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Security Tips for Call Centre Outsourcing Companies

Posted by Prachi Priya

Reaching the designated sales goals in today’s competitive epoch isn’t the same as before. It is hard to live up to the customers’ rising expectations. However, following some key factors, call centre outsourcing firms can maintain an enriched customer experience.

Most companies outsource their secondary responsibility like IT functions, customer support, help desk, etc. to an outsourcing call centre company. Since outsourced partners have the relevant market expertise, thus they tend to help augment the business services better. It is tough to maintain in-house operations while looking after multiple secondary tasks and even managing hiring and training responsibilities. Thus, outsourcing serves to be the best, as it saves cost, saves time, and avoids the dispute of attrition issues too.

While outsourcing has several perks to bring to your business, there are some potential threats you need to keep in mind while working with an external partner. Contrarily, if you are a call centre company aiming to offer stupendous outsourced services, some security essentials in mind will always help to avoid work hassle.

As a BPO Company, you are liable to answer partners that share their customer details with you. Maintaining the security of customer data is therefore important to enrich the business brand name. Numerous data threat issues have raised concerns about the privacy of customers, so what does your call centre company do to safeguard integral data breach threats? How will the partner rely on your outsourcing services?

To ensure that collaborators do not hesitate while teaming up with you, some security tips in mind is essential.

Check out the security tips vital for call centre outsourcing firms:

A Security Protocol

Every BPO outsourcing call centre firm need to equip the agents with security questions to be asked to the caller. This is because when the agents ask security-related questions to the customer, it is easy to avoid disseminating the critical information to a fake caller intending to leak confidential information.

Security questions help to bifurcate the authorized customer with the one that wants to extract information illegally. The customers that answer each question with ease can log in to check and use data credentials, allowing call centres to avoid any third-party intervention. 

Every company has a protocol that it abides by, and when your company has such strict measures for data security, more companies rely on your services.

Educate Agents

Data breach issues mostly occur because of an employee’s compromise. Confidential document breaches are reported mostly after an employees’ attrition. Consequently, it is important to limit the access to customer information for the agents.

Call centres suffer a lot due to attrition and data breach issues. Thus, educate the agents so that they are aware that they are being noticed. Let the agents know about the security guidelines and the consequences of violating the same.

Educate them that they are being viewed while sharing confidential information and any ill practice will not be tolerated.  Notify that installing any malicious software without the IT teams’ notice is not acceptable. By doing so, several tasks are simplified automatically.

Restrict Access to Documents

Confidential data needs restricted access. Document management helps to avoid any illegal access to customer information. Partners share their confidential customer information for swift customer support service and the business must maintain security standards.

To avoid any third party access to customer data, restrict it to only those who need the same for business purpose. Protect private records with passwords so that the agents having the authority to access the same can use them.

Strict Password Policy

Every call centre outsourcing firm needs to have a strict password policy to ensure data security. Outsourcing call centre companies give access to internal systems to various agents, thus a strong password is essential to allow access to designated agents only.

According to a study, 28% of data breach threats are a result of weak passwords, so why leaving any chance. By enforcing strict security checks through passwords, your call centre stays at ease.

Educate the agents and the customers on why strong passwords are essential for the business.

Multiple Security Layers

Protecting each customers’ information and maintaining confidentiality isn’t easy. Cybercrime issues have increased rapidly, thus maintaining multiple security layers is essential. To allow access to customer information, check that no unauthorized person comes into the network.

Limit access to only those who need it for efficient customer support. Also, when an employee leaves the organization, make a policy to change the passwords so that the same person is not able to access any information after leaving the organization.

Besides, your outsourcing call centre should also remember to check every hired agents’ background so that no fraudulent person gains access to the customer data.

Wrap Up:

Cybersecurity threats have always been a nightmare for call centre outsourcing firms. Hackers try finding new ways to get into the business system through technological loopholes. Nevertheless, with the help of encryption technologies, and strict password protection protocols, companies can keep an eye on all actions to avoid threat possibilities.

Customer satisfaction is supreme for all service providers, thus no company refrains from putting in its best efforts to assure security.

If you can help readers with more security tips for their BPO companies, do share your views in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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