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The Bizzare Customer Survey Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted by Sukriti Saini

A customer survey can be of any length but there should be no space for mistakes in it. A feedback survey doesn’t just allow the call center outsourcing services company to get a deep insight into the customer interests, changed preferences, lifestyle and other things. However, even a single mistake can make all of the efforts go in vain. The results would not be fruitful enough.

That is why in this blog we tell you some of the bizarre mistakes that you might be making. Avoiding these mistakes can save the time of the customer, get you better responses in terms of quality and quantity and can also save your money from getting wasted. So, let’s solve the purpose and begin!

•    You make every question compulsory-

Telling this mistake to you in the very first place is the best as this is something that most of the companies don’t even consider as a mistake. Here’s the explanation to it. Making it compulsory reduces the response rate, it also shows that you disrespect your customer’s choice, you will have wrongly answered questions, the results will not be that appropriate. So, instead of restricting them to answer each question, you should turn off the option to make each question mandatory. The customers will answer every question it will be easy to understand and valid.

•    Asking obvious questions-

Being a call center outsourcing services provider you must be having the basic information of the customer like their gender, their email addresses, etc. However, still, the surveys begin with questions like -what is your email address, age, and gender? etc. The chances are that you already have this basic information about the customer, so don’t ask for it. Value the time of your customers and they will value your customer survey form in return. Not doing so will increase the response rate as it will make the survey shorter.

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•    Asking private or confidential information (real quick)-

Some outbound call center outsourcing services companies ask too sensitive questions too soon. It is really important to first of all not make such a question compulsory to answer. Moreover, even if you do give an option like not sure or I don’t want to disclose that. For instance, you should not ask the person or the company their annual salary or turnover in the first few questions. However, if it is really necessary, try to ask that slyly at the end of the survey questions.

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•    Many open-ended questions-

Try to make most of the questions close-ended. Focus on reducing the effort put in by the customers to fill out the survey form so that most of them fill it. A nice way to do so is to make your survey objective type or scale-based and have not more than 2 subjective questions that involve some level of mental strain. Asking more open-ended questions than this will definitely make more and more customers disinterested in filling out your survey form.

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•    Questions with just two options (too close-ended questions)-

Objective questions are great but if the call center outsourcing services company will not spoil the customers with a lot of choices aka options to choose from, the customers will be less willing to fill out the form. As there are some questions to which the customer cannot decide if the answer is a yes or a no. So, you should insert an option- I am not sure. Moreover, a better alternative is to allow the customers to rate their satisfaction level or answer the question on a scale from very likely to less likely, etc.

•    Asking too many questions-

Omitting unnecessary or less relevant questions is very important. There are surveys that have pages and pages of never-ending questions. Who would like to answer that survey? No one. Answering lengthy surveys even if they don’t have open-ended questions, is quite time-consuming, so no one would like to answer that. Redesign such surveys right away and set your target to 15 questions.

Apart from the aforementioned points, even if the online answering service provider is getting that survey done, he should never ask a question with two or more ideas involved. Also, don’t ask the customers to prioritize or rearrange certain options in your survey.

Nevertheless, now that you know the mistakes that are really common, let us know in the comments section below which mistakes were you committing in drafting your surveys.

Don’t forget the mistakes we have mentioned so that you don’t repeat them ever again.

Enjoy a higher response rate and much better, accurate survey results!

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