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Inbound Vs Outbound Telemarketing Services Which One Is Better

Posted by Neeti Patial
outbound call center services

With a rapidly mushrooming technology landscape, organizations have to deal with the ongoing changes to do business more effectively. Businesses that have accustomed themselves to new technology can easily reach out to their prospective & existing customers in different ways. And one such medium that has gained tremendous popularity among the business community is inbound telemarketing services and outbound telemarketing services, commonly known as the application of telemarketing call center services.

Mobile phones or phones are powerful business tools that any business irrespective of shape and size can use to their benefit. A telemarketing call center is a holistic approach undertaken to sell products/services over the phone to existing and prospective clients. Inbound and outbound BPO companies are helping firms to ease their telemarketing functions and assuring strengthened brand names. Since outsourced partners have market experience, they resolve clients’ concerns better than less experienced in-house agents. It is the reason why outsourcing telemarketing call center services is being considered by most organizations.

Businesses are increasingly turning towards offshore call center outsourcing companies for telemarketing services. These companies typically offer two different types of telemarketing solutions that include inbound telemarketing services and outbound telemarketing services. Both kinds of telemarketing call center services have unique benefits to offer to businesses. However, which among the two will be best for your business completely depends on your varying requirements.

To help your business make informed decisions, here we are listing some differences between Inbound telemarketing services and Outbound telemarketing services.

Inbound Vs Outbound Calls Process

To help you understand Inbound Vs Outbound Calls Process, let’s first understand what Inbound telemarketing is!

In inbound telemarketing services, call agents attend incoming customer calls coming to inbound call centers services in the US. For instance, a customer goes through some advertisement that might have appeared on a digital or online platform about a new product or service. If he is intrigued, he will call the customer support of the company. The telemarketing agent for call center inbound services will pick the phone and will tell the potential customer more about it. Not just this, the inbound agents play a crucial role in turning these callers into customers by showing the best aspects of their product/service and by telling them the ongoing offers, which they can avail themselves.

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While in the outbound process in BPO, skilled representatives call prospective clients directly. For instance, a cable company will call its existing customers to promote a new product or service launch. They may also do cold calling to prospective clients to try to gain more sales. These agents need to have impeccable persuasion skills. Today, organizations are implementing new AI-based chatbot techniques in the process to handicraft the experience of the customer, along with the efforts of an executive. Both inbound call center services and outbound call center services have their different significance and these bring the best to users when selected correctly as per the business needs.

What is Inbound Telemarketing Job Responsibility?

In inbound telemarketing services, an inbound telemarketer receives incoming calls from existing and prospective clients. The call center outsourcing usually maintains a record of the name and information of the number of individuals they called. He also provides information about current discounts/offers or new product/service launches. Some inbound telemarketers try to sell new products to customers. Others handle complaints and resolve issues or queries of the customers with problems, while also trying to pitch them for new products.

What is Outbound Telemarketing Job Responsibility?

In outbound telemarketing services, outbound telemarketers call existing and former clients or do cold calling to prospective clients from the phone directory. Typically, an outbound telemarketer cold calls a client and tries to sell a product or service by reading a script provided by the company. Besides, an outbound telemarketer also gives instant replies to queries raised by the customers about products or services.

Inbound vs Outbound Calls Center Services

Both call center inbound services and outbound processes in BPO solve different purposes. Outsourcing to inbound and outbound BPO depending on the need can bring boosted results to the business. However, if we still ponder upon which one is better then it would be inbound telemarketing. The reason being that convincing someone to buy your product who is already interested in it is way easier than calling someone out of the blue and persuading them to pay heed to what you are saying in the first place.

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However, the inbound telemarketing calls will be high in volume only if you are running some advertisement, which is compelling enough. Outbound telemarketing calls are tough to crack, but if the right, competitive and skilled agent is handling him, he will make every possible effort to attract more and more clients and customers.

Which one among Inbound telemarketing and Outbound telemarketing the Best?

When you don’t have the budget to advertise but want to increase brand awareness or add more customers to your business, you should opt for outbound telemarketing call center services.

Now, whether you want to outsource both or just one depends on your business requirement. The best one out of these two would be different for different businesses. Call center inbound services, and outbound call center services are great to simplify the telemarketing support, thus depending on the business requirement, either can be used strategically.

While most of you must have been thinking before reading this blog that telemarketing is only confined to making calls to prospective clients and customers or contacting the potential client via Chatbot, now you must have surely understood that there also exists a term ‘inbound telemarketing. So, contemplate and choose the best amid inbound services and outbound services of telemarketing call centers for your business.

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