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3 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew

Posted by Sakshi Sharma

When it comes to servicing customers, we tend to seek everyone’s opinion. Right from the experts of the industry to our drivers, we feel that everyone might have something or the other to say which would end up helping us to create better customer service experiences. Of course, everyone’s opinion matters and should be taken into consideration, but one thing that we entirely miss upon is customers. Who can tell us better about what customers want than customers themselves? But we somehow tend to overlook that arena. Organizations are so busy hunting down the right things to do that they almost forget to take into consideration the people for whom all of these pains are being taken.

There is no denial of the fact that customers are the main focal point for every organization. And one medium through which they end up interacting the most is a customer call center. This is one platform that bridges the gap between an organization and its customers. If you, as an organization, are able to pay close attention to your customers then you will realize that they are your most valuable source of training. If we take the general scenario into consideration then there are a few common trends that remain consistent irrespective of the industry in which the organization is operating. Some of the key things which our customers have taught us are mentioned below. Hope they are the unsaid indications of your customers as well!

1. Personalization:

Who doesn’t like to be treated in a special way? Well, customers abhor being treated anything but special. The biggest mistake that you can ever make is by treating your customers ordinarily. When you choose to pay close attention to clients and give them personalized services, you make them feel special. This thing is highly advantageous and helps you in creating a lasting impression on your customer’s mind. Rather than training customer call center agents on the different ways to handle queries, it is always a good option to teach them about customization and the various ways in which they can keep it forth.

2. First impression is the last impression:

Our ancestors were knowledgeable folks and these pearls of wisdom are worth swearing by when it comes to servicing customers. It is quite true to stay that you never get another chance to make a first impression. It is extremely crucial to provide a memorable experience to a customer in the first interaction itself. This in no way means that only the first interaction is important. The same level of quality needs to be maintained in the consecutive conversations as well if at all you want to win your customers over. The aim is to create a series of positive memorable experiences for customers. If this goal is truly focussed upon and a customer call center thrives to teach its agents on the same lines then, it would get much easier to engage your customers into long term relationships. The biggest mistake that one can make is by underestimating the potential of first contact.

3. Empathy:

For whom have you set up the massive customer call center and are spending millions of dollars on designing products and services? Customers, obviously! But the absence of one basic human need can spoil every effort of yours and make you incur losses of millions. Wondering what that need is? Being listened to and understood. Yes, something as simple as this can make or break it for you. Empathy is more than a trait. It’s an art. Something which empowers your agents to see the situation through the customer’s perspective. This is a powerful aspect and the best thing about it is that it can be learned. Good listening skills along with empathy is surely a win-win combination. When you are able to listen to your customers and empathize with them, it acts as a strong foundation on which the edifice of your long term cordial relations with your customers can be established.

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The aforementioned are three of the most crucial things which your customers wish you knew. One thing which you should always remember is that your customers will only return to you when they feel that you truly care. If you’re making genuine efforts, they never go unnoticed. When it comes to your customers, you must use your heart along with your head!

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