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New Generation Call Center Outsourcing Services

Posted by Sunny Morgan
New Generation Call Center Outsourcing Services

Table of Contents:

To reduce expenses, wise corporations employ strategies that minimize costs, and budgeting is a critical tool to channel funds to the areas of their operations they wish to prioritize, such as upgrading equipment or recognizing employees. There is no doubt, call center outsourcing has always been beneficial to companies except in some rarest scenarios where the involved parties were not able to synchronize well with the business.

Outsourcing call centers is a method that some businesses use to lower expenses. While some leaders in the industry endorse this approach, as it reduces costs, others oppose it and believe that keeping call centers in-house justifies the additional costs. If your company is contemplating this transition, this article delves into outsourcing customer service and explores the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing to an external call center.

Outsourcing Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service presents an opportunity for companies to divert their attention and resources from customer support to other essential functions such as product development, content creation, and sales. Rather than allocating more in-house staff to handle customer service responsibilities, companies can engage external service providers to manage specific business functions like small or existing business customer support.

Moreover, businesses can entirely transfer their call center operations to external providers. This implies outsourcing all activities associated with the call center instead of just a few functions. Call center outsourcing provides a comprehensive service that entails all the communications-related aspects. Whether it is about entertaining clients or customers with their concerns and shortcomings.

“Definition: Outsourcing a call center refers to a business practice in which a company contracts another organization or service provider to handle their customer support services, such as answering customer inquiries, processing orders, providing technical support, and handling complaints, among others.

The external service provider operates on behalf of the company and is responsible for all aspects of the call center's operation, including staffing, training, and management. This allows the company to focus on other critical areas of its operations while reducing expenses and maintaining high-quality customer service.”

Nonetheless, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether to outsource call center services. Companies evaluate the pros and cons of call center outsourcing before committing to this approach. If you are mindful of the liabilities associated with hiring third-party call center outsourcing services, you can be better prepared. Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks to consider when contemplating outsourcing customer service.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Call Center Outsourcing


Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Before getting on this, we would like to convey to you that the benefits of call center outsourcing are more than its drawbacks. It is just that there are a few liabilities you need to be aware of. Every aspect of business contains liabilities and risks, it is completely up to you how you tackle those liabilities and turn your so-called challenges into strengths. So, let us delve into the benefits of hiring a call center outsourcing.

Cost-Effectiveness: One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing customer service is the substantial reduction in call center expenses. Many businesses prefer to outsource to countries like India where the cost of living is lower than in the US. This makes it possible for companies in these countries to pay their workers considerably less than what would be required in the US, leading to significant cost savings.

Saves Time: The process of interviewing, hiring, and training call center employees can often take more time than expected. Companies must ensure that these employees possess adequate skills in interpersonal communication, gain a deep understanding of the company and its products, and possess the problem-solving skills necessary to handle customer inquiries effectively.

Fortunately, outsourcing call center services can help alleviate this burden by assuming responsibility for staffing these positions. As a result, the company can devote more time and resources to other critical in-house tasks that require attention. Basically, they take over the entire call center process responsibility, which involves recruitment too.

Provides Room for Business Expansion: If your company is already an international business or considering expanding into international markets, outsourcing call centers can provide significant advantages. In particular, it can be advantageous to have external call centers situated in countries where your business plans to operate eventually.

This strategy ensures that a local call center with staff members who share the same language and culture will already be in place, making it easier to establish a presence and provide customer support in that region. Providing multilingual support over different geographical locations can be extremely beneficial in marketing aspects.

Additionally, having call centers in target regions will help your company understand and serve the local market more effectively, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and business success. This is one of the most prominent advantages of call center outsourcing. If applied strategically, it can bring prolific results to the business in many ways.

Improve Flexibility Rate: Outsourced call center employees work for your company on an as-needed basis, rather than being full-time employees. This provides flexibility to companies with changing needs, allowing them to assign outsourced call centers quickly and easily to meet fluctuating demand. Being a customer-centric business, you can never anticipate a sudden increase in customer base. In cases of overflowing inbound service requests, you should be ready.

The agency can avoid additional expenses associated with upcharges for changes or overtime pay. The outsourced employees are only paid for the hours they work on the phone, ensuring that companies do not incur unnecessary costs for idle time or non-productive hours. This approach provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for companies that require scalable call center services to accommodate their fluctuating needs.

Round-the-Clock Availability: Providing 24/7 customer service has become an expectation among consumers, but paying local employees to work overnight shifts can be prohibitively expensive for many companies. By outsourcing call center services, companies can efficiently cover all hours of the day by leveraging international employees who work during the daytime in their respective time zones. See that is one of the best features of call center outsourcing agencies.

BPO services can work in odd shift timings and provide continuous online support round the clock. 24/7 availability is another advantage for customer-oriented companies as they are able to render non-stop services despite time constraints. This approach enables companies to provide 24/7 coverage without having to assign additional shifts to their local employees, resulting in significant cost savings.

Transfer Calls During Overflow: At certain times of the year, such as during the holiday season, there tends to be a higher volume of customer service calls than usual. Coping with a sudden surge in call volumes during these times can be challenging. However, outsourcing to a specialized call center that can handle overflow calls can be a convenient solution. You can effortlessly redirect calls to the external call center without any hassle.

Especially if your business is sales-oriented, receiving inbound sales calls on a daily basis. During peak seasons, things might become very critical if you do not have enough agents at your disposal for handling mass incoming calls. Every single missed call will be a loss and you can’t afford to lose sales calls during these times. Therefore, it is better to hire a resourceful call center outsourcing service that can ascertain a 100% response rate.


Drawbacks of Call Center Outsourcing

Advisably, a business must vary the possible limitations and challenges lying ahead when trying to venture into a business strategy; in this case, call center outsourcing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get over them and turn them into one of your strengths. We are going to illustrate some call center outsourcing limitations that you should be aware of, so you can reap the maximum benefits after implementing the model.

Communication Barrier: When considering outsourcing a call center, it's important to be aware that the call center's location and first language may differ from yours. This can result in language barriers on the phone, such as varying accents or unfamiliarity with local slang.

Which could potentially hinder successful communication and ultimately impact the customer experience negatively. It's therefore important to prepare accordingly and take steps to mitigate any language-related challenges that may arise.

Lower Product Knowledge: As external workers, the employees in question may have a limited understanding of your company and its offerings. Despite receiving training prior to commencing work, their knowledge may be confined to fundamental aspects, rendering them unable to handle intricate or technical calls.

Limited Employee Collaboration: Within your organization, teams likely have a close working relationship, especially if they operate within the same building. However, when utilizing an outsourced call center, employees may not share these same close relationships.

They may not even be physically located in the same building. Consequently, there may be a decline in teamwork and cooperation, which could hinder the efficient flow of information within your customer service department.

Customer Satisfaction Deprioritized: Outsourced call centers can lack the same level of commitment to delivering exceptional customer service due to their detachment from the business. This is not to suggest that outsourced employees don't value satisfying customers, but rather that internal employees are typically more invested in fostering strong customer relationships to cultivate loyal, long-term customers.

Limited Control Over the Recruitment Process: When a company outsources to an off-shore call center, it relinquishes control over the hiring process, as the call center has the authority to choose its own employees without seeking approval from the company. As a result, the company may discover that some of the employees hired by the call center are unsuitable for the job, but the company has no say in the matter.

Possible Employment Rate Decline: Lastly, with the unemployment rate at around 4%, one may be concerned about the limited job opportunities available to local workers. When companies outsource call centers.

They may be taking away these job opportunities from domestic workers and giving them to off-shore employees instead. Although this is neither inherently positive nor negative, it may raise concerns for customers who place a high value on domestic labor.

Reinforcing Outsourced Call Center Team Management

Reinforcing Outsourced Call Center Team Management

Call center outsourcing is not an easy job as it requires a series of tedious maneuvers that require constant improvisations. Implementation of new strategies and regular supervision is an intrinsic part of call center outsourcing operations. The most important part is managing the team because an effective team ensures desired results. Managing an outsourced call center team involves several key tasks and responsibilities, including:

Performance Benchmarks and Expectations

This includes defining metrics such as response time, customer satisfaction scores, and sales targets, and communicating them clearly to the outsourced team. Leaders must communicate these priorities in advance and must remind the team about the performance metrics from time to time. Basically, every team member should be aware of their KRAs crystal clear and must adhere to them at all costs.

Must Ensure Qualified Trainers for Training

It's important to ensure that outsourced call center agents receive adequate training on products, services, and processes. All the senior members working in the higher hierarchy should make it a point to train their subsidiaries well. Leaders must ensure their team has everything needed for obtaining the desired results.

If you are in a position to lead a team, make sure you are providing them with enough training and knowledge required for upskilling. This includes providing cultural and language training to ensure that agents are equipped to handle customers from different regions and backgrounds. Also, you must emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Quality Reassurance

Monitoring and reviewing calls, chat logs, and emails to ensure that agents are providing high-quality service and adhering to company policies and procedures. Go beyond what’s obvious to the operations. For example, for sending sales emails, your team might be using the same old email templates for a very long time.

Now you can’t expect to get results if your team is not trying new persuasive ways to convince clients. Therefore, as a leader, it is your duty to share some new ideas and also, implore your team members to construct new ways to engage new and existing customers. Call center outsourcing largely depends on the team's strength, not just technology.

Reinforcing Performance Management

Throughout all this time we have been talking about performance management only but it requires regular evaluation of the call center outsourcing team. Providing regular feedback, coaching, and recognition to agents to ensure they are meeting performance targets and addressing any performance issues.

Reminding your team about their performance inadequacies won’t be enough. Addressing their pain points and challenges is also important. Plus, you need to keep looking for ways you could help your agents to increase their performance as a leader. That also involves motivating your team regularly and recognizing them for their efforts.

Communication and Collaboration

Establish regular communication channels with the outsourced team to ensure that issues are addressed promptly and that the team is kept informed of changes to products, services, or processes. Miscommunication can cause serious problems and therefore, affect the fundamentals and fabrics of the call center outsourcing team.

Depending on the current business process, you must ensure to communicate all the little upgrades and changes to the team. If you have introduced a new strategy, you must ensure everyone contemplates it just the way it is. Sometimes, agents usually interpret the given information in different ways so as a manager, you should clear the doubts contextually.

Data Analysis and Report

Data plays a critical role in addressing the performance management of the call center outsourcing team. Being a call center outsourcing service, your agency must have all the tools and technology for collecting and analyzing data on call center performance to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Successful call center outsourcing companies tend to equip themselves with sufficient technology to substantiate their decisions during a performance improvement process. Data will help you to have full conviction of the strategies you are implementing. Also, you would be able to properly navigate the strategy’s trajectory when you have data.

Contract Management

One of the smart ways to ensure call center team management is outsourcing the call center service to a third-party agency with a good track record of performance. However, outsourcing won’t be sufficient enough, you still need to oversee whether everything is running as per the contract. So, pay special attention during the contracting procedure.

This is where contract management comes in. You must regularly have detailed discussions with the call center outsourcing agency to ensure contract compliance. Ensuring that the outsourced call center provider is meeting contractual obligations and managing any issues related to pricing, billing, or service level agreements.


Managing an outsourced call center team requires strong communication, collaboration, and performance management skills, as well as a deep understanding of the customer service landscape and the company's goals and objectives. Learning all these objectives requires intense work and regularly practicing new ways of improvement.

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Listing Reasons for Client Companies Lacking Customer Support Expertise

In the past, call center operations were pretty easy and straightforward. As time flew, customers’ expectations and behavior became more complex. Understanding the customers' needs and deliberating on fulfilling those needs became more challenging every day. That is where the emergence of call center outsourcing came to a realization.

Companies slowly began to miss out on various factors imperative for running and maintaining a call center service department. Therefore, it opened up several opportunities for third-party agencies to render call center outsourcing services to companies that were dealing with challenges related to handling a large customer base.

There can be several reasons why some client companies may lack the expertise for customer support:

Limited Resources: Smaller companies with limited resources may not have the budget to hire dedicated customer support staff or invest in the necessary tools and technology to provide quality customer support. Usually, the case is with most start-up companies as they initially lack the means to operate on a bigger scale and afford for establishing a complete setup for call center service.

Lack of Focus: Some companies may not prioritize customer support as a core aspect of their business, and therefore may not invest in the necessary resources to build a strong customer support team. Often disregarding the importance of call center support or being caught up with the core business activities leads to inadequate expertise and therefore, leads to call center outsourcing requirements.

Rapid Growth: Companies that experience rapid growth may struggle to keep up with the demand for customer support. As a result, they may not have the time or resources to invest in developing the necessary expertise for providing quality customer support. So, they compromise on that part mostly. A business can manage slightly less efficient customer support if the products and services are extremely well-performing but still, that doesn’t mean that the company won’t be needing customer support at all. Call center services provide more than just product-related support. Unfortunately, most companies neglect this fact.

Inadequate Training: Companies that do not provide adequate training to their customer support staff may lack the necessary expertise to handle complex customer inquiries or complaints. In order to provide better training, companies need to hire SMEs and other call center experts which eventually leads to availing an entire call center outsourcing service.

Outsourcing: Some companies may outsource their customer support to third-party providers who may not have the necessary expertise or knowledge of the company's products or services to provide quality customer support. Product knowledge and customer support expertise are both equally important for leading an efficient call center department and ensuring customer retention.

Hence, the lack of expertise in customer support can have a negative impact on a company's reputation and bottom line. It's essential for companies to invest in building a strong customer support team to ensure that they can provide quality service to their customers.

As a client, how can I supervise my outsourced call center?

As a client, supervising your outsourced call center is critical to ensuring that the team is meeting your expectations and delivering high-quality customer service. Here are some ways to supervise your outsourced call center:

Establishing the Objectives Clearly: Be sure to communicate your goals and expectations to the outsourced call center team clearly. If possible, document everything that has been discussed during the meeting with the third party. Under no circumstances should the third-party agency breach the contract. This includes defining metrics such as response time, customer satisfaction scores, and sales targets.

Staying Connected with Everyone: This involves connecting with all the stakeholders involved in the contract. Regularly visit the customer support team that involves agents, SMEs, TLs, assistant managers, managers, and VPs. Schedule regular check-ins with the outsourced call center team to discuss performance, address any issues, and provide feedback. Always start with addressing the challenges and pain points during the meeting.

Participate in Performance Improvement: Sometimes you have to play the hands you have dealt. We advise you to take up a few customer cases yourself and handle them your way. Share the issues you faced and how you solved them. Use tools such as call recording and monitoring software to listen to calls and review chat logs and emails to ensure that agents are providing high-quality service and adhering to company policies and procedures.

Provide Regular Inputs: Being the company’s CEO or MD, you should be having first-hand knowledge of every single update and news related to your business. Keep yourself abreast of the latest market trends and regularly include them in the business model. Share those insights with the team.

Provide regular feedback and coaching to the outsourced call center team to help them improve their performance and meet your expectations. Basically, you must ensure that you are providing enough industry-specific insights to the team so they can tailor their approach while handling the customers.

Conduct Performance Reviews: Regularly evaluate the performance of the outsourced call center team against your goals and metrics, and share the results with the team to encourage improvement. Their performance is going to directly reflect on the performance of your business. Their contribution to your business matters a lot.

Pay Regular Visits: If possible, consider visiting the outsourced call center to meet with the team in person and observe their operations. Always remember, it is your business which is at stake so, there is no one who cares better than you, whether the performance is good or average. Therefore, always set performance as a priority with the third-party agency.

Finally, Consider partnering with a third-party vendor management organization (VMO): A VMO can help you manage your outsourced call center by providing oversight, contract management, and vendor performance tracking. By supervising your outsourced call center effectively, you can ensure that the team is delivering high-quality customer service and meeting your goals and expectations.

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Some Idiosyncratic Techniques Used by Famous Call Center Outsourcing Services

Some Idiosyncratic Techniques Used by Famous Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call center outsourcing is a tedious and long-hauling job that requires constant communication with customers. It mainly comprises handling customer issues and concerns and providing them with the best possible solution for their problems. However, you must ask yourself a question, is that all it takes to become a successful call center outsourcing service, or is there anything more than that?

A profound call center outsourcing service is more than just providing answers and preemptive solutions to customers’ queries and concerns. Being a customer-centric company you need to come up with innovative ways to approach your customers for improving their experience and satisfaction rate. Let us share some idiosyncratic techniques used by famous call center outsourcing services:

Disney's "Four Keys": Disney's call center outsourcing services use the "Four Keys" to guide their customer service interactions. These are Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. Safety refers to the physical and emotional safety of both customers and employees, while Courtesy emphasizes being friendly, respectful, and helpful. The show refers to the experience of the customer, and Efficiency emphasizes the need for timely and effective service.

Zappos' "P.E.C." Method: Zappos' call center outsourcing services use the "P.E.C." method, which stands for Personal, Emotional, and Connected. The P.E.C. method emphasizes building a personal connection with the customer, addressing their emotional needs, and creating a sense of connectedness through positive interactions.

Nordstrom's "One Rule": Nordstrom's call center outsourcing services use the "One Rule" to guide their customer service interactions. The One Rule is simple: "Use your best judgment in all situations." This empowers call center representatives to make decisions that prioritize the customer's needs and create a positive customer experience.

Amazon's "Mayday Button": Amazon's call center outsourcing services use the "Mayday Button" feature on their Kindle Fire tablets. This feature allows customers to instantly connect with a live customer service representative via video chat, 24/7. The Mayday Button is a unique and convenient feature that provides customers with immediate assistance and support.

Ritz-Carlton's "Service Values": Ritz-Carlton's call center outsourcing services use their "Service Values" to guide their customer service interactions. These values include "anticipation and fulfillment of each guest's needs," "attention to detail," "maintaining a positive and professional attitude," and "creating a warm and welcoming environment." The Service Values emphasize the importance of creating a personalized and luxurious experience for the customer.

For becoming a successful call center outsourcing service, one must learn to think outside of the box. The above-mentioned tactics and techniques have worked very well for these brands but that doesn’t mean they can work the same for your brand too. Yes, these idiosyncratic techniques were designed to provide a unique and positive customer experience that sets these call center outsourcing services apart from others in the industry.

Some Famous Case Studies of Call Center Outsourcing Practice

Some Famous Case Studies of Call Center Outsourcing Practice

Call center outsourcing is a practice that has been in existence for 2 decades now. Initially, it was only privy to a handful of IT companies that specialized in active communications and public relations. The real benefits of outsourcing call center service were never truly recognized as most companies were skeptical about the feasibility and security concerns. Let us show a few examples of affluent companies that beg to differ.

●IBM Global Process Services and Telekom Malaysia: IBM Global Process Services helped Telekom Malaysia improve its call center performance by implementing a system that improved customer service and reduced wait times.

●Dell and Convergys: Dell partnered with Convergys to outsource its call center operations, resulting in significant cost savings and improved customer service.

●Bank of America and Genpact: Bank of America worked with Genpact to improve its call center operations, resulting in a 25% reduction in call volume and improved customer satisfaction.

●T-Mobile and TeleTech: T-Mobile partnered with TeleTech to improve its call center operations, resulting in improved customer service and a 50% reduction in call wait times.

●Barclays and Wipro: Barclays worked with Wipro to outsource its call center operations, resulting in a 50% reduction in operating costs and improved customer satisfaction.

●AT&T and Teleperformance: AT&T partnered with Teleperformance to improve its call center operations, resulting in improved customer service and a 20% reduction in call wait times.

●American Express and TeleTech: American Express worked with TeleTech to improve its call center operations, resulting in improved customer service and a 30% reduction in call wait times.

●HP and HCL: HP outsourced its call center operations to HCL, resulting in significant cost savings and improved customer service.

●Citibank and Infosys: Citibank partnered with Infosys to improve its call center operations, resulting in a 40% reduction in call wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

●Sprint and Teletech: Sprint worked with Teletech to improve its call center operations, resulting in improved customer service and a 30% reduction in call wait times.

As you can see from the above case study examples, a lot of world-famous IT companies opted for call center outsourcing. Some of them have their own line of experts and well-placed resources that can handle call center service and attain a similar level of performance and agility, but still, these companies prefer to outsource call center service so they can dedicate their resources, time, and focus on core business activities.

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Unveiling the Best Call Center Practices for Optimal Business Performance

Despite all the tricks and techniques, every call center outsourcing service must follow basic hygiene to ensure the foundation of the team is strong. If you are running a call center outsourcing service, you need to clear these priorities with the team so that future implications can easily be integrated and any new upgrade or update can be easily adopted by the team. Let us illustrate some of the best practices of call center outsourcing.

Possess the Best Tools and Technology

To ensure your staff provides the most efficient service to your customers, it's important to provide them with the necessary tools. Before investing in call center software and tools for your representatives' daily use, do some research. Furthermore, when you've chosen your preferred tools and started incorporating them, make sure to periodically check for updates to keep them current.

Establish Standard Operating Procedures

Providing your staff with the appropriate tools is essential to enable them to deliver the most efficient service to your customers. Conduct thorough research before investing in call center software and tools that your representatives will utilize daily. Additionally, after selecting your preferred tools and beginning their implementation, make it a point to regularly verify and update them to maintain their up-to-date status.

Strategize Call Center Metrics

To identify areas that require improvement, it's necessary to measure key indicators like wait time, dropped calls, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction. After each representative completes their training and begins their job for a few weeks, record their initial metrics. This will provide a baseline that can be used to track their progress quarterly. Showing 100% compliance with the call parameters can help agents to achieve call center objectives.

Introduce an Extensive Training Process

As customers may have various reasons for calling, it's crucial to take the time to prepare representatives for a wide range of scenarios. Additionally, seek input from current representatives to identify any recurring issues that can be addressed during training to mitigate them before they arise. The agenda of training must mostly involve preparing the agents to independently resolve complex and inconspicuous customer problems.

Offer Rewarding Incentives

It's important to acknowledge and reward agents who are performing well. Doing so not only boosts morale but also contributes to employee satisfaction. Since being a call center representative can be stressful, it's vital to cultivate a positive work environment that includes incentives and rewards. Sometimes the job might feel overwhelmingly stressful for the agents therefore, they will require the same level of motivation for longer sustenance.

Prepare a Comprehensive Knowledge Base

To keep your agents informed, create a database of crucial information that they need to know. This should include details on where to find answers to frequently asked questions, company updates, and changes to procedures. Over time, update the database to ensure that it remains concise and pertinent.

An outdated knowledge base can be equally counterproductive as it can end up in catastrophic scenarios sometimes, especially in an information-oriented process, so please keep up-to-date every time. A profound knowledge base helps agents to resolve complex issues without the help of a subject matter expert (SME) or senior personnel.

Foster Self-Service and Automation

Routing calls to service representatives who are trained to address specific customer issues can save time for both customers and representatives. Additionally, having a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your website can help reduce call volume. There are several AI technologies in the market that can be customized to help you to reciprocate basic queries and concerns without the need for a live agent.

Conversational AI systems are providing promising results as they are able to provide a plethora of functionalities including customer support, ticket registering, self-service, and a lot of things; however, when customers do call, make sure that they can easily speak to a real person instead of having to navigate complicated automated systems. Providing empathetic responses is not something that can be done with an AI-based bot.

Be Adaptable to Market-Change

Since market standards are subject to change, it's crucial to stay prepared and adaptable as a business and a call center. For instance, omnichannel cloud contact center solutions have become increasingly popular, so consider making the transition if it would enhance your call center's performance. After transitioning to the existing industry trends, immediately focus on improving the efficiency and agility in performance in the same space.

Encourage Creativity

It's important to instruct representatives to adhere to the script, but also encourage them to think creatively and suggest innovative solutions. This promotes the generation of fresh ideas and encourages representatives to think outside the box, ensuring that customers always receive a solution whenever one is available.

Sometimes solutions to complex problems come from unexpected resources and people, so let them foster the same culture of striving to find innovative solutions. This will also encourage everyone on the team to contemplate new ways to improve the call center outsourcing process and extract better results.

Mandate Regular Customer Follow-Ups

Your call center must decide when to conduct follow-up calls, which can be done immediately after a call or several hours or days later. During the follow-up call, confirm that the customer's issue was resolved and ask them to provide feedback on the call. In most cases, customers were never able to express their satisfaction level and disappointments because of the pertaining issue, that why we follow-up later for improvement purposes.

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To gauge how your representatives handle customers on a daily basis and ensure that your call center provides the best service possible, consider enlisting a secret or mystery shopper to act as a customer and present a range of issues that customers typically face. Conducting this type of call will provide you with valuable information on the quality of service your call center delivers. 

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