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Best Practices to Follow While Outsourcing Call Center Inbound Services

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma
call center inbound

The call center is meant to connect the customer with the brand in no time with the purpose to offer satisfactory solutions to their raised query over the preferred channel of communication i,e; phone call, email, chatbots, and many others.

Today, we live in a technology expedition world, where one can observe constant changes and demands for implementations.

To bridge this unvalued gap between brand and end-user, the organizations are coming up with outsourcing their call center inbound services and outbound ones, as per the business type. It bolsters them to focus on the business’s core competencies and manages tasks much easier due to their expertise.

If you plan to outsource outbound/inbound call center services, you must understand your business’s needs based on the customer’s words. There are most likely two circumstances, i.e., the customer will call the brand for assistance, or the agent will create a call for sales and business purposes.

Let’s first gather some light on what exactly is the difference between the two terminologies- Outbound and Inbound call center services…

Outbound Call Center Services

The outbound call center is dispense with the offering of services to the customer, where the call center representative creates a call to existing customers or contact through any other preferred medium, i.e., email, fax, social media, etc.

Here, the representative connects with customers to acknowledge them with the latest offers and sales.

The executive also holds the authority to create cold calls to the new set of customers to generate sales out of them.

Inbound Call Center Services

The call center inbound services are offered to the customer from the organization’s end when a customer calls or connects to brand/customer support to seek assistance.

The call could involve installing the product, return/refund status, or a general inquiry about the product.

With the customer care representative’s assiduous effort, these callers can be converted into final consumer, if treated well.

8 Best Practices Needed to Follow While Outsourcing Call Center Inbound Services:

Again, the choice of culling one of these two falls on the shoulder of the business organization, based on their need and business type. Once you decide the passage of connecting with the customer, the road of conversion becomes smooth.

Let say you have decided to move forward with inbound call center services. You need to adopt some of the best practices to ensure the value and retain the customer for a longer time.

The following are listed best practices that need to be followed while outsourcing call center inbound services, which revolves around the below-mentioned points to generate maximum value out of them:

  • Understanding the needs of the customer.
  • Pre-requisites for outsourcing call center services to third-party vendors.
  • Knowledge of liable tools to yarn success from the call center.


1.Cross-Check the List of Available Services:

Inbound call center services encapsulate a list of services that bolster in arranging the amount for the business organization.

If we go in-depth, you will find call center services don’t restrict mere calling functions. Instead, it sets to explore different virtues such as-

  • Phone Answering Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Order Taking Services etc

Therefore, the outsourcing organization should open up the list of their available services to the client, to make the efforts of the duo party much more accessible than ever before.

When outsourcing call center inbound services, apprehend the practices to retain the customers with the brand for a longer time by offering satisfactory resolutions to raised queries and inquiries.

2.Keep the Roll-On Latest Business Trends:

When the organization outsources its business services to an outsourcing vendor, it expects the fusion of services lace with the latest technology such as artificial intelligence.

AI holds the ability to replicate the human brain’s actions on behalf of an actual human, with an improved accuracy and precision rate.

Indeed, when AI has the power of catering to the customers at an efficient rate, it brings the notion to the application by efficiently conducting the predictive analysis on fetched data.

Also, AI and IoT stimulates human emotions and address them in that form only.

When the customer tends to have inbound call center services, the automated mechanism interprets the possible response and offers a helping hand, based on the previously held conversation.

3.Keep the Focus on KPIs and Call Center Metrics:

When it comes to delivering the best services while outsourcing call center inbound services, it is prominent to follow specific KPIs and track employees’ performance through pre-settled call center metrics.

The call center agent’s performance cannot be simply judged based on speed or number of calls handled

Apart from these factors, when outsourcing call center services, it is essential to keep track of the following elements for robust insights and fruitful results when outsourcing call center services.

  • Average Handle Time
  • First Call Resolution
  • Service Level
  • Cost Per Contact
  • Abandoned Call Rate
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Churn rate
  • Average Call Transfer Rate etc.


4.Connect at Customer’s Preferred Channel of Communication:

Bygone are the times when call centers are meant to offer required solutions to the customer over the phone call.

Today, the technology has raced rapidly, making other mediums as accessible as a native phone call.

When outsourcing call center inbound services to the client’s customers, it is advisable to bring other communication sources in the frame to reach out to the customer, much more manageable.

As a responsible call center, the call center representative and agents much hold expertise in operating all viable platforms meant for communication purposes, i.e., social media, email, text messages, etc.

Also, the time difference between the issue raised by the customer and address to it should be minimum, to retain them for future business purposes.

5.Use Reliable Tools to Ensure Business Operations:

Tools and technology have always been the driving wheels for any successful business venture.

Therefore, when moving up with outsourcing inbound call center services, it is vital to have defined knowledge about the latest tools getting used in the industry to optimize the level of offered services.

When the call center services are catered at the in-house stage, the everyday situations may occur like unfamiliarity with tools, lack of authority to operate the device, tough hands in using the technology, etc.

Hence, to cope with such shortcomings, the call center outsourcing organization much acknowledge the below-mentioned tools in their go-to list to complete the purpose of having a call center and delivery of call center services.

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Automatic Call Distributor
  • Predictive Dialler
  • Call Conferencing
  • Information Screen Pop-Up
  • Call Recording
  • Call Barging & Whispering etc.


6.Create A Suitable Directory for Customer Database:

Although the call center inbound services deal with getting calls from customers, eradicating the point of astriction to pitch them for sales.

Many misunderstood this by making zero attempts to create the customer from those calls for future purposes.

Instead, the outsourcing organization needs to handle the call details with care, similar to outbound call center ones.

Securing the data of customers, called for seeking help over the matter bolsters in creating the ready-to-go data for future purposes in leads of hot in quality. As here, the customer already knows a lot about your organization, which helps in hitting up for future sales opportunities.

Through this data, the business development and marketing team can easily categorize these sets of customers demographically based on interest, location, gender, and various others.

7.Empathize with Customers:

No doubt, inbound calls received are mostly for the purpose of having a satisfactory resolution over the matter of concern came across while using the product and services.

Therefore, there are most likely changes that customers may be angry and frustrated.

Instead of having an argument with the customer, the call center representative should show the attitude of empathy, as somehow it lowers the temper of the customer.

The call center employee should be trained in a manner that it can handle the mood of the customer in the irregular hours of the day.

To mind the facts, each customer loves to get acknowledged, moreover, when the experience is not in his favor.

Hence to normalize the whole situation. It is prominent to drop your vocals and tones by allowing them to explain the complete concern, without interrupting in the middle.

Following the easy and important steps to calm the customer bolsters in retaining them for a longer duration of time.

8.Training of New and Existing Employees:

When driving the call center outsourcing services, it comes as the responsibility on the shoulder of the organization to control the movement of outbound and inbound call center services.

Being the named organization in the domain, it is important to value the employee working under your shell.

Proper training sessions should be conducted for hired employees, as they may be new to working culture like yours or might be a fresher with experience.

Also, training holds the importance so as to introduce the employees with the latest tools and technologies in the domain, that are needed to provide the best of the call center services to the customers, relying on these services.

Hence, we can conclude that following the required practices for swift call center inbound services is as important as outsourcing these essentials to the third-party vendor.

The call center outsourcing organizations are usually gulped with the required qualities to churn the best out of the hay and turn the potential customer into the final consumer and retain them for a longer period of time.




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