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How is Virtual Call Center Good for Managing Inbound Call Center Services?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Inbound call centers are highly accountable for bringing the business to an organization, which mostly revolves around delivering resolutions to the customer’s query over the preferred medium of communication.

With changing times, several encounters of digitalization have come into the broad light. And these encounters are no less than a turn-up for the book to give way to the new regime of operating call center services, especially inbound call center services.

The turnaround situation raised through pandemics seems an eye-opener for BPO companies. The new scenario has given them a brief idea about setting up a virtual call center in a niche to match the pace with the evolving market.

To start with gathering the evidence for the benefits of virtual call center services, let’s begin with creating a better understanding of virtual call centers.

What is a Virtual Call Center?

The virtual call center is a setup allowed by the organization to carry out outbound and inbound call center services from remote locations.

The type of call center lets the business functions to be carried out from any place on the globe with the same level of input and an enhanced outcome.

To make a successful drive of the virtual call center, the organizations are putting up a keen focus on the employee’s training, including installing web tools, arranging webinars, etc.

Working in a Call Center Then vs. Now:

The scenarios of then vs. now can be better understood by visualizing the difference between the primitive way of running a call center and an ultra-modern virtual call center.

Previously, the call center agents were supposed to carry out their tasks from within office infrastructure. That somehow limits the variability in the nature of offering the call center services and restricts the agents and customers from connecting with experts at a distant location.

The virtual call centers allow its employees to offer outbound and inbound call center services to the customers, even from distant locations. The facility of having call centers has tremendously helped the BPO companies in today’s time of the pandemic, discarding any sort of cut in communication and offering of services to the client’s customers.

Benefits of Having Virtual Call Center for Inbound Call Center Services:

The online virtual call center can be brought into use for both types of call center services.

But if we talk specifically about understanding the concern of the customers and delivering solutions for the same, inbound call center services are the ones that we need.

Setting up a virtual call center in India is the need of the time.

If you are still waiting for the right-click that can help you to have the right decision, ponder on the following points-

Hands-On Best Talent with No Geographical Restrictions:

The fantastic set of call center agents is the ultimate desire of any organization.

Having a virtual call center opens the way for hiring a talent-head across the boundary without any sort of geographical limitations.

A virtual call center’s suitability allows the BPO companies to hire resources from a distant location and get work done efficiently, eliminating the workforce’s efforts to hunt five and dime at local space for the workforce’s required caliber.

Let’s say you are having a project in your shell that needs to serve inbound call center services to customers in some foreign or regional language.

In that scenario, a virtual call center is no less than a rescue pad for an organization. The call center can expect their work to get a much better rate of precision from an expert than an amateur.

Promotes the Cloud-Based Security Features:

Security of data is the prime most concern for any organization, handling a broad set of customer data.

With a virtual call center, the layers of security to data get multiplied.

When progressing with the delivery of inbound call center services, the data moves from local files to a cloud-based platform.

The well-known fact- Cloud is one of the reliable platforms when it comes to creating a shield against data breach practices.

By switching the call center virtually, one can expect a better range of solutions at a secured place.

Here the data related to the customer is encrypted into codes that safeguard the essentials from unwanted predators.

Improves Customer Relationship with Virtual Inbound Call Center Services:

We all know well, maintaining a cordial relationship with the customer is as important as selling them a product and services.

In inbound call centers, a customer creates a call to the agent for having a well-crafted resolution of its raised query or concern.

In an infrastructure-based call center, it is likely possible that agents might get stuck up with other tasks that could lead to delay in responding to customers, which goes against call center metrics.

Contrary to that, virtual call centers are usually laced with gaudy facilities like auto-dialer, predictive dialer, call tracking, IVR, etc.

The virtual call center helps the customer with better inbound call center services until the customer receives the solutions through self-servicing or getting in connection with a real-time agent.

Cost Saving and Optimized Call Center Services:

Running a call center is an expensive affair, moreover when it is laced with numerous astounding facilities.

The virtual call center is way better and leverages light expenses on pockets in comparison to traditional ones.

The latter type of call center bolsters in saving up the cost for office infrastructure, IT-related facilities, meal services, essential utilities like electricity, etc.

Also, the virtual call center offers a great deal of scalability and flexibility. The authorities of BPO companies can decide to hire new employees and add up services for a particular duration, without creating any load on pockets.

Hence, setting up a virtual call center is a profitable deal for harnessing the benefits through the offering of inbound call center services.

The method of having a call center virtually is usually accompanied by variables of profits and lucrative interest that is a fair deal to rely on for enhancing business virtues.

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