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10 Commandments to Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Posted by Guest Author
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In the modern world, customer service is now an integral part and an essential plus of the whole buying process. Whether a customer is purchasing a product or subscribing to a service, he/she expects the company to be backed by an effective customer care department. Since customers are the most vital asset of any company, improving this front is critical.

You can ensure enhanced growth and conversions if you implement some effective strategies to empower your customer care department. Take it from me. Having worked as a customer service rep to promote triple play packages, I know all the tricks. Take advantage of that and learn how to improve your customer support service skills.

Want to Improve Your Customer Service? Try These 10 Tips

  1. Work on Becoming a Good Listener.
  2. Improve Your Body Language.
  3. Identify Their Needs.
  4. Make Customers Feel Valued.
  5. Understanding Is Crucial.
  6. Say Yes Even When It is Difficult.
  7. Learn How to Apologize.
  8. Try to Give More Than Expected.
  9. Get Regular Feedback.
  10. Treat Your Employees Well.

Work on Becoming a Good Listener

First things first. You need to be a good listener. Consider this essential to the nature of your job. And while you listen to the queries and issues of your customers, pay your full attention to comprehending their concern. Concentrate on what they are saying and recognize their tone. If you are handling the customers at a physical office, notice your customers’ body language. Improving your observation skills will naturally enhance your problem-solving skills.

Making assumptions is a No-No. Take your time to identify the needs of your customers by asking them questions. Make them elaborate on their concerns. Consider these three things while talking to your customers:

  • Effective listening.
  • Undivided attention.
  • Attending to the unattended customers.

Improve Your Body Language

If you are working on the show floor, make sure that your body language is approachable. It should convey sincerity and willingness to help. Make your actions and words congruent to it too.

Identify Their Needs

Do you know that customers don’t buy services and products! They actually buy plausible solutions to their problems and good feelings. They need catharsis. Customers’ needs are more emotional than logical. And you have to cater to that. The more you know about the psyche of your customers, the better you get at identifying and anticipating their needs. Communication is the key.

Make Customers Feel Valued

A trait of a successful customer service expert. Don’t do it like you are doing a job. Get involved with your customers, address their concerns, and offer genuine solutions. Treat them as important individuals. Address them with their names. This will help you make a good relationship with them. Find ways to sincerely compliment them. Sincerity attracts people. It nurtures trust and good feeling.

Customers are sensitive about whether or not you care about them. You have to be genuinely concerned with whatever their concerns are. Make them feel appreciated too.

Understanding Is Crucial

Mutual understanding is important. Just like you are trying to understand their problems, make an effort to help them understand your system. Even if your organization is the best at what it does if you are unable to make your customers understand, expect them to be impatient, confused, and angry. Simplify things and make your customers understand the processes.

Learn How to Apologize

Don’t be reluctant to apologize if something goes wrong. It’s not difficult. And the customers will value your sincerity. Remember, customers are not always right. But it’s important to deal with the problems in a way that they are not offended. Value their complaints and try resolving them. We may dislike these complaints but they are the best opportunities to improve.

Say Yes Even When It is Difficult

Don’t underestimate the power of saying yes. As long as the request, or complain of your customer is reasonable, be willing to help them out. Say yes. Tell them you can do it for them. And then later figure out how to do it. Customers want reassurance and they love the fact that someone is going out of the way to help them.

Try to Give More Than Expected

The future of every business is related to its customers. Keeping them happy is the key to the growth of your business. Businesses are competitive out there. Therefore, you need to consider:

  • What are you offering your customers that they can’t get from a competitor?
  • Are you giving your customers more value than they are expecting?
  • Are your follow-up procedures effective?

Get a Regular Feedback

Always welcome suggestions from your customers. Encouraging suggestions will bring you honest and valuable feedback and you will be able to improve immensely. Also, you need to know what your customers think about services/products. Improvise a method where you can have constructive criticism, suggestions, and comments.  

Treat Your Employees Well

If you are heading a team, make sure you are treating your customers well. Consider them as internal customers who essentially need a consistent dose of encouragement. Having a motivated team with positive energy will help you achieve all your lofty goals. So, treat them with respect and appreciate them.

I learned all these things the hard way, by hit and trial. Because I was only responsible for addressing calls on Spectrum toll-free number. Later, I headed a team of reps and these tips helped me a lot. You can thank me later for these effective strategies!

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