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All you need to know about Global Call Center Outsourcing

Posted by Prachi Priya
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Talks on global call center outsourcing are rife and currently, the focus is on knowing its status, future predictions, and growth prospects. Amid talks on the effects of global customer support outsourcing, it is also essential to note the global call centers have a market and key players. The motive of the latest study on the market size, status and predictions of call centers is presenting and developing outsourcing reach in United States, Europe, and China.

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As per speculations and studies, the global market share of call centers in 2018 amounted 85.6 billion U.S. dollars. The revenue of the industry has been unsteady for some years where the sector also noticed a drop of 76.9 billion U.S. dollars, which is the lowest. The leading drivers of outsourcing call center services are cost-effectiveness, which is said to increase more and more in the time to come.

A recent study by Market Density says that all effects on outsourcing for global call centers have their key players as Xerox Corporation, IBM Global Services, Infinit Contact, Five9, Runway, Invensis, Infinit-O, PSI, etc. These all talk about the fact that to analyze call center outsourcing global objectives, the status, future predictions, and growth prospects play a crucial role.

Outsourcing survey forecasts three trends:

•    Outsourcing is a pro for competitive success and its cost-effectiveness is the key driver for customers.

•    Cloud and Robotic Process Automation is the new trend! Deloitte states, 93 percent of organizations consider opting cloud solutions and 72 percent consider RPA solutions.

•    Technologies like Cloud and RPA are very challenging to handle.

The global call center outsourcing splits market segment by application into retail, government, IT and telecommunication, aerospace and intelligence, telecommunications and IT, manufacturing, etc.

What is market concentration?

Outsourcing call center services, the market concentration is the industry’s overall analysis, which provides business data and intelligence reports on numerous markets that has global and regional exposure. When we talk about outsourcing for call center globally, knowing the market views is significant as it provides a statistical survey, research reports, and an overall analysis of business data that informs everything about speculations around the globe.

What is the future of IT outsourcing?

When talking about outsourcing and call centers’ future, the GSA report says, more than 70% of organizations will outsource their services in the time to come and rest will plan to do so in some time.

In 2017, the global traditional outsourcing industry produced $88.9 bn of revenue. The total contract value of the ITO market cost $64.3 bn. Technavio analysis says the IT outsourcing field will grow over $409 bn by 2022.

Moreover, the IT outsourcing trends that are all set to watch out for in 2019 are:

•    Organizations not sticking to a single IT outsourcing provider.

•    Reduction in focus on being too furious to reduce costs.

•    New contract models

•    Outsourcing even the core business functionalities.

Wrap up:

At the end, what are the lessons learned? Based on experiences, when we asked people what they learned gradually, the answer was nothing but a serious outlook to call center services provider selection and selecting the partner with a strategic approach. At Go4Customer, we offer our services as one of the best call centers in India pledging to offer our clients highly satisfactory results.

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