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The Nitty Gritties of Call Center Outsourcing

Posted by Sukriti Saini
call center consulting

Many businesses try to manage the calls they receive in-house. This is possible at the initial stage of your business as you will receive fewer calls. The receptionist at your office can easily manage the volume of calls at that time. However, imagine a scenario wherein your customer base is growing or you are getting more clients to do business with. In such a situation, would she be able to handle calls? Obviously, not.

What would you do? Hire agents, dedicate a part of your workspace to them, and buy hardware and software for them? If you are planning to do so, think again. This would involve a significant amount of cost. So, call center outsourcing is the only best option you have. It will do the same work more efficiently, professionally and in one-fourth of the cost, you would spend to do it in-house.

However, even though you want to outsource there are certain basics that you must be acquainted with before outsourcing your call center services.

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The Services You Need

Every call center has its own forte. While one would be good in making outbound calls, the other would be good in handling inbound calls. So, while you start considering the best call centers for the purpose of outsourcing, make sure they have the services you want to outsource. If the call center you want to outsource outbound calls campaign to is better in dealing with inbound calls then what’s the use of it?

The Style of Service

Your approach to finding a great call center outsourcing company should not be random. You should never select a particular call center because it provides the services you need. There will be many call centers providing the services you want, what will differentiate them would be the quality of the services. So, to check the same you should make some trial calls. This will help you in ascertaining which call center would be best to outsource the services. Remember the most polite and persistent agents are the best. 

The Anticipated Call Volume

You should have a rough idea of the call volume that the call center has to deal with. If you hire a call center, remember, it should have enough agents to handle the spike in calls and the number of calls you expect them to make and receive. Also, check if they provide services 24x7.

While knowing the right way to choose the best call center is necessary, it is also quintessential to know the service that exists and check if you want any other services as well along with the ones you have decided to outsource.

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Decide the services you want

Selecting the right firms to outsource the call center services in India is only possible after you know exactly what services the call centers provide and which ones would be the best for your business. So, let’s take a look at the list of services the call center offers.

1. Inbound Call Centers

a. Customer Care support services

b. Phone Answering services

c. Technical help desk

d. Appointment Setting

e. Product Information

f. 24 x 7 Helpdesk

g. Order Taking

h. Claims Processing

2. Outbound Call Centers

a. Lead Generation

b. Appointment Scheduling

c. Market Research Activities

d. Voice Broadcast

e. Telemarketing services

f. Direct Mail Follow Up

g. Database Selling

h. Direct Marketing Campaigns

i. Promotional Selling / Up-Selling / Cross-Selling

3. IT Services

a. Custom Software Development

b. IVR Programming

c. Telecom Billing Solutions

d. Customized Accounting Software Development

e. Client Reporting Systems

f. Testing Procedure

g. Mobile Apps Development

h. Custom Application Development

4. Email Support Services

a. Product and Service Inquiries

b. Order Taking / Fulfillment

c. Feedback / Response to inquiry

d. Payment Inquiries and documentation

e. Troubleshooting for services and products

5. Chat support services

a. Customer Chat support

b. 24x7 Chat support

c. Website Chat support

d. Order Taking

e. Tracking Chat Support

6. Back office support services

a. Bill generation & processing

b. Data entry services and conversion

c. Insurance Claims Processing

d. Online database generation

To onshore or offshore?

Look at all the pros and cons of onshoring and offshoring the call centers outsourcing. Call center services in India are known worldwide for the quality services they provide at reasonable prices. So, it is advisable for you to look at all the options and then choose the call center which aligns best with your company goals and most importantly the one that has all the services you want to outsource.

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