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3 Ways Call Center Outsourcing Can Reduce the Average Wait Time (AWT)

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

We respect your time and call can be the wittiest as well as the funniest answer for the customer to be heard from the call center executive.

Wittiest in a sense, when the call center executive actually respects the time and query of its customer. Whereas, funniest in a way that it might turn out as a joke in the form of a statement due to the immeasurable span of time to get in touch with actual call center representatives.

The call center outsourcing companies talk to offer commendable services to the client and it's following customers.

It also calls the need to match up with the standards of call center metrics, but holding a tag of such sayings is always not enough, if not followed with the steps to make the experience of a customer, a better one.

Valuing the time and emotions of a customer can only be measured with a responsive attitude of the call center executive to answer the call of the customer by managing the rate of Average Waiting Time (AWT) to a minimum.

In this article, we will know about what exactly is Average Wait time and how it differs from the other call center metrics.

Let's dive in!

What Do You Understand by Average Wait Time (AWT)?

Outsourcing call center services to BPO is not a new trend.

The organizations are seen opting for the services from the third party resource, getting the tons of recognition from the luminaries.

In order to match the requirements of the customer, these BPO outsourcing companies practice hard to regulate the ins and outs of calls in a call center to escalate the level of customer satisfaction score, which is only possible when the customer will have astounding experience over the phone call by getting in touch with the call center executive.

In simple terms, we can understand the depth of average weight time with the time taken by the call center executive to answer the call of the customer.

The standards may vary on the basis of various protocols, responsible for the delay in handling the call on short note.

Here, the inbound call is made by the customer in order to gain assistance over the matter from the executive. But, here comes the roadblock in between as the cycle will not get its drive on a smooth surface.

The standards have been measured as per the customer satisfaction rate and speed of answering the call, as it may have to face a few for being in getting the contact with the executive or to receive a call back from them, following the IVR system integration in the call center organization

Reports suggest that the standard average wait time is followed with a certain service level i.e; 80/20.

Where 80% of the calls should get registered within the first 20 seconds of the time taken by the user to make a call to the inbound call center outsourcing companies.

The delay to which can lead to a hike in call abandonment rate which is not a good sight for managing the call center metrics.

The average wait time (AWT) can be calculated by the given formula:

Average Waiting Time = (The Total Time Your Customers Wait in Call Queues / The Total Number of Calls Answered by Agents)

Tips to Reduce Average Wait Time (AWT) in Call Center Outsourcing Companies?

Outsourcing call center services to the reputed third-party organization can automatically cut-off half of the astrictions headed for driving the successful business.

Delaying the response to contact the customer over the medium of the phone call can result in the deflation of business virtues.

Here are few ways usually incorporated by the call center outsourcing companies to reduce the average wait time for making the flow of call center services swift and agile.

  • Guide Your Callers Through IVR Technology:

Holding the bunch of technologies in a business niche for an inhouse call center can create quite difficult possibilities.

Whereas, BPO outsourcing companies do hold the record for bringing in the new technologies in their business structure to uplift the experience of the customer.

One of such boosting technologies is IVR i.e; Interactive Voice Response.

Outsourcing firms can help in reducing the average wait time by guiding the customers over the phone call through IVR for approaching the correct gateway rather than wasting their time.

The IVR technology directs the customer from choosing the preferred language type to problem type that helps in distributing the customer amid the dedicated call center agents for solving the related queries.

  • Monitor the Level of Call Center Metrics:

Monitoring levels of call center metrics, the organizations dealing with BPO outsourcing can easily manage the ins and outs of the call center.

Businesses working as per the measures to improve the statistics for call abandoned rate, call handling time along with call waiting time can help the managers in rating their employees for the future project-related opportunities.

Apart from these metrics, the call center outsourcing companies can use the features like call conferencing, call recording, automatic call distributor, predictive dialler and various other mediums to reduce the wait time of the customer to a minimum as per the required business type.

  • Judicious Investment in Tools and Agents:

Call center outsourcing companies are known for their efforts in managing out the levels of services.

The agents are known to deal with the qualities to drive the essential and virtues of business on some next level.

Therefore, outsourcing call center services responsibility to firms dealing in the BPO sector can help in bringing more of the customers to the platform by reducing the average wait time, subsequently.

Also, the call center outsourcing companies are known to equip the employees with the latest set of technologies and tools at a regular interval.

Witnessing the upsurge in trend in the market, these BPO outsourcing firms make a judicious investment in stores and also train their agents over the same for extracting the maximum output by solving the customer's query in minimal possible time through these channels.

In Conclusion:

Outsourcing call center services to namely firms can help in reducing the average wait time by looking for services in the form of latest tool investments and agent’s training in the course, with the purpose to retain the customer for a longer span of time for future sales opportunities.

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