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How can Top Call Center Outsourcing Companies ensure high CX Levels?

Posted by Rahul Garg
top call center outsourcing companies

To make the customer base stronger, business owners often approach top call center outsourcing companies of Australia, such as:

  • Acquire BPO.
  • BPO VA.
  • Virtual HQ.
  • Go4customer.
  • Aegis Australia.

BPO companies always put their best foot forward while providing an impeccable support service. As a result, this keeps the CSAT score high. But to elevate the CX levels, it is crucial to take care of every small factor like giving a short & sweet introduction, taking permission before putting the call on hold, etc.

Note: Both CSAT score and CX levels are connected with the business growth but they are totally different from each other.     

To elevate the customers’ experience during the interaction, it is paramount to stay top of the game. There are some factors on which BPO firms should work upon for the sake of securing high CX levels.

Today, we are going to reveal some significant tips that would tell you how BPO companies can lift the CX levels for the better business growth. So, have a look:

Treat support agents appropriately  

There is a quote from Stephen R. Covey that has high value in the business world. Here, it is:

‘‘Treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.’’

To boost the business’s productivity, BPO companies should treat their customer service reps properly. This factor is vital because if support agents feel valued, they are more likely to give their best during the customer interaction. As a result, there would be a rise in the CX levels and CSAT score.

Another major benefit of treating support service reps appropriately is that the hassle of high agent attrition rate wouldn’t come out, and this will automatically keep the business stable for a long period of time.

Here are a few suggestions that would help top call center outsourcing companies to earn agents’ loyalty and trust:

  • Create a learning environment.
  • Provide an additional training if agents are in need of it.
  • Give agents authority to make vital decisions during the customer interaction. This will help in two ways — increase the job satisfaction level of agents and faster resolution would be delivered. Such benefits are good for the business’s overall health.

Don’t neglect the importance of negative reviews

To provide phenomenal solutions unceasingly, it is significant to keep reinforcing the customer service channels. For the same reason, top call center companies send surveys or feedback forms to customers. Of course, soliciting feedback from customers is a good practice from the business’s perception.

However, BPO firms often fail to lift the CX levels because they don’t put that much attention on negative responses as they do on positive ones. Obviously, positive customer feedback helps to reinforce the quality of support service.

But, the negative feedbacks are more important because they shed light on the ambiguities of customer service interactions. Hence, it is highly recommended for BPO firms to consider both positive & negative responses equally important.

Make all the support mediums equally efficient

Do you know why BPO companies fail to elevate the CX levels? Well, the primary reason behind that is they handle more than 50% of support requests on one channel. Before you start wondering about that most popular medium, we would like to reveal that it is ‘Voice channel.’

Oftentimes, customers choose the voice channel because they are emotionally connected to it. From the business’s viewpoint, you cannot tell customers to opt for other support mediums to get the desired resolutions, because it simply makes you a weakling in the cut-throat competition.

So, only one trick that could work here is ‘Make all the support mediums equally efficient.’ This is so because if patrons get the same level of customer service across all the platforms like live chat, social media, etc. then they are less likely to be dependent on the voice channel. This leads to better management of support requests, which, in turn, could result in enhanced CX levels. 

In a nutshell, all the customer service channels should be streamlined.     

Bring the average hold time down

Bringing the average hold time down is extremely important because it could raise the CX levels. In addition, customers often lose their patience after waiting for a couple of minutes. When customers are done with waiting, they are more likely to leave the channel that they had opted so as to communicate with the company.

Henceforth, it is advisable for BPO firms to reduce the average hold time of all the support service channels as that’s the only way to achieve high CX levels.

Here are some tips to slash the average hold time:

  • Provide an appropriate training to agents.
  • Go through the survey results.
  • Arrange a meeting with customer service reps after a short period of time and discuss how to offer prompt resolutions with high-quality.

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