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How Call Centers Services are helping E-commerce startups in India expand?

Posted by Sakshi Chaudhary on Aug 09, 2021 04:54:09 pm

Call centers have helped businesses across all segments, but arguably, e-commerce is the only segment that has benefited the most from the ongoing pandemic. According to the McKinsey Customer Survey, e-commerce has witnessed a surprising increase ... Read more>>

Is Outsourcing a Viable Alternative for Businesses Post Pandemic?

Posted by Sakshi Chaudhary on Jul 19, 2021 06:16:22 pm

In the tough times of pandemic and worldwide lockdown, outsourcing demands continue to rise. According to a report by Business Wire, the outsourcing market value is expected to reach USD 397.6 billion by 2025. Several customer-centric organization... Read more>>

The Rising Significance of Medical Call Center Solutions!

Posted by Prachi Priya on Jul 22, 2020 01:10:06 pm

Outsourcing is not new to the business industry and most companies consider outsourcing because handling multiple functions in-house is hassling for them. Since healthcare firms handle multiple tasks all day, which is why outsourcing to experts is he... Read more>>

Resolving the Hassles of Increasing Call Volumes!

Posted by Prachi Priya on Jul 15, 2020 12:20:52 pm

Increasing call volumes are not always a good thing! Several companies miss-interpret increasing call volumes with the fact that more people are trying to connect with the business service. Well, not always! Sometimes, increasing call volumes c... Read more>>

Want to Motivate your Contact Centre Employees? Games to Help!

Posted by Prachi Priya on Jul 14, 2020 02:49:27 pm

Talks have always been rife regarding the monotonous work culture of contact centers. Agent attrition, as a result, has been increasing, as most employees failed to handle high work pressure bound by time limits. Amid the hassle to simplify call c... Read more>>

The Top 10 Call Center Metrics Everyone Should Know!

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on May 12, 2020 05:41:45 pm

Call center executives are the frontline workers for carrying out the business essentials for any organization. In order to match the pace of services and be in the race of business competition, the call center company, around the globe are practi... Read more>>

How to Make Your Task Easier While Working at Remote Locations?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma on Mar 23, 2020 11:24:17 am

Customer support service is meant to deliver the range of apt services fulfilling the need of the common man. All sort of businesses tends to approach the customer with a lucrative set of benefits in order to retain them for the longer span of tim... Read more>>

Top 5 Trends dominating Call Center Services in 2020 and beyond

Posted by Parul on Jan 27, 2020 05:31:17 pm

In today’s ruthlessly competitive landscape, every business strives to outperform its rivals when it comes to delivering impeccable customer service. Call center services can be instrumental in creating a lasting impression on customers. By off... Read more>>

Ways Start-ups can Progress with Call Center Technology

Posted by Prachi Priya on Aug 29, 2019 03:02:12 pm

Small businesses look for various measures to augment their services. In today’s globalized era, a business attains success when it pays emphasis on immediate response and timely results to customer queries. Customer satisfaction is very import... Read more>>

Tips to Reduce Cyber Crime in Inbound Call Center

Posted by Prachi Priya on Aug 14, 2019 12:51:58 pm

Business security is always supreme and every organization takes it very seriously. The potential risks that a business faces arise from the in-house industry practices and to avoid these threats, it is essential to focus on the core activities well.... Read more>>

Ways Call Centers can create a Shield for Customers

Posted by Prachi Priya on Aug 07, 2019 01:28:05 pm

Call centers are quite vulnerable to security threats and the increasing security breaches have led to several miss-happenings for the call centers in recent times. Customer data is of utmost importance to the business and losing the same is a dreadf... Read more>>

Why Choosing Indian Call Centers? An Analysis!

Posted by Prachi Priya on Jul 25, 2019 10:41:30 am

In today's revolutionized era, the market is booming day by day and to remain competitive, it is essential to offer quality services/products in the budget. Call center India knows the importance of customer satisfaction, 24X7-business service, e... Read more>>

Boosting Business Revenue with a Cloud-Based Call Center

Posted by Prachi Priya on Jul 17, 2019 04:55:32 pm

Cloud-based call centers are the next generation. Heard this before? Well, yes! Cloud-based call centers are truly the upcoming future. Cloud is a network-based service where a service provider owns and operates call center processes. A cloud-base... Read more>>

Things Call Center Agents Should Avoid Saying

Posted by Prachi Priya on May 23, 2019 12:07:17 pm

Outsourcing call center services, there are various do’s and don’ts that companies may not be aware of. However, many organizations do have this question regarding the potential necessities to keep in mind with things to avoid! Well, talk... Read more>>

Technologies Re-shaping Call Center Services!

Posted by Prachi Priya on Apr 30, 2019 02:30:36 pm

In the past few years, we have seen many changes in the call center services, where the alterations are said to become better and modernize in the time to come. Nowadays, call center outsourcing has cloud communication and remote agents on the forefr... Read more>>

Call Center Outsourcing: Benefits that Debunks all its Myths

Posted by Prachi Priya on Apr 02, 2019 05:19:06 pm

The outsourcing of call center services is non-trustable! Heard this before too? Nevertheless, this is not correct. With time, this reputation has changed and has moved on to a better and trustworthy attitude. As a customer who wants her/his business... Read more>>

How Inbound Call Centers increase the profit level of your Business?

Posted by Shashvat on Aug 24, 2018 07:13:44 pm

“Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it” Warren Buffett The fate of any business depends on how successful is its adoption with the rapid changes going on i... Read more>>

Why you must outsource the lead generation services?

Posted by Sukriti Saini on May 03, 2018 05:01:31 pm

The battle in this ever growing software industry is endless. You actually need to decide whether you should mind your own business or actually get in the rat race to stay ahead of your peers and the new companies invading. The dilemma doesn’t ... Read more>>

How has a multi-channel BPO call center become an essentiality for Businesses?

Posted by Shashvat on Apr 16, 2018 02:26:49 pm

Business owners have never brainstorm more to find an effective strategy than now. Customers have raised their expectations owing to the emerging presence of technology, which is bothering businesses to the core. There is a tough race to satiate cust... Read more>>

5 Things to Consider before Acquiring Pre-Employment Screening Services

Posted by Shiva Gaur on Sep 21, 2017 05:24:47 pm

Every company is in search of the right candidate to grow its business financially as well as competitively. There are several candidates who want to get enrolled in a company that satisfies their needs and career growth. However, finding the right c... Read more>>

Five Efficient Tips to Measure Customer Satisfaction Score

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi on Oct 08, 2016 11:13:12 am

For every contact center, it is quite important to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) as often as possible. This will help them evaluate how specific customer support services have helped them meet a customer’s expectation. More importantly, ... Read more>>

How Call Centers Can Ensure Efficient Customer Support Solutions

Posted by Admin on Sep 22, 2016 12:21:09 pm

Out of all the functions that organizations outsource to outside experts, customer service is undeniably the most crucial one as it can play significant roles in shaping prospects of businesses. In the highly competitive, uncertain, and dynamic busin... Read more>>

Understanding Consumer Psychology Can Help You Ensure Top-Tier Customer Service

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi on Aug 09, 2016 04:51:43 pm

Ever since the business world came into existence, organizations have been incorporating and implementing customer service strategies depending upon the nature of business, socio-economic stature of target audience, and dynamic business influencers.&... Read more>>

Derive Value Proposition with Customer-Centric Call Center Services

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi on Jan 21, 2016 11:34:16 am

Who does not know the significance of customer service functions in business?  No power in this universe can guarantee success to an organization which fails to offer convenient provisions for the support of its customers.  Considering the ... Read more>>

How to Carve a Niche in the Competitive Business World?

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi on Jan 13, 2016 04:16:40 pm

Which organization does not aspire to achieve organizational growth?  Organizations try innovative business strategies; concentrate on short term and long terms goals; and focus on core areas; yet, how many of those have actually been able to re... Read more>>

Why E-Commerce Companies should outsource their Customer Support Function

Posted by Admin on Nov 26, 2015 03:50:46 pm

Globally, the past few years have witnessed the birth of an increasing number of e-commerce businesses. These new-age firms founded by young techno-entrepreneurs have ventured into almost every domain and category of products and services possible ... Read more>>

Outsourcing Benefits Organizations on Several Fronts

Posted by Admin on Nov 21, 2015 11:16:45 am

Organizations deploy strategies and create business models to cater to customer needs and requirements. These strategies should help enhance service and support provision. Maintaining quality and effectiveness in customer support is empirical, as it ... Read more>>

How Outsourcing Helps Organizations and the Field of Commerce?

Posted by Admin on Oct 26, 2015 10:24:15 am

Organizations and multinational corporations have adopted several practices in order to cater better to the needs and requirements of the customers and provide them effective support. Owing to this need to maintain an impressive reputation in the com... Read more>>

Third Party Verification Services Help Verify Customer Data

Posted by Admin on Sep 28, 2015 10:37:31 am

Organizations that transfer their call center operations to an external vendor, or set up their call center establishments, have grown in the commercial and industrial sectors by leaps and bounds. Outsourcing, the process of transferring certain task... Read more>>

How to Make Notable Difference to Your Clients with Call Center Services?

Posted by Neeti Patial on May 05, 2015 11:01:05 am

In a highly competitive landscape where businesses vie for prospective clients; customer satisfaction is reckoned as a key differentiator. Do you know that businesses that thrive well in cut-throat environment are the ones that make customer satisfac... Read more>>

How Businesses Can Leverage The Benefits of Market Research?

Posted by Richha Bhatnagar on Mar 31, 2015 11:34:39 am

Knowledge is vast in the fascinating world and some of the information is useful and some just useless. It is important to identify the difference between both and practice tactically. To stay ahead in the race and abreast of changes, proper and care... Read more>>

Debunking Myths about Outsourcing Customer Support to Call Centers

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 14, 2015 11:31:38 am

Outsourcing services play a vital role in the rapidly changing global economy today despite the fact that it was a completely new and nearly unnoticed concept ten years ago. According to the survey conducted by key research firm Gartner in August ... Read more>>

Best Way to Enhance Business Profitability through Lead Generation

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 20, 2015 12:08:26 pm

Call centers provide proven solutions to several organizations. Lead generation is one of the hyped solutions being offered by the call centers across the globe. Many organizations are still in the dark regarding this call center service. Let’s... Read more>>

Helpdesk Outsourcing Accentuates The Significance Of Call Centers

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Feb 17, 2015 11:57:12 am

The significance of helpdesk outsourcing in the economy has grown vastly over the years with industries of different verticals readily outsource their non-core functions to give more emphasis on core competencies. This paves the way for helpdesk outs... Read more>>

A Wide Range of Inbound and Outbound Call Center Solutions for Your Business

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Feb 17, 2015 11:55:46 am

Call centers can and should utilize substantial resources to inbound and outbound operations; not just for telemarketing or recommending solutions to problems but also for customer service and appointment scheduling. In fact, both inbound and outboun... Read more>>

Importance of Order Taking Through Inbound call Center In India

Posted by Rohit Paul on Feb 17, 2015 11:36:42 am

Teleshopping has gained popularity over the past few years. This is a result of the fast-paced life we are living in. We feel reluctant to visit a store and place our orders. Most businesses use websites, television or a radio advertisement for promo... Read more>>

Quality Technical Help Desk Support Can Help To Grow Your Business

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:34:12 am

We all know that India has become one of the hubs where businesses can get the best quality call center services at affordable prices. In India there are several organizations that offer the best customer care services along with the best technical h... Read more>>

Why Businesses Need Call Center Services?

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:32:36 am

It is one of the major questions in every body's mind that why businesses require call center services for handling the customers. The answer is big enterprises and the medium scale businesses can't afford of investing time to their customers... Read more>>

Call Centers Promote Your Services And Products:

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:32:15 am

These days, businesses can't rely on internal people for promoting the products and services. Businesses need to take professional assistance from the experts and thus organizations contact call center in India. In India there are several call ce... Read more>>

Outsourcing The Main Mantra For Company Growth And Success!

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:31:33 am

"Outsourcing" is a big word in the corporate world; it is one kind of service for the betterment of business and growth. Outsourcing is one planned service given by some experts to other organizations for their economic growth and success. Well, desc... Read more>>

Why Enterprises Hire Inbound Call Center Services?

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:28:28 am

High expenditure is the main reason why enterprises hire call center services. It is not practicable for the large scale businesses to hire numbers of resources. The companies are also not in the mood to set up different departments for reviewing cus... Read more>>

Avail Round The Clock Call Center Services For Better Results

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:26:40 am

The best part about call centers is that these are the complete support system for the organizations. The professionals are trained experts who serve the organizations with utmost care and conviction. They handle the customers of the clients and prea... Read more>>

An Array Of Solutions For Product & Service Promotion:

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:25:42 am

It is difficult for organizations to handle a lot of clients. They require managed services and solutions to guide their customers and to provide them with the right information. Business Process Outsourcing organizations offer an array of services a... Read more>>

Two Processes! One Help Desk Outsourcing Service:

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 10:22:46 am

Call centers run two major processes and these are respectively inbound and outbound. These two processes offer an array of services to the businesses who hire support from the business process outsourcing units. This blog deals with one of the promi... Read more>>

BPOs Creating Value Through Customer Engagement Model

Posted by Sukriti Saini on Feb 17, 2015 10:17:53 am

There is no denial of the fact that the traditional ways of performing outsourcing tasks are quickly running out.  The most probable reason for the same is the ever-changing customer behavior. In order to live up to their expectations and increa... Read more>>

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Time To Think Beyond Conventional BPO Model

Posted by Varsha Bhagchandani on Feb 17, 2015 10:17:21 am

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a new wave in the global outsourcing arena, which is tapping on the potential of business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing models. Organizations that view outsourcing industry ... Read more>>

Dispelling The Myths Of Call Center Industry In India

Posted by Varsha Bhagchandani on Feb 17, 2015 09:23:46 am

Business process outsourcing is no longer regarded as a new concept. The companies have been, for many years, outsourcing their non-core business functions, such as customer support, billing, and other IT-related processes, to third-party service pro... Read more>>

Speed Up Business Operations With Call Center Services

Posted by Geetanjali Mukherjee on Feb 17, 2015 09:21:05 am

Global business houses flock towards call centers in India to leverage their streamlined service offerings. By hiring such contact centers, employees within a firm no longer have to carry out mundane tasks. Besides, non-core business activities are h... Read more>>

Transforming Inbound Call Centers To Marketing Centers

Posted by Varsha Bhagchandani on Feb 17, 2015 09:03:16 am

Inbound call centers exclusively handle multiple calls from the customers and promptly answer and solve their queries. BPOs provide outbound and inbound services to their clients for efficiently and effectively retaining the customers. An inbound cal... Read more>>

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Call Center Outsourcing Companies

Posted by Varsha Bhagchandani on Dec 03, 2014 04:07:50 pm

Undoubtedly, business process outsourcing is the most talked about topic today. In the current business environment, all-sized businesses are striving to improve their market presence by building a better brand image in the mind of consumers while tr... Read more>>

Outbound Call Center Boosts Productivity and Ensures Positive Customer Experiences

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Oct 18, 2014 06:29:08 pm

Today’s business trend is quite reverse – power shifting from companies to customers. In fact, the trajectory of this trend continues to move forward. Technology may be the primary contributor for the transformation. Of late, there are mu... Read more>>

Mitigating Data Protection Risks In Call Centers

Posted by Varsha Bhagchandani on Oct 08, 2014 06:44:17 pm

The outsourcing industry is experiencing momentous changes in terms of business model and the underlying technology deployed by the service providers. Moreover, the ability to access online applications has improved the flexibility of employees worki... Read more>>

Overcome Dissimilar Evaluation Outcomes with a Competent BPO Provider

Posted by Geetanjali Mukherjee on Sep 25, 2014 06:50:16 pm

In any evaluation model, target result is always a heavyweight factor. This palpable query is in reality the root cause of numerous problems which arise within BPO service evaluation processes. Basically, a provider is a stakeholder who possesses ... Read more>>

The Importance Of Call Center Services

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Aug 20, 2014 07:12:18 pm

India, a third world country is one of the hubs for outsourcing services to other territories. Here in India, there are several organizations that offer call center services to different clients or businesses or other organizations. A call center in ... Read more>>

Diminish Operating Costs With Specialized Outbound Services

Posted by Geetanjali Mukherjee on Aug 11, 2014 12:28:30 pm

Outbound call center services are a boon to the business world today. They allow business owners and mid-sized firms to save vital time as well as conserve upon their assets. Such value-based services increase revenues and ultimately lead to a booste... Read more>>

Quality Call Center Services In India For Providing Impetus To Global Companies

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on May 26, 2014 12:35:00 pm

A call center undeniably provides a platform to establish a communication channel of the relationship between a company and a customer. Simply put, the call center mainly handles customers' complaints and provides solutions to their problems. It ... Read more>>

Call Centers in India: A step towards a new era

Posted by Rahul Bhaduri on May 06, 2014 07:17:55 pm

Outsourcing is the latest buzz in the market. The businesses that are rendering services and products to customers are surely not interested in managing the queries, so that is when they hire an outsourcing company. The work once outsourced to a call... Read more>>

The BPO Industry Then and Now

Posted by Rahul Bhaduri on May 05, 2014 02:19:33 pm

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) means the allocation of work to a different company. Starting today, practically everyone knows what outsourcing is? However, do they actually understand the advantages? Here I would discuss some benefits and fac... Read more>>

Complimenting Cognizance of Call Center Services

Posted by Rahul Bhaduri on Apr 24, 2014 04:55:36 pm

Call center services in India have moved onto quality resource generation for the organizations, where resources consist majorly of sales initiatives or after -sales servicing. However, over the last decade, it has forayed into the other verticals su... Read more>>

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