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How can inbound call center agents enhance their performance?

Posted by Sukriti Saini

For being a great customer support agent, let’s first try to think like a customer. What would you as a caller hate the most? Most probably, being put on hold or maybe even after then not getting a solution or answer to your problem. Another possibility could be that of not being given the deserved importance.

All these reasons and many more don’t just aggravate and upset your customers but your business also. The companies lose a significant amount of existing and potential customers.

Nevertheless, instead of discussing the problems that we all know about, it is essential to figure out some of the ways to improve the inbound call center service. The most promising way to improve customer satisfaction is improving the performance of the reps.

Hence, in this blog, we tell some sure-fire ways to agents of the inbound call center so that they can help the call center they work in, rise above these problems and ultimately grow as a reliant call center. Take a look.

1. Keep training yourself persistently:

Every call center agent is trained at the time of joining for a few days. Just remember that the training you get at that time is very basic. Working as an inbound call center service agent demands an urge to learn new things. There is no such thing as enough knowledge, just keep on learning continuously. Ask question to your seniors, read articles related to your job profile just like this one. Also, whenever a workshop or training session is organized, don’t be ignorant of it. Consider it as a great opportunity to analyze your performance and improve it.

2. Customize your replies:

Every customer has different problem or inquiry and is also in a different mood when he calls. He may be angry, sad, and normal or irritated, as an inbound call center service provider it is your duty to lend him a listening ear and show empathy. Even though you have scripts, just know that they won’t fit each and every situation overcall. Also, there are always more than one ways to handle a call. For instance, you may need to empathize more with a sad caller and apologize more to an angry caller. Your main agenda should be to make the customer happy. Never ignore the problem, address it and give the best possible solution to him.

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3. Take a small break to recharge yourself-

Inbound call center service agents have to deal with angry customers, attend one call after the other and both of these are surely not the attractive part of their job. While there is no way to escape from such situations, there is a solution to this.

Take short breaks. Do something to rejuvenate yourself. This can mean a short walk, talking to a colleague, playing some indoor game for a while. Figure out what recharges you the most. Do it without letting your work hamper.

4. Be good to the callers-

Treat each and every customer well. Speak politely, be courteous and kind. You must have the desire to help. Also, don’t see every inbound call as an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. Focus on the need of the customer first and then if he seems to be interested, try to persuade him to buy the new product your company has launched, etc.

5. End the calls properly-

The “800 number answering service” or the toll-free service number is dialed by the customer in anticipation of a solution and empathy. So, as a proficient rep, it’s your duty to begin an end a call properly. Never make a caller feel unimportant. Before hanging the line, thank them for calling you. After disconnecting, make notes. Write the points that can help you in dealing with a similar customer ahead. If the first-time resolution isn’t possible, tell the customer what you will be doing after ending the call to solve the problem.

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By following the aforementioned tips, you will be able to keep every customer of your client delighted. In return, this will increase the rapport of the call center company you work in. other than that, you will be in the good books of your manager, he will surely appreciate you in front of others and give you a good appraisal during the appraisal time.

Also, keeping your manager happy and doing great for the company will make them do well for you in return. They might just take you out on dinners, gift movie tickets, sponsor a vacation.

So, just put your best foot forward, work hard and see yourself reaching unprecedented heights of success.

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