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The most Enquired Queries on Customer Support Outsourcing!

Posted by Prachi Priya

Answering repetitive customer calls is very annoying and nobody wants to listen to repetitive queries simultaneously. However, these calls play a significant role in running a business.

Customer calls when answered on time with adequate explanations build business brand image, strengthens the customers’ trust in the business service, and therefore is of great importance. Every organization knows the significance of maintaining customer satisfaction and this is why outsourcing today is considered a good approach.

The way a business deals with its customers over call and other mediums of communication highlights the possibility of the customer using the business service. When your customer is happy with your business offerings, she/he will continue enjoying the services, but no sooner, the partner feels there are better opportunities outside, attrition takes place.

To save the customers from fleeing away, it is essential to keep them motivated and offer astounding customer support services.

Well, here is where the question arises! Which is better, in-house or outsourced?

It is a big matter of concern for organizations as they feel puzzled thinking on which the most efficient service is! Both in-house and outsourced have their own pros and cons leaving business agents with some pertinent questions in mind.

Firstly, let’s understand by definition.

Customer support outsourcing is the process of hiring a third party vendor to perform business functions. The reason for outsourcing can be lack of time, lack of resources, lack of experience, etc.

In-house operations, on the contrary, perform all the functions in-house without the help of any external staff.

The drawbacks of in-house services are that it sometimes involves experienced agents in performing the monotonous tasks, which may reduce the business development opportunity, as the expert agent is busy in non-productive functions.

While outsourcing saves the business time, money, offers expertise and brings astounding results, in-house operations offer limited benefits, which is the reason outsourced customer support is considered supreme.

As many people are talking about outsourcing and in-house service differences, we team up the answers to the most queried questions by customers.

Check out:

If at times the focus of the in-house staff is on other monotonous tasks, will it affect the business operations?

All small and even well established companies have a second thought on which service is superior, in-house or outsourced!

Business agents have less idea about which service reaches customers in a better manner. This is the reason they query about the effective ways to choose the correct service for business.

Well, in-house agents when involving wholly in customer support service, have the possibility of neglected core operations, which may affect other functions. This is why outsourcing call support is a better option as the in-house staff is free for other tasks.

Will in-house functions fulfill all my business needs?

Nowadays, most businesses wish to go an extra mile. With technological advancements and changing customer needs, companies are worried about having skilled expertise to meet their business needs.

Since hiring and training are expensive, organizations have this concern whether their in-house staff will be able to meet the changing business requirements.

Here is where outsourcing helps!

Outsourced call center agents work for different companies repeatedly and have experience of dealing with different clients. This is why they have an added advantage of managing changing customer demands swiftly. Further, it becomes essential to outsource rather spending on hiring skilled agents in-house.

How to handle an increase in calls?

In this changing work environment, businesses are puzzled with numerous thoughts. One amid all is the issue of handling increased customer calls.

Every business wants to increase first call resolution and do not want its customers to be stressed by waiting in long queues to connect to the business agent to solve their query.

This is why businesses have agents in-house to look after the customer calls, but the issue is, “What if the customer inquiries increase suddenly?”

Well, outsourcing is the solution! Since a small team cannot handle numerous calls alone in-house as the agents may get frustrated handling repetitive calls, so outsourcing to an experienced team to look after the business service is crucial.

Which service is risky?

Both in-house services and customer support outsourcing bring their own possible threats.

In-house services have the restriction of having a limited talent pool where the agents risk other development functions while in the process of looking after customer support tasks.

Additionally, other roadblocks for in house agents are staff attrition, lack of expertise, budget restrictions and much more.

Outsourced customer support, on the other hand, have limitations like lack of business control than in-house operations, hidden costs, management difficulties, security issues, etc.

Which is cost-effective?

Agents want to know the best for their business service. This is why they query about the most feasible service to choose.

While small businesses cannot afford to establish their services in-house integrating all appropriate measures, they find outsourced operations better.

Outsourcing is undoubtedly more cost effective as it saves the business from establishing its own infrastructure, expenses over hiring and training, expense on technological investment and much more. Companies, therefore, opt outsourced customer support service as it is an assured service to bring excellent results and saves time for strategies and business development.

Will I have business control after outsourcing?

This is the most basic query every business agent has. Outsourcing services have an age-old myth that says hiring an external partner will diminish the leaders’ business control.

Well, there is no denying the fact that while performing the business functions in-house the agents have full control over the operations and after outsourcing the same access to services is not possible.

Nevertheless, saying full control is lost is wrong!

Customer support outsourcing only demands to outsource to a reliable partner, with whom you are clear on communication terms with approval that the leaders have notice of business changes.  

This way there is no issue of loss of business control and the development functions are performed without any hassle.

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