through the utilization of APIs and workflows, routine functions such as case assignments can be automated. Additionally, chatbots have emerged as capable tools for handling customer inquiries without the immediate involvement of a human representative. Notably, customers themselves exhibit a preference for automated interactions when it comes to simple tasks, as depicted in the graph below.

By implementing AI technologies, customer service teams can streamline their workflows, reduce repetitive tasks, and free up valuable time for more complex and high-value interactions with customers. This not only enhances the efficiency of the customer service process but also aligns with customer preferences, ultimately leading to improved satisfaction and overall service experience.


Google and other search engines have transformed how consumers seek information. Instead of immediately calling support lines, people now turn to Google to find solutions. More than 69% of consumers prefer self-service, leading businesses to invest in self-help options. Even a knowledge base or FAQ page can empower customers to find solutions independently, enhancing satisfaction and reducing support dependency.


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