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What are the extraneous tasks your Business need to Outsource now?

Posted by Shashvat
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When you start a new business, all you want to do is to be available and ready in every aspect of your company. You should never try to do something that you are not qualified enough to do. This is the reason so many startups never bloom, as the owners take things into their own hands and make terrible blunders, which leads to the downfall of the organization.

While you are setting up your own business, avoid doing this same mistake. Always remember that there is a much safer and reliable route towards the growth of your business; it is called as outsourcing. When you delegate the business task, you assure an efficient implementation of the function without you requiring to be present at the location. There are hence a lot of call center outsourcing companies that are actively offering an unparalleled range of BPO services.

But, before you handover the business responsibilities to a complete stranger, you should decide what tasks need delegation. Not all business functions are required to be outsourced. The BPO outsourcing companies ensure to offer the best of services as per your business requirement; so make sure to choose wisely. This blog is going to give you a glimpse of unconventional tasks that can be outsourced by businesses so as to accomplish higher productivity and low operational costs.

Let’s begin:

Search engine marketing

Call center outsourcing companies are nowadays also offering the assistance to businesses in streamlining their SEM projects. SEM or search engine marketing incorporates the buildup of websites by elevating their reach in the result pages of search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. This involves both processes; paid and non-paid.

For a business, SEM is quite crucial as it helps in spreading your brand to a much wider audience. Although it is quite paramount, still, this particular task requires a great amount of time. You would be requiring to hire skilled SEO and content experts. This demands a big investment from your end. So, hiring one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies saves your money and time.

Database handling

This is one of the most important yet most extraneous business tasks of a company. The process of data management is present in every step of the organizational operations. Maintaining the record, keeping a backup, and recovering data from the database are the few tasks involved in this business function. You cannot ignore this task as it involves huge risk if the data is manipulated or being entered incorrectly. The consequence can result in loss of millions of dollars. Therefore, choosing a proficient vendor and delegating this task would surely solve the problem for your business.


If you have a website, you surely have a blog. If not, then set up a blog for your business. Blogs are considered as a valuable source of information for potential customers showcasing the bottom line of the business. Business blogs are also meant to be informative and expressive with respect to the features of your product and how can these help the prospects. This is an organic method to draw more customers to your end.

The point is that not everyone can jot down these write-ups every day. You require experts. Hiring such professionals would unload your pocket. A better way is to tie-up with one of the competent call center outsourcing companies that can offer you daily write-ups of stellar quality.

Social media marketing

All of you are aware of the power social media platforms hold. These daises are known to bring the customers and businesses on one platform. Mostly, 90% of the businesses are already on social media promoting their offerings to the target audience. So, it is essential that you do the same or your business would be left far behind. You can do this internally, but it would require you to hire digital marketing experts, SEO specialists, content writers, graphic designers and social media professionals.

All these professionals are already present with the BPO outsourcing companies. When you partner up with such call centers, all your expenses are trim and you receive an impeccable service level.

Customer support

Whatever you do in your business, you do it to win the trust and love of the customers. Happy customer base indicates a sterling growth level for your business. Outsourcing customer support is perhaps the most obvious choice for any business owners. In-house customer service experts are not able to provide the unmatched service experience that the call center agents offer. This happens because in-house professionals can be busy with more tasks of the company and overburden can sometimes make them agitated, resulting in the deliverance of lousy customer experience.

There are many more business tasks that can be outsourced. In this write-up, I tried to pick some unconventional business functions that can be handed over to a third-party vendor. Leave a comment if you want to discuss more.

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