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5 Tips to Bring More Customers Using Proactive Chat

Posted by Shiva Gaur

There are several call centers that deal with different call center processes and so they have different types of customers. Usually, there are visitors who actively engage with your website while others need to find ways to get engaged. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to get your customers to engage rather than sitting just behind the computer screen. In order to reach out to potential customers, you need to make use of the latest technologies and software. The entire business of the outsourcing companies depends on the number of loyal customers they make. Therefore, call center services be it inbound or outbound calling needs to do something unique and adopt new things to become effective and reliable. In this post, we discuss the use of proactive chats to help build more customers. Take a look.

  1. Customize the Chat Invitation

Websites which have a live chat option, they are more likely to get visited by the customers as they pay double attention to the same. Customizing the chat option is one of the best ways to attract most customers towards your website and the services you offer. By using the live chat support in an outbound calling service, you can trigger the site visitors, manage the customer relations, and contact potential customers and so on.  

  1. Set Time to offer Chat

Before contacting any customer, you need to set a time and ask them for their permission to ping them on a chat or call them directly. Customers, usually, do not take initiatives to call or chat directly with the outbound companies call center agents, that’s the reason, the agents need to take the initiative and ask them their free time before starting a conversation. Your websites have an option of a call to action for sales and marketing purposes. The chat option for the customers on the website should be available only when they have visited your website properly or maybe you can set a time to offer chat after 30 to 60 seconds.

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  1. Know the Customers Pre-Chat History

If you want your pro-active chat effective, you need to know your customers beforehand. You must be aware of their thoughts, their need, and requirements and therefore, talk to them accordingly on a chat. It is an effective lead generation nurturing campaign before conducting which you need to have full basic information of the customer’s persona, email, mobile number, occupation, information about what they are looking for. This way, you can make your chat even more effective and helpful for the chat agent as well as for the customer. They will be able to have a faster transference between the agents.

  1. Optimize Chat Button Placements

The next most important thing you need to know about the outbound calling pro-active chats is that you need to optimize the chat button's placements. It is because it is the most visible option on your entire website. Make sure the chat button is not only limited to the website’s homepage, but it should also be available on each page of the website. This way people do not have to get back on the home page if they want chat assistance. Of any sort with the call center agents.

  1. Analyze Visitors’ Chat Data

Collecting and analyzing the chat history and the data related to it is of utmost importance for your future reference. If someone else wants to know the same things you can always refer to the previous chats to provide them an effective answer. Knowing about their requirements and data beforehand helps you to know their demands and requirements better. Saving the previous data of the customers helps make a rich resource for your marketing campaign.

The Way Forward

Another way of bringing more customers towards the outbound companies is that you can display and update the FAQs on your website with added guidelines and chat transcripts. This way you can drive more sales and bring more customers to your website and sell more of your companies’ services and products. It also helps you to increase the time of the visitors. If you want to make your outbound calling more effective and reliable try to make the best use of proactive chats. They are not only helpful in making clients but also increase the sales of your company. 

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