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Outsourcing Customer Loyalty Programs: Things to Know

Posted by Prachi Priya

Turning customers into loyal partners isn’t easy. Every company cherishes converting leads into customers to expand the business reach. However, it takes efforts to earn customer loyalty and maintain the same in the future. In today’s rapidly changing era, the right initiative and strategy help convert leads. A well-strategized customer loyalty program can be the key to building a strong customer-business relationship and improving customer retention. 

Customer Loyalty Program Meaning?

A customer loyalty program is a marketing idea that aims at rewarding the customers that buy from the business and re-engaging them to maintain loyalty. By rewarding, businesses can engage customers and build interest in re-engagement. The more a business offers rewards, is the more the customer shows interest in buying again!

Don’t you love earning points after a purchase? Don’t you love receiving discounts on renewal plans with your business partners? This is where loyalty programs work!

Some famous customer loyalty program ideas:

  1. Point Program- The program includes rewarding the customer with points every time on the purchase, which can be redeemed after a certain number of points. 
  2. The Tier Program- This program works like video games. Once a customer completes a level, she/he can unlock another one offering more benefits.
  3. The Progress Program- This program encourages customers to engage again for promotions. E.g. - Nike encourages fitness goals to help customers work hard to achieve points. 
  4. Spending Based Program- Businesses can encourage customers to re-engage with them by recognizing high spending customers. This includes offering preferable opportunities while purchasing.
  5. The Paid Program- This program includes inviting customers to pay a monthly fee to enjoy VIP services. 

More loyalty programs aim at attracting customers to engage in the business functions. Over time, loyalty programs have evolved with the changing market requirements. New metrics have been introduced to woo the customers and re-engage them into the business functions. 

To market the business services with loyalty programs, a team available 24X7 is necessary. So, is your company ready?

Due to the complexity and the increasing demand for an up-to-date marketing framework, many companies are hiring experts or are outsourcing their loyalty programs to reliable BPO outsourcing firms. Since in-house service handling demands a dedicated team always, outsourcing becomes the guardian angel saving business costs and time. 

Why call center outsourcing for customer loyalty programs: 

In-Budget Solutions

Businesses require a huge investment to hire and train a team of agents to handle the customer loyalty program in-house. Capital investment is also essential for the availability of the latest tools and technologies on-board. These functions are time taking and require dedicated efforts to make progress. So, what is the solution?  

By outsourcing to reliable market partners, businesses can simplify such processes and can also save costs to be spent on other activities. Outsourcing is cost-efficient where you only pay for the services used. 

Expert Assistance

If you want excellence for your customer loyalty programs, having professionals handling the business service is indispensable. With in-house agents, the business cannot come across the latest technologies and innovative ideas/trends in the market. 

Consequently, loyalty programs receive an innovative touch with outsourced experts working on strategy making. With market professionals, the challenges are resolved on-time and a customization option is also available for the overall development of the loyalty program. Experts assist with a tailored approach, helping companies meet the desired objectives hassle-free.

Focus on Core Responsibilities

The businesses aiming at re-engaging customers with new loyalty programs require dedicated professionals to help them with each step. Outsourcing helps free the in-house agents for the core responsibilities, while outsourced experts handle the secondary functions. 

Data Security

In today’s tech-savvy epoch, where services are simplified for organizations, data breach issues have increased rapidly. Data breach concerns are a big reason more companies are considering in-house solutions. 

However, call center outsourcing does not always result in data security disputes. Reliable BPO outsourcing firms follow dedicated rules and regulations to maintain security standards. Outsourcing helps with a strategic advantage of maintaining databases and working with market professionals to fight competition.

Therefore, businesses can rely without a second thought. Just remember to collaborate with a reliable name in the market.

24X7 Customer Service

Customer loyalty enhancement is all about being available at support 24X7. Can you manage 360-degree support with a team of limited agents already engrossed in core responsibilities?

If no, outsourcing is the key to enhance customer experiences on all fronts.  


Call center outsourcing to reliable firms helps businesses with customized solutions. As per the requirement of the client, outsourced agents having adequate experience can help personalize solutions brilliantly. Since these agents understand the market trends, they help to customize the loyalty programs in a way to draw customers’ interest better. 

Training and updating the in-house agents for service enhancement requires capital investment and time. Consequently, outsourcing helps with in-budget tailored services on-board. 

Perks of loyalty programs:

Customer loyalty programs aim at rewarding customers for loyalty. Such programs are not only beneficial to the business but for the customers too. With such programs, businesses get customers to re-engage in their operations boosting sales, and customers receive benefits every time they indulge in services. 

If you are a BPO outsourcing firm willing to collaborate with your clients again, you can probably have some loyalty programs to interest clients to re-engage with you. Most E-commerce firms also indulge in different loyalty programs to attract customers and increase sales. 

Advantages of customer loyalty programs:

  1. Augmented customer retention.
  2. Boosted revenue generation.
  3. Brand image enhancement.
  4. Strengthened customer-business relationship. 
  5. Enriched customer satisfaction. 
  6. Increased customer referrals. 

Tips to build a loyalty program:

  1. Ideate the concept of your business.
  2. Think of objectives accordingly.
  3. Deploy the designing ideas.
  4. Think of customers and launch the program along with promotion.
  5. Analyze and improve with time. 

Wrap Up:

Customer loyalty programs are great way companies are working on earning loyal customers. With competition rising every day, the key to success for every business is understanding the customers and reaching them with adequate solutions on time. 

Whether you are a B2B or B2C organization, loyalty programs always help augment reach to the customer impeccably. In the era of increasing market competition, outsourcing is the key to simplified solutions. 

So, do you have a loyalty program on-board? If no, outsource or work on in-house service management to augment revenue generation.

For more queries, comment in the section below. 

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