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Outsourcing Technical Support : A Smart Business Option


In today's highly competitive business environment, customer support service is increasingly gaining importance. Since consumers have multiple options to choose from, they have become highly sensitive towards approaching companies that offer the best post-sales technical support services. Other than quality and price, it has become an important barometer for measuring customer retention rates.

While addressing general client issues and queries are one aspect of providing superior customer services, it is equally important to address other technical problems pertaining to the company offerings. Moreover, it is critical for companies to appropriately allocate resources, catering to technical support. This is required to resolve multiple technical issues a user may have.

 Why Subcontracting Technical Support a Viable Business Option?

Offshoring technical support is no longer considered as a secondary process. It involves an experienced and dedicated team, working round-the-clock to provide high-value technical support to the customers. Subcontracting technical support services to renowned and well-established service partners is a smart business decision. A large number of companies across the globe look for establishing strategic partnerships with the vendors located in offshore locations. This does not only streamline their business operations but also provide the following advantages :

Reduce labor costs as well as lowers attrition rate among the technical support team

        1. Low or minimal infrastructure investments are required

        2. Optimal allocation of inadequate resources available

        3. Release core business resources from regular operations

The service providers offering technical support functions greatly benefit OEMs and ISVs. This helps them to gain a competitive edge among the market participants across the industry. In addition, these firms are able to focus on their mission-critical business functions in a better way, without compromising on customer support service.

Different Ways for Providing Tech Support Services

Technical customer support services include various activities such as fix technical issues, malware removal, hardware and software related issues, system optimization, and various other PC peripheral service support. There are multiple channels, through which the support can be extended to various customers. This includes:

Online Tech Support: A large number of software and computer vendors extend technical support through FAQs, videos and tutorial guidelines published on their website, or through user forums where experts offer help to customers and owners. The users only need to connect their devices with the Internet and avail tech support services.

Live Chat Sessions: This is another way by which companies provide technical support to the user through a text conversation between its technician and the user. The professional, during the internet chat session, guides the user through the entire process and efficiently solve queries by providing various instructions.

Remote Helpdesk Support: The service providers can provide tech support services through online remote sessions. The technician takes control of the desktop by accessing the computer/laptop and fixes the issue by installing software in the system. This may also require the deployment of non-intrusive agents to monitor PC or other related peripherals.

Hence, companies can improve operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction levels by setting-up IT Helpdesk support and by subcontracting technical support services to a reliable and well-established service vendors. 

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