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How to make your Inbound Call Center more effective?

Posted by Shashvat
Inbound Call Center

Everyone in this world is a customer of some brand or other. You may have called the customer care representative of some bank, brand, business, or similar at least once in your life. Good and bad customer services are experienced by all of us at some point in our life. Another aspect which is true is that the most of us have never called a company to make a complaint. We feel much comfortable complaining to our friends, family, colleagues and basically anyone we know, but not the company itself.

An inbound call center is known to address customer’s complaints, queries, issues, and grievances. With advanced technology and latest tools, this call center comprises a team of proficient agents. All this exists, and still, the customer feels hesitant calling in and putting forward a complaint.   

Some business owners may feel fortunate as the customers are not calling for complaints. You shouldn’t. If a customer is reaching you dissatisfied, it is not a curse. In fact, it is an opportunity to convert a dissatisfied customer into a loyal paying one.

With this thought in mind, let us dive ourselves into some of the tips that will come handy in making your inbound call center more effective. Let’s start:

1.  Being there

One of the most important aspects of serving your customers is being present for them. A customer tries to reach you in case of a query or a complaint. Whatever the case may be, the customer wants the issue or question to be resolved quickly. The customers want to reach an agent who can handle and solve their complaints. That is why they choose the phone as a medium to reach you.

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The only thing that does not matches here is the level of services that are offered to the customers. It is being found that most of the customers hang up the phone because it takes too much of their time to reach a live agent. Few times they could not reach the live agents at all. Experts have conducted a survey and found that for every customer that calls and registers his query, there are 26 customers who did not bother to complain at all.

Now, you must be wondering that how many dissatisfied customers or opportunities have you missed? Also, you may be wondering that whether your customers are really happy or they are just not bothering to complain?

A survey has shown that there persists a 2-minute window where you can connect with your customers when they call you or try to reach via a live chat. Missing that windows mean absolutely making it sure to miss that customer forever. So, if you want your 24-hour call center to be effective, ensure to pick up the phone and be there for your customers.

2.  Hear them

Building relationship, be it personal or business, is a two-way process and it takes time. Remember, when you show gratitude and care for your customers, they would feel it. In the same way, when you ignore or avoid your customers, they can feel that too. Apart from being a valuable resource, complaining customers do not just share their frustration, but in reality, they are telling you the areas in which your product and service requires improvement.

When you resolve the customers’ issue by having a meaningful conversation with them, you actually start a bond of trust, which is going to benefit your business. Research has shown that more than half of the buying decisions are influenced by the manner which customers are treated by their customer support staff. More comfortable and happy the customer is with your inbound call agents, more chances of them making a purchase decision.

It is the trait of big companies to convert an angry and dissatisfied customer into a loyal and long-term patron. Yes, your most unhappy customer can actually become your biggest promoter, if you handle them effectively.

3.  Get actionable

Most of the disappearing customers make an exodus because they feel that the company does not care or does not understand their pain points. And this happens because almost half of the time the inbound agents are not able to answer the customers. Now what happens is when you do not respond or could not offer the solution to the customers, it leaves a bad impression of your business.

Service professionals who make it a habit to hear and understand customers’ issue with utmost attention and focus are the ones who weed out the dissatisfaction and frustration of the customers in no time. The meaningful communication between the diligent agent and customer is recorded and valuable insights are extracted from it. This gives your call center an upper hand while dealing with angry and irritated customers.

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Most of the given points above are already known by business owners, still, the implication is so far away. I would recommend you to employ these tactics and mannerism in your 24-hour call center. This will make your customers completely in awe of your business. Let us know if there are any suggestion or query regarding this in the comment section below.

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