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Technologies Re-shaping Call Center Services!

Posted by Prachi Priya

In the past few years, we have seen many changes in the call center services, where the alterations are said to become better and modernize in the time to come. Nowadays, call center outsourcing has cloud communication and remote agents on the forefront and everybody is keen to look at the augmentations a business gets with new technologies and the introduction of numerous social media platforms. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), and business analytics has brought a transition in the business industry or say has introduced a paradigm shift in the call center services, altering the industry’s previous delivered functions.

Emerging technologies personalize business experience before the customer to enhance the customers’ service journey. The coming tenure would be more about strategic thinking to boost customer satisfaction where new technologies seem all set to provide a plethora of benefits to businesses, making organizations keen to integrate new add-ons to the business as soon as possible. Businesses have always tried to differentiate themselves from other service providers in the market and high-tech updates bring along new alterations making services different from their counterparts to keep the flow of market competition high. Here we have some technologies that will reshape customer experience in the time to come, check out to make sure you integrate the same in your business process soon:


Chatting with artificial computer programs that are chatbots is not a new thing! These programs answer customers convincingly without the need of an actual agent answering the customers. Don’t you enjoy being answered on time without any hindrance of delayed responses? Well, everybody enjoys on-time reactions to queries and chatbots do the same. Call center outsourcing firms want quick answers for their customer queries, as they know the importance of on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Earlier customers had to wait in long queues to get answers, however, today with chatbots, simple questions with a maximum number of queries, is answered virtually by agents. How is it possible? Well, the customer support agent filters the most queried questions and adds the same in the chatbots’ memory. The chatbot later responds the customer when she/he pops up with a similar query. In the coming time chatbots with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) software, will allow customers to say or type their query after which advanced chatbots will instantly check the requirements and reply with a relevant answer.

Soon, chatbots will answer complex questions with ease, which marks the importance of technologies in ensuring better call center services and bringing customer satisfaction. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Research highlights that by 2020 there will be more than 30 billion IoT devices in the market. Quite imaginable right! This shows the importance of integrating IoT extension of internet connectivity into the business functions. IoT devices look forward to providing solutions to problems efficiently through AI, which will help in reducing human interactions by going more artificial. Call center organizations want services, where a reliable partner deals the customer queries and IoT provides the best platform to ensure customer satisfaction.

The future of IoT seems to bring numerous benefits for the business industry, as the reduction in the need of human interactions will undoubtedly provide accurate and on-time answers to customers through AI with boosting customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For a call center outsourcing firm, AI plays a crucial role in building the business journey progressively to bring customer satisfaction. Making the customer journey more personalized and offer better on-time solutions to customer issues is possible only with the use of Artificial Intelligence in business operations. If reports are believed, by 2020, AI will manage more of the business tasks, which summons that businesses, which do keep up with the latest technology, will lose customer satisfaction for their business.

Automating the business services, companies ensure on-time outputs to customers and many labor-intensive repetitive tasks do not require manual tasks anymore, as automation takes over. Bringing AI in business use, cost over labor is now less, providing accurate answers to the customer is possible, and a secured platform to run business service is available. AI replaces IVR processes, it analyses data from customer interactions, manages data, predicts consumer behavior, diminishes human interference and offers much more benefits, which makes it a must for businesses looking for heightened customer satisfaction. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

There are many perks that businesses get with AR and VR like using AR to enhancing customers’ shopping experience, boosting sales with AR, self-service support through AR, its technical support, etc. Virtual reality as we talked above has helped the call centers in providing excellent service to the customers.  Moreover, apart from AR, companies provide product designs through VR where they explain the customer, all about the business products and services is a much detailed and sophisticated manner.

Data analytics

Analyzing a large amount of consumer data to enhance business productivity was earlier a manual task, which took a lot of time and money. However, today cutting-edge algorithms can easily manage the consumer data and analyze customer requirements for the business. From getting the customer requirements available on time, to checking the most frequently asked question and getting it sorted within a short interval, mining data works to provide a clear picture of customer wants.

Additionally, with the use of real-time data analytics, getting along customer preferences is easy, moreover, better-personalized services help to regain the lost customers. When the customer queries get sorted before they even occur, retaining clients becomes easier. This facility of analyzing the business data automatically in less time has made business processes faster and accurate.

Apart from all the above, a two-way social media conversation, remote call agents at work, the use of cloud communications in call centers, omnichannel communication for all customers, digitalization, etc. are the other tech updates or say the trends that will revolutionize call center services in the time to come. Meanwhile, there are rumors saying AI and other new tech-updates will replace humans! However, the saying is totally a myth, as enhancing technologies can nowhere replace human intelligence, but can only act as a helping hand.  Humans have invented these innovative technologies to help in being on time and not to be a replacement.

Bottom line:

In the coming years, the emerging new technologies will have a huge impact on not only the call center firms, but also on other industries. Bots will help customers in getting a better and more enriched customer experience as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa will get more sophisticated with time giving wider benefits. Advanced technologies will not replace humans, but will help in assisting the business tasks to bring efficient results. These innovations are to lower the agents’ workload by solving the repeated tasks automatically and leaving only the complex ones for humans. This is why, the era to come is to be technology-oriented, which will help businesses excel amid high competition. The competitive market is one reason for the rise of new technologies, and these advancements have turned out to be a boon for the business industry.

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