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Scope of Multilingual Customer Service in Upcoming 5 Years

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
Scope of Multilingual Customer Service in Upcoming 5 Years

In this era, the world is busy and digitally connected as well. Agree? Therefore, businesses are increasingly becoming worldwide. Our services and products are commonly purchased by international clients.

However, there are various companies that are not multilingual and also they don't have proper resources to support multilingual customer service. According to a recent survey, more than a third of contact centers can now only manage calls in a single language.

Any company seeking worldwide reach and a strong market share of its target customers should start making arrangements. And, these arrangements help to provide customer service in their native languages as soon as possible.

Multilingual Customer Service: What Is It?

Multilingual customer service is one where you need to make sure that all of the customers can get the most out of your products and services. As per the native and preferred languages, locations, and cultures, every customer is different from others. 

So, it will happen only when you provide multilingual customer support services. It includes answering customers' queries, providing assistance, upgrading customer experience, and troubleshooting.

Why Is Multilingual Customer Support Required?

If you offer multilingual customer support in your call center, then it provides various leverages in the following ways:

1. Enhance Accessibility of New Customers Globally:

Globally, there are approx six billion non-native English speakers. So, if you are expanding your multilingual support then it will only help you acquire market access. Therefore, translating your website is the best way to improve the visibility of your offerings on search engines in the languages you want to target. 

It is also very helpful when you add in the translation of your support resources, such as videos and social media content. As a result, your customer accessibility increases dramatically.

2. Enhance Accessibility of New Customers in the United States (U.S.):

There are 67.3 million residents in the U.S., who are using another language for communication rather than English at home. Businesses that cater to this large segment of the population have a better chance of gaining customers than those that do not.

3. Most People Prefer Doing Business in Their Native Language:

According to the research of Harvard Business, most people prefer those brands and companies that offer information and services in their native language. 

Huge Leverages of Multilingual Call Center

Honestly, multilingual customer service can open various doors to new possibilities. Even if you are the industry leader, there is still no harm in extending your company and catering to a global audience. 

Well, consider some of the most significant benefits of multilingual support. They are mentioned below. Have a look at them!

1. Better Communication Experience (CX) and Quality:

When the companies or businesses are not providing customer support service interaction in native or preferred languages then customer experience can get affected. At the end of the conversation, the customer will be more confused than before. And that is not a better direction where you want to lead the conversation.

Multilingual customer support can help your business overcome language obstacles, personalize customer support interactions, and provide a pleasant multilingual experience.

If the call center agent assists the customer in their preferred language then it improves the quality of the conversation. As a result, both sides can understand each other. Meanwhile, improved communication can lead to more effective issue resolution. And, it also allows customers to openly offer their comments.

2. Improve Efficiency:

Customer service representatives are getting a huge amount of customer requests and problems that are coming from various channels. So, you should consider how much time you spent on each call or chat with a customer that struggles to communicate in your language.

Efficiency must be a top priority for modern customer support teams. The faster your team can provide a solution for customer problems and move on to the next one, the better.

As we all know, everyone has a time-sensitive work setting. Agree? Therefore, multilingual customer service helps you to answer the customers’ problems much more efficiently and faster. A good customer support agent can communicate with a customer, deliver the essential solution, and close the case within the specified time frame.

3. Enhance Customer Loyalty:

Whether you sell paper or high-quality furniture, your biggest brand advocates are your customers. And, if you provide consistently excellent customer service then you may finally hope to secure their long-term loyalty to your brand.

Approx 75% of customers get back to return to a business if customer support is available in their native language, according to a research report.

Providing multilingual support is a better way for customer interaction. Customers see it as an extra step taken by your organization to put them at ease with your brand. The best thing is that repeat purchases from happy and pleased consumers are considerably easier to come by.

4. Obtain a Competitive Advantage Over Your Rivals:

Imagine yourself at the place of your customer - so, now you tell would you prefer a company that offers support in your preferred language over one that does not? These days, multilingual services are becoming increasingly popular as a means of gaining a competitive advantage.

Today, approx 19% of the call centers provide more than 8 languages of support. Whereas, approx 72% of the call centers provide less than 4 languages of support.

You will automatically make a significant number of customers if you are the only company in your industry that assists multilingual customer service agents. You just need to take the first-move advantage and establish yourself as the preferred option for your consumers.

5. Serve to a Global Audience:

As buyers acquire access to multinational brands, the economy is becoming more global than it has ever been. As a result, if you exclusively serve English-speaking customers, your product or service options will be restricted to a small percentage of the global population.

If you wish to become a global brand, so just take a move towards multi-language support. It helps to understand the basic needs and expectations of your various customers.

You can easily reach far beyond the native-speaking market with multilingual customer service. Simply look at the most popular language trends around the world to see which ones you will need to cater to your global audience.

Things to Consider While Emerging Multilingual Customer Service

Consider the following 3 factors before moving a step forward towards multilingual customer support. So, let’s come to the points.

1. Consider the Leads or Clients Languages:

Consider your clients' needs efficiently, especially if they belong to foreign countries or facing trouble while communicating in the English language. You need to figure out where your online traffic is coming from. And, also you need to consider the countries generating a huge sale.

Additionally, you should ask your customer care agents if they are facing any trouble while communicating with the customers. 

2. Prefer Native Speakers:

Usually, international customers prefer to communicate in English while inquiries and transactions. But, in a few cases, they prefer to communicate in their native language as like travel arrangements. 

According to Priceline CEO Darren Huston, “many customers are multilingual but when it comes to their personal travel then they generally prefer to communicate in their native language.”

Whereas, some of these customers prefer to deal with the native representatives and can quickly spot non-native representatives. For example, Japanese customers prefer to communicate with Japanese and UK speakers, same as Scot customers prefer to communicate with Scot speakers.

3. Include Multilingual Feature in Your Website:

Several customers prefer to call, chat, or email customer support. Whereas, others prefer to do their own research. In fact, 12% of global customers identified accessing information without having to contact a representative as the most crucial part of a good customer service experience.


To aid in the self-service process, make your website available in several languages. This helps your customers to get quick and easy responses to their questions. It may even minimize customer support tickets by allowing more website visitors to locate solutions after completing a simple search on your website or help center.

Growth of Multilingual Customer Service in Next 5 Years

Here are some growths in multilingual customer service that we will see in the upcoming 5 years.

  • Multilingual is improved modeling technology and allows faster and most cost-effective multi-language translations. Also, it will have a big impact on the industries in the next five years.


  • In the future, artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to gain popularity in all fields of technology, including translation as well. Much like in the world of data privacy, more ethical issues in AI language algorithms will be raised in upcoming years, and legislation will be enacted to keep these algorithms in check.


  • Aside from bias, in the next 5 years, translation quality will be more crucial than ever. Language service providers who offer translation will be differentiated based on quality. The ability of services and goods to incorporate cultural sensitivity and tone will be assessed.


  • The language translation market will consolidate due to the emphasis on ethical AI integrations and high-quality translations.


  • Legacy language service providers will broaden their offerings to encompass translation and localization services for all aspects of an organization as AI technologies are integrated.


  • The language will become a key component of newly emerging technologies, in addition to organizations putting a higher emphasis on language translations throughout operations.

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Bottom Line:

In this era, multilingual customer service is the most important key in call centers. The reason is that various customers prefer those brands or companies who offer multi-language support. So, it is essential for every call center to focus on multi-language customer service. It helps in making a huge amount of global customers and also provides various leverages.  

Additionally, it will also provide a better scope in the future. Hence, multilingual support will help you in the growth of the business revenue and provide a unique space in the worldwide business industry.


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