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Revolutionizing Customer Service: How Social Media is Transforming Call Center Operations

Posted by Janvi Anand on Feb 08, 2024 02:59:46 pm

Ever wondered how social media is turning the tables on traditional customer service? In a world where digital dynamics shape our every interaction, the fusion of social media and call center operations has sparked a revolution in customer service. P... Read more>>

How Do Phone Answering Services Help to Grow Your Business Reputation Worldwide?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal on Jun 01, 2022 11:14:50 am

In this age, phone answering services are booming. Why? This is because it is the most common way that is used by various organizations to deliver better customer service. Today, when customers contact an organization and after that, if they need to ... Read more>>

Why Does Omnichannel Customer Service Matter for the Businesses?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal on May 24, 2022 02:52:46 pm

Omnichannel customer service refers to a better customer experience strategy that creates a connection for customer interaction across various channels. Organizations that aim to provide exceptional customer experience using this attribute help them ... Read more>>

Call Center Best Practices to Enhance Customer Services in 2025

Posted by Akash Jaiswal on May 03, 2022 12:26:45 pm

What will the call center service look like in 2025? Let’s talk about the call center in the future. As we know, today technologies are becoming popular day by day. Every year, it comes with something new that makes call center life easier. Agr... Read more>>

Top Chatbots Improving Customer Service in India

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Feb 12, 2020 12:40:38 pm

Hi, how can I help you?... Send a message, How’s the traffic to the nearest road, Make me laugh and Set a Reminder are few prompt, that you are going to encounter once you connect with Google Assistant. The AI-based technology has made l... Read more>>

How to Improve Customer Service Skills

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 27, 2019 05:08:12 pm

Service is what most of us are doing and looking for. It doesn’t matter what kind of or which type of service it is. The broader category by which we can differentiate this is behind the system and the phone call. Customer service is one thing ... Read more>>

10 Commandments to Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 26, 2019 06:40:33 pm

In the modern world, customer service is now an integral part and an essential plus of the whole buying process. Whether a customer is purchasing a product or subscribing to a service, he/she expects the company to be backed by an effective cust... Read more>>

9 Methods to Inspire Customers to Provide Good Reviews

Posted by Guest Author on Dec 23, 2019 11:18:30 am

One bad comment or review by a customer can easily cancel out 10 good ones. And then, a company must spend time re-building its reputation. Customers post reviews everywhere, especially on social media and on review sites. It is the responsibility... Read more>>

3 Ways Inimitable Customer Service Unlocks New Sales-related Possibilities

Posted by Rahul Garg on Sep 26, 2019 03:27:22 pm

To rule the business world, you must make a maximum profit at the end of the day, right? But the factor that ensures continuous sales growth is the quality of post-sales solutions. Of course, customers purchase products with the hope of not encounter... Read more>>

How to Offer Cross-Channel Customer Service

Posted by Guest Author on Sep 21, 2019 02:29:22 pm

When you think about corporate customer service, platitudes are a dime a dozen. Every consumer has heard “the customer is always right,” and “customers first” more times than they can count, but it takes actions — not ju... Read more>>

How AI Chatbots Are Modifying Customer Experience?

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Feb 14, 2019 10:24:59 am

INTRODUCTION Recall the last time you chatted with a customer service agent. Perhaps you might have complained regarding the incorrect delivery of an item in the order. There is a high possibility that the agent ... Read more>>

What does great Customer Service mean to you?

Posted by Shashvat on Dec 07, 2018 05:02:22 pm

What is great customer service to you? Is it offering prompt resolutions to customers’ requirements? Or is it meeting your business objectives? Or maybe something else? Through this blog, we are going to unfold the real trait of customer servic... Read more>>

Top 3 Performance Metrics For Better Service Level Agreement

Posted by Shashvat on Sep 20, 2014 04:13:58 pm

Customer service is one of the call center services that offers the solutions to the customers’ problems, queries, and complaints. Companies prefer to outsource these services rather than setting up an in-house premise for the same. The outsour... Read more>>

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