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Ways Call Centers can create a Shield for Customers

Posted by Prachi Priya

Call centers are quite vulnerable to security threats and the increasing security breaches have led to several miss-happenings for the call centers in recent times. Customer data is of utmost importance to the business and losing the same is a dreadful thought that no business wants even in nightmares.

If I am the business owner, I know the pros and cons that may hit the business brand image and would always avoid any such situation that brings an alarm to business integrity.

Call centers face high data threat issues and to avoid the same, BPOs need to follow certain guidelines to build a shield for the business’ safety. Call centers can work effectively when all the business functions are in line.

It is important for the business to understand how the data and privacy errors can affect the business progress and bring pessimistic results. Organizations need to know the adequate ways to handle call center outsourcing with the knowledge of technologies that can help in bringing positive outcomes for the business customers.

Call centers face both internal and external security threats along with VoIP security issues. It is essential for BPOs to secure their IVR too as it stores the data in the system. Later this stored data is copied in multiple locations, which can be an easy target of the fraudsters.

Therefore, to avoid any such circumstance, some tips to safeguard business essential credentials should be followed. It strengthens the business-customer relationship and enhances satisfaction:

Dump the insecure procedures

It is a very old process to ask customers for their confidential data via calls. To make the service more secure, it is essential to contact the customers via telephone and ask them to input their private information via keypads irrespective of doing the same orally.

Call center agents need to know the importance of data for customers and their negative impact when breached.

Thus, ensuring some necessary steps beforehand is essential.

The use of technology

Technological advancements have brought great changes to the call center outsourcing industry.  To avoid manipulative social engineering techniques, it is essential to integrate new technological inputs for better business results.

DTMF is an option call centers can choose, however, not all callers can use the same, as it demands the use of keypad for data inputs.

Call center needs to have in-house safeguards and cloud-based telephony system to help to store the data with security.

When a call center has a cloud-based telephony system, it is easy to secure the customer information through a protected private cloud accessed only by the owners.

Moreover, as an added advantage Automatic Speech Recognition Software (ASR) mutes the operators hearing tool until the caller shares personal details making it the best secure platform to choose for call center outsourcing.

Avoid making sensitive data accessible

Call centers need to keep in mind to avoid making sensitive data available to the employees. Many workers flee early and can carry sensitive customer data with them. This is why call center outsourcing companies need to keep a check on the freedom they give to their staff.

If certain customer information is confidential, the call centers need to implement role-based access to the same. Not all agents should access the information, irrespective of those who require knowing the statistics.

Penetration testing

When a business goes through regular penetration testing, it can identify the call center’s security easily. Judge this testing method either by in-house performance or by a consultancy.

Prepare for possible fraud

It is essential for the business specialists to take note of the anticipated attacks that happened with other call centers and learn from the same.

The incoming calls that are expected to be fake can be detected by Telephony Denial-of-Service (TDoS).

VoIP connections can also help call center outsourcing companies to filter and redirect the incoming calls to avoid threat issues and thus using proactive and specialist security software is essential.

Someone correctly said, “Prevention is better than cure”!

Call centers need to have strong access controls

There are several stories on call centers losing data access to human resource and other employees of the company. However, it is essential to avoid any such practice, for which it is essential to learn from other criminal practices.

That is why Winn Schwartau says, “It may well be the human resource function’s policy to revoke access—but human resources don’t control the network.”

Call center outsourcing when takes a hard decision for its access controls integrity, it progressively makes the customer data safe and builds business brand image.

Do not forget security basics

Call center outsourcing firms need to keep in mind the security basics to follow. Essentials to keep in mind are anti-virus protection, the use of diverting detection, using two-factor authentication, etc.

Access to documents

Security threats can bring a major concern to the business functions and avoiding the same is anytime necessary. Businesses need to use a digital document management solution to help them have access to the documents, which the employees access.

When a digitalized system is utilized, it looks after the documents’ role, encrypts, and keeps a check whether the document is sent to the correct customer or not.

A multi-layered fraud detection technology

Human agents cannot detect fraud possibilities in the call center processes and those circumstances; a multi-layered fraud detection technology is helpful.

Business owners can also use phone printing, which helps recognize specific essentials that inform the business about the type of call and the way to keep the data secure.

Other voice biometric technologies may not deliver the same level of secured solutions, so using the latest technology is vital.  Phone printing helps the business know the callers’ location, device used and note the call behavior, which was repeated. The use of multi-factor authentication can also be an added advantage.

Thanks for reading!

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