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Way to Measure Call Quality Parameters in Call Center Services

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
Call Quality Parameters in Call Center Services

Call Center Services play an essential role in the Customer Experience (CX). It provides a direct connection to your clients or customers. Companies that provide exceptional customer experiences use this attribute to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Call quality parameters analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of the calls between the caller or customer service representative and the clients. A high-quality call should be polite, professional, understanding, effective and able to solve a problem in a particular time period.

Specific Way to Provide the Best Possible Customer Experience

A quality assurance (QA) program provides concrete data to assist you in determining whether you are meeting goals, following proper processes, remaining compliant, and achieving the desired outcomes.

Rather than focusing on the entire complex QA puzzle, today we'll concentrate on one critical piece: call quality monitoring. This is why every customer service center greets callers with the same message: "This call may be recorded or monitored for quality and training purposes."

So, how exactly does call quality measuring work? Why is it essential and what steps should you take to enhance effective call quality measuring?

What is the Call Quality Measuring?

Call Quality Measuring is not just call recording and monitoring random calls it is more than that. When you measure call quality, you’ll need to monitor and analyze strategic customer service calls and analyze their effectiveness and efficiency. And, you also need to focus on the continuous goal of converting every caller into a happy customer.

Therefore, customer satisfaction varies by the call center services, there are a few elements that are essential to the anatomy of a high-quality customer service call:

  • Appropriate voice tone.
  • Listening ability.
  • Normal conversational speed.
  • The appropriate language.
  • Questioning that is effective, includes the use of open, probing, and closed questions.
  • A good relationship.
  • Emotional intelligence must be demonstrated.
  • A strong call/chat closeout.
  • Customer expectations are well-managed.
  • Appropriate script usage.

Furthermore, Go4customer’s Experience Trends Report for 2021:

  • 73% of customers consider quick resolutions to be the most important aspect of good customer service.
  • 47% of customers consider 24-hour support to be essential.
  • 75% of customers want a personalized experience.
  • Customers want to do as much as they can on their own, with 69% wanting to do as much as they can on their own.

Each call's quality is determined by how well all of the above elements work together. The customer's experience should always be positive. They should have a clear solution, should know how to avoid the same problems again, and have no further queries.

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Components of Effective Call Quality Monitoring

The following components are essential to ensure quality call delivery.

1. Pay Attention

Set up monitoring tools that allow you to listen in on customer/agent interactions first. Assure that both the agent and the customer are aware that they are being observed and refrain from intervening unless necessary.

The purpose of this process is to listen and learn about how current calls are handled. What kinds of inquiries do agents make? Are they relevant to the organization's goals? Do customer service interactions result in positive, sales-driven outcomes? Listening in gives you a baseline for current call processes — where are they effective? Where do they fall short? What should be changed?

2. Get Feedback

Next, it is essential to get feedback across from all of your customer service channels including phone calls, messages, emails, social media, queries, and other customer interactions. These all feedback data provide the foundation for service changes.

3. Ask queries

The ultimate goal of quality monitoring is to improve the customer experience, so asking customers what they think makes sense. When calls are completed, ask customers to complete a short survey or have agents directly ask customers how they felt about the service they received, if there was anything they would have changed, and how likely they are to contact you again if they have questions or concerns.

4. Improve Your Skills

The data gathered from listening in, providing feedback, and asking questions can be used to improve staff skills and call outcomes.

For example, if you notice that certain questions aren't being asked during calls, you can design a new call process that prioritizes these inquiries. It's worth consulting with your agents during this process to ensure that what's being asked is compatible with their workflow.

5. Track Impact

Once you started a new process, then track its impact on the customer service interactions. You can use average handle time and overall customer satisfaction to measure the effectiveness of the new process. If you found any problems, then try your best until you find a better fit.

6. Rapidly Evolve

Call quality monitoring is a continuous process. As client requirements and company priorities change, so will expectations around quality and satisfaction. It means that you can create sustainable monitoring frameworks which allow you to continuously measure performance, compare outcomes with current matrices and make changes if needed.

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Gains of Using Call Quality Parameters

An effective and efficient Call Quality offers three specific gains to businesses:

1. Pinpointing Problems

Call Center Agent is a person that has some strengths and weaknesses when handling calls. Some of them have experience and expertise to handle frustrated customers, while others may have expertise in making new customers. On the other side, some may face problems while handling angry callers and others have some problems responding to unexpected requests.

Call quality parameters helps managers to pinpoint issues and help to offer specific training for overall enhancements. The monitoring process also helps to identify areas where staff works hard and also ensures that they are rewarded for their hard work.

2. Enhance Feedback

As previously stated, quality control is an ongoing process. Regular coaching sessions are necessary for providing actionable feedback that employees can use to improve call outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Call quality monitoring provides information that conversations with staff do not. They may have forgotten details or chosen to omit certain details. By combining call recordings with quantitative data on handling times and overall satisfaction, managers can provide detailed and targeted feedback to team members.

3. Fix Specific Goals

Setting goals helps call center agents to achieve measurable success. Call monitoring facilitates this by identifying areas for improvement and developing a strategy for achieving these goals. Consider the goal of reducing overall handling time. By reviewing recordings, agents, and managers can identify areas where conversational flow could be improved or different questions could be asked to facilitate faster handling without compromising service. This goal's progress can then be tracked through regular feedback meetings.


Measuring a quality call is a difficult task in call center services. Among other things, it requires proper attention, feedback, queries, enhanced skills, tracking, and proper involvement. By using proper technologies and components, you can offer effective calls to customers. Providing specific tips to your agents helps to enhance the call quality and better customer engagement.

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