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How to make things right when lousy customer support is offered?

Posted by Shashvat

“When you assume negative intent, you're angry. If you take away that anger and assume positive intent, you will be amazed."

Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico

There is nothing more expensive to a business than offering an awful customer experience. Bearing the cost of lousy service experience is not everyone’s cup of tea because it is too high.

As per a study, it is shown that 55 % of the customers with an intent to make a purchase backed out of the process because of a lousy service experience. Customers leaving a business because of poor service standard is not a new discovery.

Most of the businesses in present times understand that if they are not going to offer the expected service status to the customers, witnessing a loss is inevitable. Still, the blunders happen and as a result, business has to see its customers leaving.

This is the reason that a lot of business owners prefer call center outsourcing over internal support staff.

Do you know that 71% of the customers reportedly admitted leaving a business owing to poor service experience?

Another research says that to overcome a single bad service experience, it takes around 12 happy customer experience. Well, do not worry. This blog is going to top tips to fix the bad customer experience and bring your business back on its legs. Let’s take a look:

Improve your listening skills

Customers want to be heard. The customers offer their allegiance to the brand who understand the pain and trouble they had to go through. So, even if you have already offered a not-so-good service experience to the customers, it is advisable to improve your listening skills.

So, if the inbound call center expert is offering assistance to the customers on a phone call, keeping patience and utilizing an empathetic tone is quite crucial. Apart from this, offering support solutions on other channels such as social media also demand hearing and understanding of the customer’s issue first.

Giving an opportunity to explain what went wrong and how does the blunder can be recovered always offer businesses a chance to again be included in the good books of the customers.

Be accountable

When the customers are furious and agitated, the first thing they require is a feeling of empathy from the brand. If the inbound call center agent at this moment starts blaming customers things could become worse for the business.

Imagine how a customer would feel if he/she sees that the agent who is supposed to take responsibility and offer a solution is putting the blame back. That’s why the best of call center outsourcing companies train their agents to be accountable and apologetic in front of the customers.

Even if the customers have already experienced a lousy service level, if your agent says sorry and takes full responsibility, it might again bring your business back in the game.

Prompt solution deliverance

As soon as you identify what’s the real issue is, you require to offer the solution in the least possible time. The inbound call center experts should repeat the crucial aspects that customer requested for clarity and then provide the prompt resolution accordingly.

It is the responsibility of the call center outsourcing firms to ensure that each aspect of the resolution is actually rendered to the customers. To make sure that the customer experiences a seamless service standard, provide a specific tracking number as per the issue.

When customers see that your business is actually offering the promised service level, there is a high probability that the lousy experience of past might be forgotten soon.

Goodwill is the key

When the customers have already gone through a poor support level and lost time and trust in your brand, what do you think would work? As per the most successful brands in the world, the most important factor that can actually erode the second-rate experience from the customers’ mind is a sheer gesture of goodwill.

For instance, Swiggy, a food delivery company in India when encounters agitated customers owing to delay in service or unavailability of the items offers a compensation voucher. Offering goodwill is a way of telling customers that you understand a mistake has been made and hence you are offering some compensation as a spirit of goodwill.

Most of the customers in these case get softened and starts trusting the brand again.

A constant follow-up

The work is not done when you have offered the solution to the customer’s issue. In fact, the real customer support service starts after the resolution is provided.

This is the time when call center outsourcing companies call up the customers to see if the offered resolution is up to the level of the customer’s expectations. Time-to-time follow-up with the customers helps a brand to regain the trust and loyalty that was lost when a poor service level was provided.   

Final Takeaway

Customers are the bread & butter of your business. It is your responsibility to take care of their requirements and make sure to rectify any sort of blunders that are made during the assistance process.

Because a customer is as valuable as your employees and bringing them back on board is a constant process of nourishment and care. Thanks!

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