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Call Center Outsourcing in 2022- Your Outsourcing Guide

Posted by Neha Dubey
A complete guide to Call Center Outsourcing in 2022

With more and more people becoming active on social media and seeking an immediate response from the brands, it is becoming pivotal for brands to be responsive and offer top-notch quality customer experience. It is one of the reasons why many reputed brands, organizations, and government agencies are outsourcing their call centers. 


In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about call center outsourcing in 2022 and how it is benefiting businesses. 


What is Call Center outsourcing?

Using Outsourcing, your business contracts with a third party to take on specific functions, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. It also allows companies to utilize resources outside of their own. In call center outsourcing, your business hires outside experts to handle non-essential facets of operations, according to the needs of the business. It balances the cost of internal skills with external expertise to boost bottom-line performance.

In other words, your business hires outside specialists to help with non-core functions. The result is a balance between internal and external resources to enhance your bottom line. 

Why do Businesses Prefer Call Center Outsourcing? 

Many companies are struggling in the present to manage performance, supply chains, and staffing, as well as adjusting their staffing models to the changing business landscape. Brands face fierce competition among their competitors, vying for market share. But with outsourced call centers, businesses can easily overcome these challenges. 

There are uncountable advantages of outsourcing for a business. But the most important thing it does for the business is to solve their labour issues. Outsourcing allows a business to offer impeccable customers services they would otherwise not be able to afford. 

The decision of outsourcing any operation or function depends on your business goals, expectations, and objectives. Assess your expectations and ensure the outsourcing company is capable of fulfilling your particular business needs before selecting an outsourcer.

You may wish to offload your company's entire customer interaction department. You can do this with a flexible approach that suits your workflow and SLA specifications.

Did you know?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The market size, measured by revenue, of the Telemarketing & Call Centers industry, is $25.4bn in 2021.


How much does Call Center Outsourcing in India Cost? 

The cost of call center outsourcing in India varies from company to company. Moreover, it depends on the operation you are planning to outsource. Outsourcing your call center work to India typically costs around $6-$10 per hour. Apart from India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America typically offer rates that range from $8-$15 per hour. 

call center outsourcing cost

There is no denying the fact that India is the cheapest destination when it comes to the economical pricing of call center services. The country has a large number of highly qualified and skilled workforce who deliver top-notch quality services. It is what makes the country the best to outsource your call center services. 


What are the Benefits of Outsourced Call Centers?

Several reasons make call center outsourcing companies a smart choice for businesses to solve their customer support issues. They allow companies to focus on their core business activities while reducing costs in the process. Eventually, outsourcing helps companies reduce their in-house operating costs and raise funds for core areas. It includes product development, brand development, marketing, etc.

Below we are listing some major benefits of outsourcing a call center for businesses: 

1. Cost-effectiveness

Companies that outsource certain functions experience cost-saving benefits in the form of cost-optimization. By outsourcing certain functions, organizations can save money. For most businesses, offshore outsourcing is no longer a pure cost-saving strategy. It is a great way to streamline their operations while reducing costs. It saves you from the hassle of hiring in-house resources, training them, arranging infrastructure, etc. Moreover, it allows you to get your operations handled by the industry's best experts and professionals. 

2. Increased return on investment

Outsourcing call center services can boost your company's profits. Outsourcing call centers can impact all areas of your business, namely quality, performance, and productivity. It, in turn, will lead to increased revenues.  

3. Scalability

Companies that have outsourced some functions to outsourcing vendors have significantly improved their ability to allocate resources among their core business activities. Therefore, their scalability and growth are quite apparent to those struggling to hire a customer service representative. The biggest benefit of call center outsourcing is that you can add or remove resources at your convenience. 

4. Improved Customer Service experience

Outsourcing call center services can deliver better customer service than the in-house support staff of organizations. On the other hand, the customer service agents working in call centers are more skilled, qualified, and experienced enough to satisfy the customers. Since they have expertise in handling particular operations, they will handle all your tasks with utmost perfection and diligence. 

5. Access to the best resources

When you outsource call center services, you can save on manpower and infrastructure costs. Instead of investing in training or expensive software, your resources can be allocated to core operations that generate profits.

6. Improve business continuity

Your call center provider can meet your customer's needs better if they guarantee 100% uptime. They must have servers physically located in different locations and have staff devoted to ensuring no matter where your customers call from, they provide excellent call quality around the clock.

7. Remove staffing issues

Using an external call center company often saves your company time, money, and stress by handling the hiring, training, scheduling, and managing of your agents. 

8. Handle overflow call volume with ease

You may find that outsourcing a portion of your call center for overflow call answering Service during periods of high call volume can be an invaluable solution to a costly problem.

The Surge in Demand for Call Center Outsourcing in 2022

Since the pandemic, the way businesses operate has changed drastically. With the rapid rise of digitalization, businesses were getting swamped with customer inquiries that delayed communication. To address this problem, consumers began contacting businesses through other channels, such as chats, emails, and social media. It has led many businesses to move towards digital transformation. It is when most of the businesses opted for call center outsourcing. Thanks to outsourcing, they could not only answer the customer's queries but also promote their products and services in a hassle-free manner. 

Even if you look at the statistics, compared to 2020, the call center outsourcing market size grew by 8.5% from 2021 to 2028, according to Grand View Research's analysis of the market. Call center outsourcing in 2022 is flourishing and becoming highly popular among businesses of all sizes. 

The return on investment that better customer experiences yields for businesses have been proven by research by PWC. 86% of consumers indicate that they are willing to pay more for excellent customer service.

Did you know?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             India is one of the most preferred Call center outsourcing destinations among businesses. India has a large qualified workforce and can also provide cost-effective call center outsourcing services.


Success Story for Outsourced Call Center Services

Call Center Outsourcing Case Study1Call Center Outsourcing Case Study2


Key Factors that Make a Good Customer Service Experience 

The goal of every company is to provide a fantastic customer experience so that customers will buy more, stay loyal, and tell their friends about what they experienced. Yet consumers seem to be disappointed. Having a company tout the latest technology or one of the most attractive designs does not mean they are the best. Always look for their past experiences and clients. Look for factors that make their services reliable. 

Good experiences are more dependent on the factors like speed, availability, fast response as well as consistency. But there is one more factor that plays a pivotal role in offering the best customer experience which is the human touch. This factor allows technology to feel more human and to create better experiences for the users. And, this can be easily achieved by outsourcing call center services from a reliable and trustworthy service provider who can meet all these requirements. 

Let’s dig in deep to understand the key factors pivotal for offering a good customer service experience: 

Personalized Customer Experience- Nowadays from customers' approach towards a product or service to expectations like a quick response or speedy delivery, everything has changed drastically. And in times like these what we must understand is that every customer is unique and to offer them the best experience, we should offer them personalized services. 

Even though artificial intelligence and chatbots are taking the reins to a greater extent, they will never replace human interaction. Personalized service is vital to enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. To provide complete client satisfaction, companies have to seamlessly integrate multiple options of contact with their virtual intelligence systems to cater to their customers.

Fast response time- To make customers wait for a response is one of the biggest mistakes businesses can make. It will not just affect your brand repo but will also cause a decline in the customer base. The digital world we live in today, response times taken by businesses to address their customers can have a significant impact on their perception of their experience. The automated response emails or replies must be followed up by the appropriate department dynamically..

Responding quickly can not only boost your brownie points but also show clients that their feedback, suggestions, and complaints matter to the company, which in turn, enhances their experience with that company.

Convenience- In today's fast-paced world, most of our routines and purchases are based on convenience in getting these things done. Therefore, creating an environment that's easy to access and easy to comprehend and use will greatly affect customer satisfaction.

Customers may assess many factors like the ease of finding the store, the order in which everything is stacked, how efficiently payments can be processed so they do not have to queue up at the billing counter, etc. 

Streamlined digital interactions- If you want frictionless and seamless interactions, your products or services must be easily accessible through a customer's preferred channel. Please provide proactive assistance or guidance to ensure that any kind of customer support services that may be needed is always available. Another pivotal factor for digital interactions is your website loading speed. If your website loads faster, it can make your business or vice versa.  

A user-friendly website with effective filters, zoom-in photo options, relevant keyword search options, etc., can also make CX a pleasant one. Simple processes, clear terms of payment, easy checkout options, and consistent service can also go a long way. 

Multi-lingual support- Companies around the world are still overlooking one of the key factors that impact their customers' experience: the language they use in communication. Speaking a language that connects with your audience can yield remarkable benefits for your business, and yet, so many companies fail to do so.

A chatbot that interacts in the preferred language of your customers can enhance their experience. For example, they can be able to communicate in their language and make them feel at ease during the interaction.

It is not just geography that impacts language, but also how questions are asked, how phrases are framed. An engaging tone (that is not mechanical or robotic) and a simplified vocabulary contribute to good communication and an enhanced customer experience.

User-friendly technology- Well, it is hard to deny the fact that a company that utilizes advanced technology to assist customer processes is considered more reliable because of its futuristic approach. With cutting-edge technologies and AI/ML support, businesses can discover deeper insights into customer needs, and even develop better solutions. Hence, technology is the most critical element that constitutes a great customer experience.

On-time delivery- The speed of delivery does have a substantial influence on the customer's perception of whether their experience with the company was positive or negative. Along with the shipping time, delivery terms, and options, it is hard to discriminate between good and bad experiences.

Share Knowledge- You can leave a lasting impression on customers by sharing meaningful information and specialized knowledge. By offering helpful insights and educating your customers on relevant topics, you can attract and retain loyal customers.

Affordable pricing- While pricing is undoubtedly a key constituent of customer experience, the target market of a business can greatly influence pricing strategies. It is always best to go for economical pricing options. Always pick the prices that are safe and competitive for the customers. 

Build better brand value- Brand value can be defined as the goodwill attached to a company or organization's name. It can be one of the determinants of improved customer experience. It can also contribute to a positive perception of the organization in the minds of clients.

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Call center outsourcing can be your best bet to offer a top-notch quality customer experience. No matter, if you wish to decide on any particular operation or more, it is sure to bring you fruitful results and experiences. To get the desired results, you need to hire a reliable and reputed call center service provider who can meet your business requirement with perfection and in a hassle-free manner. You can also contact Go4customer, India’s leading Call center known for its fast, responsive, economical, and top-notch quality service. So wait no more and contact our experts at


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