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Tips & Tricks: How to Secure Your WhatsApp Chat?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Want to connect with a cousin to show off your new prom dress?... WhatsApp Video Call…Checked!

Planning to expand the business by connecting directly with customers?... WhatsApp Business Account… Checked!

Having spontaneous party plans?... WhatsApp Instant Chat… Checked!

WhatsApp is one for all solutions when it comes to serving the daily obligations of its customers via its customer support services.

Currently, WhatsApp is serving the exemplary mass of 2 billion around the globe.

That’s huge in number… right?

Witnessing the hike in the graph of users, WhatsApp is continuously working on to offer the soft experience to its customers.

WhatsApp Risks to Security of Data:

We are living in a society where every second person is having a sort of astriction when it comes to mandate the safety of one’s personal data and chat.

Talking specifically about the concern of WhatsApp, it further swaddles the list of risks and its related factors.

The risk could fall under different categories such as alarming bells for chat security, misuse of profile picture and stories, phishing click fraud links along with smart payment modes. 

WhatsApp Risks to Security of Data

  • Chat Security                                                     
  • Misuse of Profile Photos and Status
  • Phishing Click Fraud Links
  • WhatsApp Payment Security

Possible WhatsApp Threats to Security of Chat:

Till the time all we know is that we do have certain security glitch hampering the Whatsapp privacy concerns.

But before you move to steps for securing the same, it is vital to understand what are the most likely threats responsible for poor security cause.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

· Unencrypted Backup of Chats:

Unencrypted chats offer swift passage to scammers and hackers to have hands-on the complete device.

Attack through unencrypted chats and calls can harness the camera and confidential files available on the mobile phone. 

If we talk in general terms, un-encryption stands for visibility of text or data in an as-it-is form to any third-party resource.

Thus, unencrypted text and contact are one of the prominent reasons, when you claim that you are losing the hands-on the privacy of your chat.

· Using Whatsapp Web on Infected Server:

Whatsapp malware and virus is the concerned case when we are pondering over the case of WhatsApp security.

Whatsapp web is basically a desktop support functionality of WhatsApp chats.

It is mostly used by computer nerds, who believe serving the chores is much more convenient on PCs rather than mobile phones.

Now, let’s say you are operating your WhatsApp web and if the server or system is infected with malware, it is likely to get transfer to your WhatsApp.

The transfusion of the WhatsApp virus on the server can infect the files on the system and mobile.

The affected WhatsApp web altercates the relevancy of files and confidentiality of your electronic device and data stored on it.

· WhatsApp as Leading Gateway of Phishing Techniques:

With the advent of technology, the medium to make fool out of people has successively grown bigger.

The scammer around the world has expanded its feet in a different direction so as to extract one’s personal data from the device and money from a bank account through the means of a cyber-attack.

The practice of phishing by scammers is one of the biggest threat when it comes to calculating the threats related to WhatsApp and data available on the same.

The distributed links and notification match upto the level of relevancy with the real ones, making the customer confused to take proper and required action.

Thus, click on link and pop-ups can offer the power of your device and chats to scammers, that can further be used against you by skimmers.

Examples of WhatsApp Scams Hampering Chat Security:

Example 1: Amazon’s Bossman Jeff Bezos Phone ‘HACKED’ After Receiving WhatsApp Message.

According to reports of The Guardian, Jeff Bezos was in recent news, not because of its new amazon’s launch… buzz was due to the phone hack of the world’s richest man.

Reports suggest that Mr Bezos received a WhatsApp video from the personal account of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman.

The video is believed to infused with malware that shaken the security of his phone.

Although, Saudi Arabia discards the any such accusations of tampering the phone by calling for further investigation in the matter for the transparency over the matter.

In the month of October 2019, the group of 19 Indian Journalists became the soft target of Israeli Spyware ‘Pegasus’. The digital victims received a WhatsApp missed call, resulting in the hack of their devices losing their set of confidential details. Such as location, contact, images, email, password and another set of information.

Example 2: Indian Journalist Spied by Israeli Spyware ‘Pegasus’ via WhatsApp Missed Call.

In the month of October 2019, the group of 19 Indian Journalists became the soft target of Israeli Spyware ‘Pegasus’.

The digital victims received a WhatsApp missed call, resulting in the hack of their devices losing their set of confidential details. Such as location, contact, images, email, password and another set of information.

The group of journalists raised the issue against the breach violating their right to privacy and security.

Reporting to issue, Whatsapp nods for the information to be true but wane to reveal the identities and phone numbers of spyware victim.

Tips & Tricks to Secure Your WhatsApp Chat:

In today’s time, when the whole world is on the Internet. Connecting with your loved ones is supremely easy and convenient.

But making your chat secure and safe is the prime obligation.

Hoax pertaining to the range of scams and cyber-attacks holds a strong base of self-awareness needed to be catered on, in order to secure your WhatsApp chats and related data such as profile photo, etc.

Here is a list of few tips and tricks, one should ponder on while trying to secure the WhatsApp chat:

· Secure Your WhatsApp Account with Fingerprint Lock:

Earlier, in order to keep your WhatsApp secure, we all use to install some sort of third-party app from the play store and app store.

But is it really a safe deal to believe in such steps?... Maybe NOT!

WhatsApp update of 2.19.221 Android beta version somehow cracked the deal of major hurdle to chat security.

If you are looking forward to WhatsApp privacy, WhatsApp privacy lock is one of the most suitable options to look for.

Moving with the steps given below, you can successfully follow the fingerprint lock in your WhatsApp.

Open Whatsapp> Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock


· Avoid Getting Add to Groups, You Don’t Know Personally:

Although social media is meant to create connections with new ones… but here Whatsapp is a not perfect choice for the same.

Keeping the concern of chat security, it is recommended to avoid invitations from unexpected groups prompting on your screen.

If you don’t know the people in the group, you can just exit and report the group rather than spending the time on the same.

Also, you can change the settings as per your convenience, who can add you to the group and who cannot…

Link received on such groups can encapsulate the virus and malware, which is enough to infect your device and data on it, by hacking the camera or taking advantage of your chats.

Thus, to secure such an account you can follow these steps.

Open WhatsApp> Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Groups


· Make Grip with End to End Encryption:

 If we talk specifically about term encryption, all it involves is encoding the text and data in such a way that it can be accessed by an authorized party only.

Similar to its core definition, WhatsApp has to bring out the podium to encrypt the text and sharing of files close tight amid the two parties.

When planning to secure the chat available on WhatsApp, following the steps of end to end encryption can help you hide the sensitive content from predators.

All you need to do is scan the QR code on the contact’s mobile phone… that’s it!

To verify the end to end encryption with the contact, you can follow the following steps.

Open Whatsapp> Open Contact> Encryption> Scan Code

· Make Your Account Private:

If you are showing concern for chats safety, the prime steps linger around maintaining the privacy for the same.

Make sure you have a private account until unless you do have a business account.

Matching your steps with privacy control actions can aid in securing your chats and personal details from an unwanted or unknown person.

Based on WhatsApp privacy setting and policies, one can customize the visibility of its profile photo, stories, last seen and read receipts.

To make your personal info secure, you can follow the following steps.

Open Whatsapp> Settings> Accounts> Privacy

·       Safeguard Your Account with Two-Step Verification:

Two-Step Verification calls for assurance of chat security by 2x.

The main agenda behind such verification is to block the attempts of an unauthorized person in another handset.

If you are changing your mobile or handset, the security measures verify your actual identity through this code only.

Also, two-step verification periodically asks you for the password in order to ensure that you don’t forget the one, further it sends the reset password link to email if you fail to remember one.

Following the steps, one can easily set two-step verification.

Open Whatsapp> Settings> Accounts> Two-Step Verification

In Conclusion:

The time where almost everything is on stake, it is a bad idea to ignore the safety of your WhatsApp chat and phone’s data.

If you are one, who is constantly tensed about chat safety. You should look for each step closing gate of piracy to the better step of privacy by following WhatsApp safety tips.


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