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How to End an Inbound Complaint Call?

Posted by Sukriti Saini

The inbound call center services are quintessential for every business. Handling the inbound calls efficiently makes a world of difference. It helps the company in retaining the customers and marketing its product amongst its knowns.

Mostly, customers call customer support when they have some issues with the product or service of the company. The agents handling the calls on behalf of the company matter a lot. They can make or break the trust and loyalty of the customers of the company. So, let us take a look at several tips to know how an agent should handle and end the call ideally.

The Amicable Ending

The call might have gone as per the plan, the agent might have given the probable solution but it is your responsibility to reinforce a positive impression of the company on the minds of the callers.


It is better to apologize for the inconvenience caused. You can also try to upsell, summarize the steps you will take to resolve the issue if first call resolution isn’t possible. Moreover, always make it a point to thank them for the feedback, tell them that you will keep them updated on the progress in their complaint resolution.


Just like the first few seconds make your first impression, the last few seconds while ending the call are also very crucial. They have a lasting impression on the mind of the caller. So, don’t ever take the patience level of the caller for granted. Even if he seems to be satisfied with the solution, don’t ask him to avail an offer, if he hasn’t calmed down yet. Apart from this, you should also try to be as proficient as possible. As cracking jokes or saying something in good humor can offend the customer. Additionally, never ever start briefing everything to the caller over the phone. Speak the gist of it and request him to share his email ID with you so that you can coordinate things over there.

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The Neutral Ending

The caller may accept your apology but may not be that satisfied with the solution you have offered. Hence, he might not cooperate that much. So, in such a situation the inbound call center services agents should follow certain things in order to turn the wavering trust of the caller into a sure- shot one.


Analyze the customer’s history with the company and let him get acquainted with the products that the company provides. Remember to keep the list narrowed to his interests. Also, try to build personal rapport, for instance, you can wish the caller all the best for a task they talked about. They might have asked you to call them later as they are leaving for a meeting. So, you can always say, “All the best for the meeting. Hope everything goes well.” This will help you in forming a bond. One more way to regain the trust of the customers is to let them know how your solutions are better than that of your competitors and how much you value your customers. Always be thankful to them for letting you know the problem they are facing as it will help the company in improving its products and services.


As mentioned earlier, if the caller seems to be frustrated, don’t give a full long closing, instead opt for a brief closing. Otherwise, it will just deteriorate the rapport even more. Don’t assume that the caller has one query only, he might be facing different problems. So, just listen to the caller carefully, don’t end the call after solving a problem. Such an abrupt closing will be considered quite rude.

In addition to that, the inbound call center services agent should use tone and voice very carefully as it can make a lot of difference. Pay attention to each area of concern, acknowledge their problem and give the best solution as quickly as possible.

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Apart from the aforementioned tips, here are some other tips for your rescue. Tell them how you are better than others in the industry. The inbound call center services agents should also maintain a certain pace of speech as anything less or more than that would make them sense foul play or lack of confidence. Even if you have called for data verification services work, the tone should be very confident. Also, give some time to the caller to speak, don’t ask him for an answer in haste, and let him take his time. The best you could do from your end would be to ask for a suitable follow-up time.

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