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How Does Outsourcing a Call Center Fuels the Automotive Industry Growth?

Posted by Neha Dubey
How does Outsourcing a call center fuels the automotive industry growth

As globalization and economic development have improved people's purchasing power, the automobile industry has benefited from this changing trend. Owning a vehicle has now become a necessity for most people. An abundant supply of vehicles has also boosted ancillary industries, thereby further enhancing competition within the industry. 

Since consumers now have more choices, they demand a lot more from car manufacturers. One of which is a high level of customer service from automobile manufacturers and dealers, which poses various challenges. 


But outsourcing a call center service can overcome many of these challenges and can help the automotive industry to grow at a rapid speed.


In this article, we will share the benefits of outsourcing call center services in the automotive industry. 


What does outsourcing Call Center services mean? 

The outsourcing of call center services occurs when a business hires an external customer service organization to staff and manage its call center from another location. During this process, the customer service organization hires and trains its staff to handle all customer contact.

Simply put, outsourcing call centers involves contracting a team of agents outside of your company. It allows you to focus on the things that matter most while allowing your team to focus on what they do best. 


What is the need for Call Center Outsourcing for the Automotive Industry? 

Within the automobile industry, customer service is more important than ever. The reputation of the automobile brand and dealer is also a major factor in consumers' decision-making process. Moreover, car buyers want assurance over safety and performance issues, particularly when it comes to an issue that may arise. Contact center solutions enable automobile manufacturers to provide this superior level of service.  

Outsourced call center services can help automobile manufacturers and dealers improve their reputations, cultivate relationships with customers, make sales, and boost revenue.

How can the Automotive Industry use Call center services to offer better services? 

Assistance before purchase- When deciding to buy a car, it's a huge deal. After all, a car is a high-value item that requires careful consideration. Customers typically comb through multiple options, conduct some research, test drive cars, etc., before making a final decision. 

All of these situations can be solved by providing consumers with proactive live chat responses. Additionally, publishing FAQs on the website will answer some of their questions. Thus, the agents will experience less call volume daily and consumers will spend less time searching for answers.


Making final decision- Once a consumer has done their research and shortlisted a vehicle, they purchase it. But most consumers do not pay for the automobile upfront. They usually make a down payment and receive financing for the balance of the loan. 


Dealerships should be sure that the customers do not miss out on these payments as it allows them an opportunity to cross-sell. As well as in the case of big dealerships, they normally offer everything - financing, any additional fittings, etc. Integrating your in-house/third-party DMS with the CRM, as well as any other third-party applications you might require on your dealership's end, will enable your business to maintain a good relationship with your customers.


Offering post-sales service- It is imperative to take care of every customer touchpoint throughout the customer journey, no matter if the buyer is considering his purchase option or has already made the decision. To provide a delightful customer service experience, the role of the dealership doesn't end when the car is sold.

It is when call center services can jump in to offer your business the right support. Whether you want to make calls for feedback or offer post-sales services, outsourced call center services can be profitable in numerous ways. 

Here is how the automotive industry can use Call Center services for other purposes: 

Generating leads: Lead generation is one of the pivotal roles of a call center service provider. When you outsource call center services, you get a whole team of experts who call the potential customers and generate leads for your business. It, in turn, boosts sales and improves your business bottom line.   

Follow-up calls: Many times, customers visit or call your business with a query. But it is not always possible for your in-house team to make these calls. It is when outsourcing call center services that help you make these follow-up calls. They make sure that all your customers have been assisted properly and their queries are being answered. 

Making promotional calls: Making marketing calls and promotional calls is one of the easiest ways to boost your business growth. It is why your business needs to have a concerned team who make promotional calls to your potential or already existing customers. 

Having a team that can make your customers aware of the ongoing promotions and new launches of products and services can be beneficial in many ways. It is why you must outsource a dedicated inbound call center service team who can do the job for you. 

Payment reminders: Every business wants its customers to pay on time. But it is not always possible, at least not without sending constant reminders on the behalf of the business. It is again when outsourcing a call center comes to your rescue. 

They have an expert agent who is trained and highly skilled to send these automatic reminders to the customers. It will result in timely payment as well as customers appreciating your services. 

What are the benefits of outsourcing call center services for the automotive industry? 

1. Streamlined services- It is one such factor that plays a pivotal role in the success of your business. For any business to reach its set targets, it is pivotal that all your customers' end-to-end requirements are being met. You must streamline the business processes. And, it can easily be achieved through outsourcing call center services. 

When you outsource, the customer agents handle all your business processes with utmost precision. They ensure that all your business processes are streamlined. 

2. Scalability- Managing the image of the brand by offering a standardized service is paramount to the success of automotive companies. Call centers offer scalability in terms of staffing and technology, contributing to the success of these companies. Moreover, you will not have to invest in infrastructure and training additionally. 

3. Access to the latest technology- When you use the correct technology to communicate with your customers, you save time and money. Outsourcing your call center services provides you with the latest in call center technology to ensure that both inbound and outbound interactions with customers are as efficient as possible. Nowadays, many technology-enabled call centers use facilities like IVR, chatbots, AI, dialer, automatic call distributors, etc.  

4. Customer Satisfaction- Since automotive vehicles are high-value purchases, companies need to ensure their customer service experiences are optimized to build trust and transform one-time purchases into ongoing partnerships. 

And one can only achieve this through outsourcing call center services. Our well-trained and highly professional experts make sure that they represent your brand effectively and respond to all your queries. 

5. Optimum Data Security- Call center outsourcing service provider ensures that all your confidential data stays safe. All the reputed call center service providers follow stringent security measures and leave no stone unturned in securing your data. 

6. Data-based decision making- Our metrics and reports provide insight into the performance of our outsourced customer service process, such as First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Handling Time (AHT), and Abandoned Call Rate (ACR).

As a result, you can make informed decisions about your CRM strategies and gain full visibility into the call center outsourcing process.

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Summing it up

So, no matter how big or small your automotive industry is, you must strive hard to offer your customers impeccable call center services. Wait no more and find a reliable and trusted call center service provider. You can also contact our experts at Go4customer for best-in-class call center outsourcing services. Whether you wish to outsource inbound call center services or outbound call center services, we offer the best services. 


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